Saturday, June 11, 2011

The past week: FB fun, Museum connection, Latina nurse

I haven't written a field report since Friday, but it doesn't mean that I haven't be doing anything. I just wanted to do an update.

Out on a date, and I learn about isolation:
I remember that I had talked about meeting up with Vinny last Saturday. Herschey then called me and asked me to pick him up since his car was in the shop. I had already made plans to go to Vision and then Lasalle Power Company as the later was having it's final night of being open. Herschey tried to push me to go to Wrigley. I told him I was sticking with my plan and he could come if he wanted. He ended up wanting to come with. I told him that I was staying out till the end and he was not allowed to bitch about it like he had the Friday before.

As I'm driving to T's alley, I hear my phone ring. I thought it was him but it was Latina Nurse. She had mentioned her cousin was in town and she wanted to come out. I agreed and told T we were picking them up. Latina Nurse had mentioned a cousin before and I thought it was this girl. When they walk up, I find out it's a guy. The guy and I ended up being cool. I even hung out with them this past Friday as he plane was delayed. Anyway, I had a cool time dancing and kissing Latina Nurse but could never go back to her place. This happened two more times this past week.

My lesson for the night is that isolation can be easier than I believe. I had told Latina Nurse I was gonna help T. At Lasalle Power Company, I opened this cute blonde. It probably opened better than usual because I actually had no outcome dependence because I knew I couldn't sarge for real. I just opened her and then talked up T and told her to come with me so I could introduce him. She turned to her friends and told them what she was doing and she moved the ten feet with me. I realized that I should be doing that simple move more often when I'm out sarging for real. RSD Ozzie says that's isolation in his book and you can kiss a girl more easily even with just that little move.

Felt lazy cause of sex with FB:
There is actually a fucked up story about my FB from Saturday night that I totally forgot about. That story deserves it's own post. Saturday night, Herschey left way too early at 12:30am. I told him that he holds himself back by leaving early as he builds momentum, and when he finally is really in state and running his best game, he goes home. I dropepd Latina Nurse and her cousin off. I tried calling Vinny cause I still had time to meet and Division and run street guy but he didn't pick up. Part of me felt I should run street game by myself but I ended up driving home. I called Karina (btw I had to look up her nickname. lol. I guess it's good that there are so many girls that I can't keep their names straight) and after a ton of BS that I'll write in my next report, I ended up hooking up with her.

Tuesday, I went to Joe's to eat pizza and drink my pitchers. Latina nurse said she was gonna come out. I actually figured there was a decent chance she'd flake, but i was prepared to sarge solo. She ended up coming out. We ate pizza and dance but she wanted to go home early as they were going to the museums early on Wednesday. I was gonna stay and sarge but Karina sent me a text that said, "Let's have sex."

I couldn't resist that. I spotted a redhead as I was walking out. I wanted to open her but Karina already thought I was on my way. I told myself, "WTF am I gonna do? Sarge her for 5 mins and take a number number. Screw it."

Almost lazy Wednesday:

Karina stayed the night. I felt lazy cause I ended up sleeping all day from having to wake up early and drop her off. I was feeling content since I had just had sex multiple times. Still, I didn't want to get complacent. I remember how when I wasn't getting laid at all, I wished I could have the calm and zero neediness that comes from having sex regularly. I met up with Vinny (BTW, I think I called him Benny at some points in this blog, but he is now Vinny permanently) at McGee's. I wanted to get dollar burgers but night time construction screwed me up.

I sarged this tall blonde at the bar across the street. I should have pursued her more after I walked away from her at one point. I had this decent set when this brunettte pushed her way into a set I was opening. I remember seeing two blondes and calling them "Polish" as I opened them. This brunette literally walked in front of them and said something like, "I'm Polish. What about Polish people?" I ended up number closing her.

