Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 AMOG's aint got shit on me

Thinking about that quote makes me want to watch that movie again. The funny thing about that quote is that if you've seen the movie, Denzel's character is far from feeling on top of the world at that point of the movie. A more accurate scene capturing my feelings today would be this:

Anyway, enough playing with video embedding. There were a few aspects of our night that bothered both Seagull and I in terms of the supplication that was involved at the end. We felt like chumps paying for this cab ride and the food extraction, but I guess we both came to the conclusion that we screwed up a few weeks ago when we had this awesome set that wanted to eat with us and we didn't want to pay. The experience and confident we gained from this food extraction though are priceless. I have no doubts that tonight is gonna help me with some tough pull in the future that will lead to a lay.

Normally, I post about events in the order that they happened. I have two sets of interest that I want to write about at our usual Friday spot, but this blog should start from our experiences on Division. As usual, we spent little time in the actual bars and more on the streets near closing time and afterward. Division was so busy that even traditionally slow places like Finn McCool's had lines to get in. I was in ridiculous mode just opening every girl that I could trying to escalate fast. A few times, I caught myself running normal, slower game, which I feel dumb about after the set ends. This is the time to get immune to the rejections because they are gonna happen a lot when you are swinging for the fences.

There is definitely a lot of luck involved. I remember I had this girl attracted to me that I could have escalated and pulled in if she had been alone, or if she had been with a friend with a similar mind set. I opened this girl directly and I got up really close to her. She ended up being with two other girls and some chode. The chode had his arm around one of the friends and they both tried to bust me out immediately by trying to say he was her boyfriend. Lol. I knew they were full of shit just from being out so often. I laughed and said, "He's not her boyfriend." I knew the girl liked me as she waved them off and told them she was fine. The other girl started to mock me when I told her how to remember my name. I reacted by saying, "Look at your friend copying my lines." Instead, I felt like I should have ignored her like I would an AMOG and continued gaming. Still, I was working up a massive uphill battle in this set and probably wasn't gonna get anything anyway.

This girl was touching me:
Seagull told me that as we were near the corner. He had mentioned that some girl had touched him earlier and I kept asking him where she was as I wanted to try to pull that set. It turns out it was a 3-set of black girls. The one that liked Seagull was thin and had glasses but was very average looking. There was large friend that immediately kinoed me and a 3rd decent looking girl. I went for the large girl. Both our targets were high buying temperature. I kino esclated and probably should have kiss closed. We kept trying for the food extraction. We might have gotten a car pull if I had driven but unfortunately, I had taken the train to go to the Shedd Aquarium.

Even when we were leaving, both girls kept trying to keep the interaction going. We said good bye like 2-3 times and then the girls would latch onto us. As we were taking the train home, I said to Seagull, "Why didn't I kiss close her?" I don't know. I wanted to say I wasn't interested, but as I told Vinny, that's not a good excuse. I suppose I would have banged her and maybe it's just me not pushing the interaction like I should.

Get over here now:
I had both my phones with me but both were out of battery. I got a phone call right before the second one died at the end and it was Seagull telling me to meet him in front of the bar right away.

I'll mention here that I later heard that Seagull had decided to open this set when he saw some white dude trying to pull this set. Seagull saw the set reject that dude and walk across the street. Something clicked in his head and he decided he was gonna pull this set and he approached them.

Swarming AMOG's:
I found Seagull with his arm around this short, really cute black girl from Europe. When I approached, I saw that his target was with this taller, thin, and very attractive black girl. Two guys were next to her trying to pull her. Seagull tried to get his target to introduce me to the friend and I also did as well. We got that move from an old TD/Owen post explaining that it's often easiest to pull girls off competing guys using her peer group. The friend was resistant and Seagull's target wasn't doing a good job pulling her away.

I think about what Style wrote in the game about himself. He wrote something about how it would seem like his eyes rolled in his head and he turned into his PUA persona. I remember looking at Seagull and saying, "Okay, I guess I'm gonna have to pull her off those guys." I knew what I had to do, and I would have rather had his target do the work for me, but instead I had to be alpha and get rid of the guys. I remember that I walked around Seagull and went up to the friend as the two guys were still talking to her. I called her name and tapped her shoulder and I started talking. Now that I had her attention, I introduced Seagull again to her and Seagull introduced me again.

