Sunday, June 26, 2011

Possible breakthrough: Finally went for instant makeout

Tonight, when we got to Division, I told Seagull that I was gonna focus on the Jeffy street opener. You just go up to every girl and say, "You are amazing! I love you." You hug her and then go for instant make out. I've been using this in street game but I've been holding back from going for the kiss. It was too scary to do it. I finally broke my cherry last night. I hugged a girl and tried to kiss her. It wasn't what I expected. She just kept moving her face to avoid the kiss but didn't get mad.

I think the breakthrough was that I use the opener a few minutes before that and I felt like I had a good chance of getting the kiss. I wrote Friday's FR that the last set of the night was another one that might have gone for the kiss.

Drunk girl on the dance floor + AMOG:

We were upstairs at Barleycorn for the usual last minute dance floor game run. I remember spotting this girl that I immediately sensed was drunk and high buying temperature. I pulled her in and started dancing. As I did this, this guy started grinding on me a bit. I knew he was trying to use that gay grinding AMOG technique. He persisted for like 20 seconds and turned around and was grinding his ass one me. I just didn't react and focused on escalating on the girl. The guy noticed I wasn't reacting and even qualified himself at the end by saying, "Sorry, I was just joking around."

I should have tried to kiss this girl and I feel like the breakthrough I wrote about will help in future dance floor sets. I know that failing to go for the kiss close often screws up a set more often than going for it does. It's especially important in this dance floor sets where the set is on right off the bat.

4-set, target doesn't like me but friend does:

I opened this redhead on the street. She walked away after like 20 seconds and I stood around waiting for Seagull to find me. A few minutes later, I hear someone calling my name. It's a girl in a 4-set. I went back into the set as I knew that was an IOI. I tried sarging and escalating on the redhead but she told me she had a boyfriend and kept backing off.

I found Seagull and we went up to Barleycorn. At some point in the dance floor area, I found the 4-set. I approached them again. This large Latina girl was all excited to see me and yelled my name out. I tried escalating with the redhead again. I spun one of the other girls and I danced with the large Latina girl. I ended up dancing as part of a dancing circle when Seagull found me. He asked, "Why are you dancing up on a girl?" He was right. The answer was that my target didn't like me, but that other girl did.

In retrospect, I should have taken a phone number. If I want to increase my lays, I should work all angles. I would have hooked up with her but at the time I was hoping to find something better. I also wondered if she'd go for me even though she had to know I wanted the friend.

Drunk red dress girl:

There was this cute southern girl with three guys. I had seen her standing around when the bars let out. I found her later standing by this light pole as the three dudes were talking in a circle. I approached her with the Jeffy opener. She hugged me and we held eye contact. I think she might have gone for the kiss if I had gone for it but I felt uncomfortable with the guys there. This black guy that was standing by tried to AMOG me. He said, "Let me guess, you are from North Carolina too?" I just said, "Yeah" and focued on the girl.

I knew she was high buying temperature. I tried to push for food, which is stupid. Tonight I was falling back on that instead of just pushing for the pull. She pointed out that she was with the guys, which I already knew. I ended up leaving because I just figured it was horrible logistics and I was better off looking for more sets.

On the ride home, I thought that maybe I should have pulled her about 20 feet away on the sidewalk and went for the make out. If I could escalate like that, maybe I could get her to ditch the guys.

2-set pull attempt:

Our last set of the night was this 2-set we saw walking along the road next to the sidewalk. We opened them at the same time which I think is the best way to do fast street game. My experience has been that sometimes, in a 2-set, I'll get the one girl interested, but I won't have time to game the other girl and she'll quickly pull the friend away or cockblock. With this double opener, we stopped both girls and had them occupied.

I used the Jeffy opener and tried to kiss her but it didn't work. I got close to her. We were standing in the street and it felt like she might walk away, so I told her, "You're gonna get hit by a car." I grabbed her hands in the mercy game type grip and pulled her into me as I backed onto the sidewalk.

I kept plowing with verbal game as I tried to change up my kino so it was dynamic man-to-woman type kino. I put her arms on my shoulders as I put my arms around her waist.

I was selling the Elly's pancakes pull. Seagull told me later he was surprised by that because we had talked about just going for the pull instead of food. I agreed that I shouldn't push the food. The other girl mentioned that they were headed to McDonald's and I started talking about Rock N' Roll McDonald's. I told Seagull that perhaps we should start pushing that for food as it would be a lot cheaper than Elly's.

We ended up losing the set. It's hard to remember the exact moment as everything happens so fast with these late night street sets. I remember I sensed the friend was gonna pull her away and I started to say, "I wanna call you." I felt it was bad game but I didn't know what else to do. I suppose this is street game is still a work in progress.

More Jeffy openers near closing time:

As I was going for the actual make out, I realized that I should be doing this in say the last hour at Joe's or Barleycorn, or wherever. The opener doesn't work as well when it's a 3 set, for example, that I'm stopping as the other girls hear it and try to drag the girl away as I'm doing it. I realized that doing the opener at the bar around closing time is perfect. The music means only the girl can hear what I'm saying. If it's crowded and loud, I think I might be more likely to get the kiss. We'll see.

I need to practice pushing for the pull:
I'm still hesitant to just throw out the pull to girls I just met with the street opener. I need to get over that mental block in my head. I've heard Vinny do it in person and when it doesn't fly, it really isn't the big deal that I suppose my mind fears. I wonder if I should throw in the Apocolyse opener a few times so I can get comfortable putting it out there.

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