I remember opening this short blonde that I kept lusting over. I almost didn't open her but nowadays I force myself to open all sets. The set went really well. Thanks to her, I found out about Shedd Aquarium free week. I tried to set up an outing for that but it was no go. Then, this dude came in and AMOG'd me. He actually did a decent job because he was bombarding me with stuff. I remember feeling insecure for a second. Later in the night, I realized I had done okay, but I bought into his BS for a split second. I realized afterward how much shit I could have tooled him on. Some samples from the conversation:

AMOG: This is my girlfriend. Are you gonna buy us all shots?
Me: (My usual little brother routine)
AMOG: Do I need glasses like you?
Me: You know I'm just trying to impress you.
AMOG: Nice polo type shirt.
Me: I wore it for just for you North Side guys.
AMOG: (I could tell I got him with that little line when he replied.) Why do you think I'm a North Side guy. I'm from the south side.

He tried to tool me about having no money since I wouldn't buy the shout. I decided to playing along by being sarcastic and saying, "How did you know that I live in a cardboard box?"

He might have actually been with the girl because she kept paying attention to him. I'd grab her attention and then dude could get it back easily.

I think I handled the AMOGing okay, but I really did feel myself lose state few times. As I said, afterward, I felt dumb because had a lot of stuff I could have tooled him about. He had a dirty backwards baseball cap, shorts, and he had this beard. Possible lines I came up with on ride home:

(after the glasses comment) "No, but you could try shaving. Either go all the way with beard or go clean shave. Not that shaggy thing you got there."

(Copying this guy from Wisconsin that used to mess with Fatty's hate) "You need a new hat. Look how dirty that shit is. You should be asking me for money for a new hat!"

"You look like you're going to the beach." (Sounds lame as I type it but could have played on his shorts and sandals when he tried to tool my shirt.) Actually maybe this, "Yeah, you look like you're going to the beach. LOL. Maybe I should wear swimming trunks to Y bar so I can be coo like you."

Connection but no kiss:
Vinny and I want to Smart Bar that Wednesday cause I had a text from them. Sundays were actually busier there than that Wednesday. It might have been because it had been pouring rain all night. I opened this petite Russian girl who was next to this obvious lesbian girl that had her arm around another Russian girl. Some dude came and talked to her. I lost her attention and pumped my state by opening this Latina chick.

The Latina chick and I got along well. She was with some AFC guy from her class. The dude never bothered us. I got about an hour or more of isolation with her at the bar. We got along well. We both love travel and museums. We had some much to talk about and I set up a tenative Day2 for Monday. I texted her on Friday and it seems like that Day 2 is still on. Originally, it was for the Chicago History Museum free day, but now it's for the Shedd Aquarium.

I remember driving home and wondering why I didn't kiss her. I had kino escalated a little but didn't go for the kiss, which I thought was a mistake. I had asked her about logistics and tried a food extraction but she wanted to ride with her friend. With all that time in isolation, I can't give a good reason why I didn't escalate.

I got 3 hours of sleep but stayed up so I could go to the Field Museum and Alder Planetarium. I met up with Latina Nurse and her cousin at the Adler Planetarium. They had given me money to buy tickets for the Dark Universe lecture but they ended up missing it. The cousin wanted to see the Willis Tower and she hadn't brought him to there nor the Hancock. They had enough time to go do it, but they ended up missing the first bus out. I separated from them as I thought there was more to see at Adler. I realized there was only a kids area and I ran to grab the bus. Turns out I beat them back downtown. Later, I came back and didn't seem them walk into the lecture. Latina Nurse said the cousin got done at 6:40Pm. Lecture was at 7PM and they got there at 7:18. The thing is if they had gottne in at like 7:05 or 7:10, they would have gotten in as it didn't start till 7:15. I wish my phone had a signal cause I would have told them to take a cab.

They were cool and waited for me despite missing it. We went to Lion Head Pub and had appetizers and a beer tapper. Latina Nurse got all drunk. I tried to go back to her place but she said her brother was there again and I could tell she didn't want to hook up with me with her cousin there. She kept promising that we'll meet up next week when no family is around. I had fun with her and the cousin this past week but it frustrates me that we are not having sex. It also is frustrating because I could be cold approaching instead of hanging out with her.

That Thursday, I just went home. I had taken the Metra and my options were take the last 12:40am train or take the 5:39am train. I was exhausted so I chose the wise option of going home on the last train. I'm glad I did as I was so tired I almost fell asleep on the train ride home.

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