I remember there was a distraction again as she ended up leaning against the glass window and some new AMOG came and started talking to her. If I remember correctly, some other guy started trying to talk to Seagull's girl at this point.

Teamwork and "Fuck This"
Today I got to experience how two wings can really make this shit work. I can see it in stark contrast to Friday and Saturday of last week. Recall that I had two passive naturals "winging" me. In those two instances, I was the one pushing for a pull or extraction. I was the one who had to lead (or failed to lead in one particular case). As I complained in those blogs, it was the typical natural letting the girls lead cause they are used to getting laid when the girls allow it to happen.

Tonight, I had Seagull helping me get rid of competing dudes. I had Seagull working with me to play down all the BS objections the girls were throwing out. I had Seagull leading them around and I had Seagull working with me to get a cab later on when everyone was trying to grab a cab.

I remember there was a key moment when the girls agreed for food and Seagull said, "Okay, let's go." I echoed with Jeffy's "'Sko, Sko." I grabbed my target's hand and started leading her away. I remember hearing one of the competing dudes tell his buddy, "Fuck this." Seagull later told me that as he was leading his target away, some dude grabbed his shoulder. He thought it was me, and then he saw it was some AMOG and he just firmly told him, "Get your hand off me."

As I lead my girl east on the street to try to get a cab before the people who were waiting in our original spot, I had another challenge. It was an example again of how much we learn to just read social situations. She stopped to talk to two guys. One was this black dude and the other was some taller white guy. She talked to the black dude for about 10 seconds and then tried to tell me the white guy was her fiance. I suppose there were many times in the past when I would have given up. I knew she was full of shit immediately. I just grabbed her and said, "Let's go grab a cab."

These girls reminded me off the first venue change Seagull and I ever had several years ago. The presence of drunk girls is read by all the AMOG's trying to pull as easily as blood is detected by sharks in the water. As we were looking for cabs, more dudes tried to swarm cause our targets were attractive. At one point, we thought we were gonna lose the set. This car was stopped at the light and the stereo was jamming. The girls started dancing right by the passenger window. I feared the dudes were gonna be smooth and ask them to get in that there was a good chance the girls would have complied. Seagull told me later that he feared the same thing. The guys weren't alpha enough to make that move so we lead them away.

Getting a cab was a challenge. So many people were trying to grab cabs. I jumped into one cab at the same time that two Indian girls jumped in. It was actually funny to be suddenly sitting in a cab with two strangers. Fortunately, about two minutes later, we finally got a cab and bounced to the restaurant.

From champ to chode:
I think doing all that alpha shit and leading wore me out. When we got to the restaurant I could feel myself turning into a chode. For example, the girls were about to pay for the cab but I started reaching for my money and my girl closed her purse and told the cab driver I was covering it. I knew at the time that I should have said, "Okay, but you're getting me an orange juice."

When we got to the table, there were 4 seats. I sat in the middle hoping that one of the girls would sit by me. My target ended up sitting by Seagull. When his girl came from the bathroom, she made them get up so she could sit by Seagull. I realized that both of us were being too passive. I'll give Vinny credit last week for telling the girl to sit by him. I knew the move was to tell my girls to sit by me.

The girls were all high energy outside the bar and in the cab ride but not in the restaurant. It was a state break for all of us. I tried to get conversation going but they weren't being helpful. I then could feel myself asking several questions in "trying for rapport" tonality. My target grabbed her phone and said she had to go to the bathroom. I just realized that I forgot to mention that we ended up having this 3rd girl come with us. That happened just after that supposed fiance set with my target. Well, this third girl decided to go to the bathroom too and it was just Seagull, his target and I. I made conversation at this point and the two girls stayed in the bathroom forever it seemed. The food came and they were still in there.

The girls claimed several times to be sick which might be true but I also felt they were just staying in there to avoid us. Eventually, they came back. We ate and I talked to the 3rd girl as she happened to be sitting next to me. I actually told some decent stories but I was totally not interested in her. They went to the bathroom again after the meal and I made up some BS phone call so I could give Seagull isolation with his girl for a kiss close attempt. That's another move that my natural wings wouldn't have done for me. I know Seagull would do it and it's another reason we mesh so well.

