Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chumped out on drinks for a bisexual girl

My buddy took me to see an advanced screening of Transformers 3. The 3D effects were awesome. I'll probably see it again. After the show, I decided to check out Lincoln Park. Vinny had talked about meeting up with me but he ended up going home. I went out despite the fact that I would be out by myself. The bars were noticeably slower now that DePaul is done with classes for the summer. I worked the 4 sets I saw in several bars.

I have a 3-day pass for the train so I decided to stop at Division. I figured I might as well check it out. It was slow, though it was busier than most of the Monday's I have been there in the past when it was cold out. The exception was that second day I was back in the game this year when Seagull and I went to Division on a Monday.

As there were drink specials, I got slightly intoxicated. I like getting drunk but the one stupid thing I've done is spend more money on drinks that I normally planned on. I actually started out netting drinks as I got recruited to play this drinking game. The game is sort of a relay where you drink like a quarter cup of beer and then try to flip your beer cup so it lands upside down. The group had provided a pitcher and then my team got another pitcher to play with as we had won. The game broke up when there was a dispute over who won the 3rd game. The other team had beat us but they also had cheated by going out of order.

I tried working this mixed 3-set after the game. I probably should have tried to sarge one of the girls involved in the game as the set was 1 guy and 3 girls. They ended up disappearing later in the game. The 3-set was some guy from Boston and two girls from Chicago. I approached and talked to the guy and he tried to dissuade me from entering the set. I ended up talking to the blonde, who had looked bored when I was working the set. My game was working on her, but then the girl cockblocked me and of course the dude joined in. Oh well. That was a bad sarge in that I knew I was gonna get cockblocked, yet I didn't befriend the other girl at all. Had I won her over, the set might have gone better.

Immediately after busting out of that set, I opened some random guy. I forgot to mention that I had opened two girls that I had spotted earlier. The chubby blonde was with some guy so I ended up talking to that mixed 3-set. Well, as I was talking to this random guy, the other girl from that set opened me.

We started talking and like the lesbian I met at Green Dolphin many Mondays ago, this girl was upfront with her story. I saw her checking out some girls that were dancing on the stripper pole and she told me she was bisexual. Of course, I liked that. I told her I'm into alternative lifestyles, though I never quite explained what I meant by that. I actually thought about this on Sunday. Sunday was the gay pride parade and while I'm straight and I don't even have any gay friends, I can appreciate other lifestyles. After all, the lifestyle I'm trying to live is far from a mainstream one.

This bisexual girl was large but the FB has taught me that they can give me some great experiences. That being said, I don't open these girls as often as I used to which is sort of a contradiction. I guess I try to go for the hottest girls, but I don't mind if I hook up with less attractive girls. On a side note, I should have tried to hook up with that larger girl in the redhead set Saturday night that wanted me.

I started to kino escalate on this bisexual girl and she reciprocated. I was getting turned on. The problem was after about twenty minutes, she started pushing for us to do shots. I ended up paying for that and I felt like a chump. I hate to admit it, but she got me for another shot right at closing time. I don't know what I was thinking cause I HATE buying girls drinks. It's not like I bought her a drink right of the bat, but I feel like I shouldn't be paying for drinks. I told her that I normally don't buy girls drinks.

Besides being drunk, I suppose another reason I bought drinks is that she is bisexual. I've searched in vain for a bisexual girl all these years so when I finally had one into me, I felt more invested that usual.

I think tonight was an eye opener regardless of what happens. You see, I gotta stick to not paying for drinks. I guess I should stop getting drunk as well if I wanna avoid this situation. I seem to buy drinks in longer sets as part of me feels like they have earned it. At some point, you do come of as cheap if you don't want to buy drinks. I guess if I hang out with this girl again, I gotta make her pay for some stuff. Anyway, I thought about how a hot 6 foot tall redhead or blonde would probably be able to get me to buy drinks after a long set, and I need to not do that in the future. Perhaps, tonight will be a lesson learned.

BTW, I tried to pull her. Before the bar closed, she made it sound like she was down for grabbing food, but when closing time came, she said she had to go home with her friends. Maybe I should have pushed more than I did. I tried to kiss close her a few times but she dodged it.

She wasn't totally scamming me. She did like me. At one point, we got separated at the bar. We were on the dance floor and she wandered off. I didn't follow and kept dancing. She circled back to find me and even asked where I had been.

She did number close me when were outside. I had her put her number into her phon at that point. I wonder still if I should have pushed harder for a pull. I also debated asking her friends to drop me off at the blue line station where I was parked. Part of me didn't even want the ride, though, because I needed the train ride to get sober.

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