Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh well if I'm the second guy

I think a lot of guys wouldn't knowingly do what I did last Saturday. Plus they would have been put off by all the drama or they wouldn't have known the truth because they wouldn't have pushed for it like I did.

I mentioned in the report on last week that I hooked up with Karina Saturday after I dropped by Latina Nurse. Here's the full story:

First, neither or this chicks are hot. Latina nurse is decent looking and has huge tits which some guys would like. Anyway, I'm getting a taste of the PUA lifestyle and things can only get better and involve hotter chicks. Still, I never would have believed this shit could happen for me with any girls when I started this journey. I like how I kissed Latina nurse all night and then fucked my FB later. I like how I hooked up with Karina for the first time on May 4th, and met that Maya girl at Cinco de Maya and got a SNL the very next day.

Anyway, some guys are cool with this but ignore the other side or don't want to know about it. I know that if I'm gonna sleep around with girls and not make them my girlfriend, I realize that they are gonna see other guys too. Some guys don't like to think about it, but I actually feel like I would like it if the girls told me about these other guys. Yes, I'm weird like that.

When I called Karina Saturday, some dude picked up. He asked who I was and was trying to be all alpha. I talked to him in breaking rapport. I knew that was the right way to be dominant over a guy thanks to RSD. I mainly do that for girls but I realize that the reason it works also holds partially true for guys. Girls and guy only get breaking rapport from higher status people usually so talking like that triggers them to feel beta to you. I asked the guy's name and I thought it was one of he friends. Much later, I realized it was the name of the guy that she was begging for that Tuesday when I was messing around with her for the first time in a parking lot. Anyway, I got her on the phone. I wasn't sure if the guy was listening so I just chatted with her and didn't ask her to come over. I ended up texting her and asking her if she wanted me to pick her up.

I need a ride:
I couldn't understand her and she hung up and didn't respond to the texts. I got home and was ready to watch some videos when she suddenly calls me. She tells me she needs a ride and begs me to pick her up. The guy and his friend just dropped her off at a bus stop. I am pissed because I was out in the city when she called me and now I was already home and undressed and now she wanted. I got more aggravated when I used google maps and found out it was 37 minutes away with zero traffic.

She said she had no way home and I guess I'm still too nice sometimes and I started to drive over there. I had hung up with her but she called me as I was driving. She started bitching that they had just left her at a bus stop and went to go pray. She was being a little evasive about what happened.

"I don't care you if you banged him, I just want to know the truth."

I said that to her and I meant it. She was free to do that. We weren't dating. She had even told me last week in a text, "I want you to know that I think you're cool but I'm not looking for a boyfriend." Of course, I was happy when I heard that provided that we were still gonna have sex. If you recall, we almost had sex after she had told me that, but fake week screwed me over.

It turns out she got drunk and decided to call that guy she was pining over that one Tuesday at Joe's. She paid the guy's friend to pick her up from the bar and drive her over there. That AFC friend tried to put the moves on her but she rejected him and ended up fucking the guy she wanted to see. She said the AFC friend could hear them as they were in the room next door. That reminds of something I would have done in my AFC days. I could see myself lusting over some girl that isn't even hot and then expressing my feeling like he did and then having some other guy bang her while I got shit.

The dude banged her and then they just dropped her off at the bus stop and she said she felt so used. I had to comfort her. The funny thing is I really didn't even care that she had banged some dude. I would have banged Latina Nurse instead of just kissing and grinding with her if I had the chance. Besides, I had kissed other girls since i met Karina and I had sex with Maya after having sex with Karina the first time.

I was mad initially that I was picking her up. I forgot to mention that I suspected that she banged the guy. I felt like a dumb ass for picking her up after some other dude had screwed her. When she finally told me the truth, I felt better. Then, I started to get pissed because we weren't gonna hook up since she wanted me to drive her home. I didn't have time to stay pissed because she kept trying and I had to comfort her.

Oh shit, my mom's home:
She's almost 22 but her mom still tries to enforce a curfew. At the same time, she has a double standard and lets her younger brother who is only 18 stay out all night and sleep at his girlfriend's house. Her mom works night so she tries to get home before the mother does. We pulled up to her house and she realized her mother was home and didn't want to deal with it so she came over.

She fell asleep on my bed and I played World of Warcraft. I cuddled with her and actually fell asleep for an hour. When we woke up, I had morning wood and she could feel it. She suddenly blurted out, "Let's have sex." I didn't say anything and she said, "I'm serious."

Intially, I tried to hint at taking a shower. I don't mind that she fucked some guy but I didn't want to kiss her and suck on her breasts after the dude had been doing that. I try saying, "I feel dirty from being out all night. Let's take a shower." She told me to go take a shower and she would wait. I figure my options were to tell her, "Well, I want you to go take a shower cause you fucked that other guy. I don't care about that but I won't want to kiss and stuff without you showering." The other option was to just have sex.

I couldn't come up with a delicate way to tell her I wanted her to take a shower. I figured I might screw up a lay and I wanted to have sex so I just decided to have sex with her anyway. LOL. I didn't kiss her or anything. Sometimes my mind thinks that's just bs that I use to get the girl turned on, but I realized that maybe I do enjoy that stuff too. I was having a hard time getting off. I don't know part of me was bothered that she had just fucked another guy a few hours before or if it was because of the lack of the usual intimacy we'd normally have while having sex.

I told Sidegames about it and I think he thought it was gross. He was judgemental about her, though, more than about me doing it. He had no problem with what I did except that he thought it was a bit gross. He said she must have felt like a slut when she thought about how she just fucked too guys. I tried to set him straight. I said it wasn't a big deal and girls do this shit all the time. I told him that hot girls especially do this shit.

I guess I know that I can handle my girls sleeping with other guys. I didn't feel jealous. I've always said that I'd just get mad if it means I lose out on my action. Now I have some evidence that I can handle this.

This just makes me think that I'm gonna be hesitant to have unprotected sex in the future. I'm gonna have to really trust a girl. I just want casual stuff now but if I do develop some sort of LTR, it's gonna be tempting to go bareback. It would bother me if a girl cheated on me bareback with another guy because of the health risks. I wouldn't care if she had protected sex with another guy as again, I don't like to have a double standard. If it's okay for me to do this shit, then I feel it's okay for the girl. The thing is that I know how girls are and I know many girls will just feel emotional and in the moment and they'll just hook up with a guy unprotected. You hear it from the community, and I know from my own experiences that it's amazing how many girls will let you stick it in them without a condom. You can test them by getting it close like you're gonna stick it in and see that they don't stop you to ask you to get protection.

I'll give that Maya girl from Cinco de Mayo credit. I can tell she has only protected sex because as soon as things got heated, she grabbed a condom.

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