We ended up paying for 3 meals. This girls weren't cool like those Asian girls on Friday last week. We also spent more money than we would have with that 2-set from a few weeks ago. First of all, with that 2-set, I had my car so we would have saved a $10 cab ride. Second, we would have only paid for 2 meals instead of 3.
As I said above, I feel the good stuff that I did in this set, and the reference points and confidence gain is so worth whatever money we spent.

I had fun with the whole situation. At one point I said to Seagull, "It's like I can hear Neil and Eric speaking in my ear man. It looks like I'm adding this to the marker." I kept laughing because I knew we were being chumps and I just accepted it at that point.

Seagull and I agreed on the train ride home that we were really gonna try to swing for the fences from now on. We established that we can get food extractions regularly. If we went out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we figured we could almost guarantee we could get some girls to come with us. Of course, we don't want to keep paying for meals. Seagull said he kept letting the distance prevent him from trying to pull girls to my place. Well, today, we didn't have a car, which was legitimate, but in the past he said he's let the distance bother him. I admitted that it just hasn't been in my reality to pull girls her for an after party. I kept asking how it could be possible. I know how I can pull if I'm making out with a girl, but I have to open up my mind to the possibility of pulling girls here for an after party and then escalating on the way here and here at my place. If I start pushing for the home pull like I've been pushing for the food extraction for the past few weeks, then we should start getting more success with that.

How can I doubt it:
I think back easily I would lose the AMOG wars. Now, we basically blew out like 5-7 guys off these very attractive, drunk girls that being swarmed on Division. I keep getting more and more reference experiences that are just giving me massive confidence in myself, which of course is gonna help.

On a side note, those competing African guys from two weeks ago were back. Seagull pointed them out and I tried to be friendly to them. I was probably trying to hard. I just thought it was funny to see them and I hold no grudges.

Two other interesting sets:
I know I write novels here sometimes which is why I try to have sections so any readers can skim through to find intersting parts. I want to briefly write about two other sets because doing so will help ingrain them in my mind.

Seagull and I both give ourselves a hard time about our dance floor game. He did some cool stuff today. He danced in between to girls, and he just started dancing really close to this attractive Indian girl. He feels self conscious about his dance floor sometime but I need to tell him that he looks great when he actually makes himself do it. When I was drunk, I did another awesome dance floor opener. I went up to the cute Canadian chick and opened her with dancing. Seagull swooped in and started dancing with the friend. I actually didn't just give up right away and did "spin and in" and the hand on the shoulder. The sexual chemistry started to brew and she tried to chill things by telling me she was married. I pressed a little and asked, "Are you happily married?"

I feel good about that set because I knew she was attracted to me. It was just unfortunate that she was married. I remember that Seagull's girl broke off and tried to pull my girl to the bathroom. My girl waved her off and stayed with me. I tried to sell a move upstairs about a minute later but then she mentioned her husband and ejected with the "It was nice to meet you."

Man to Woman conversation:

I had a moment that was worthy of being in field footage material. In Jeffy show 2, Jeffy showed a video of in two sets in the same night. In one, he is doing the mistake I often make of standing too far away from the girl. Yeah, it looks close, but you're not really up on the girl. In the second, he's got his arms around her and his kino is dynamic. I looked a lot like him in this set. I stopped this moving girl and clawed her in. I was up really close to her face. I remember having dynamic kino. I held her hands at one point and I also moved her arms around my shoulders as I wrapped my arms around my lower back.

I thought about this video at the end of Tyler's latest Free Tour post. I have to watch it again as it was hard to see on my phone, but in his description, the girls pushes her number on him. That's what happened in this set. My girl was really into me and things we so on cause I was doing everything right. She kept saying she had to go to her friend. I plowed through the first time. She said it again and she pushed her phone number on me. She gave me her business card and told me to text her cell phone. I tried to solidify it with the usual, "Are you drunk? Are you gonna remember me?"

The only thing I could have done better was to lift her up, spin her around, and then kiss her. Immediately afterward, I felt like I could have kissed her. My weakness is that I still haven't completely become comfortable with kissing girls so early in the set. To my credit, I've been kissing a lot more when I've had some time to build the set. I have to work on the fast kiss close. I suppose one way is to just try to fast escalate all sets so I can practice kiss closing. Sure, I'll bust myself out of some sets that might have worked had I escalated a little slower, but I want to improve the fast kiss close aspect of my game.

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