Saturday, June 25, 2011

We could get a cheap hotel room & not being in my reality gives me screwed up thoughts

Tonight was just a chaotic night. I liked the free drinks too much and I remember saying, "Being fucked up is fun!" When I'm drunk lately, I find myself opening more sets on the dance floor. Even early on, when there weren't many people on the dance floor, I remember going into sets near the dance floor and trying to get girls to dance.

Girl liked me until I opened friend the same way:

Seagull was in this set that was so on. I thought he was gonna pull and he was close. I spent that entire 30+ mins or so standing in the same spot. It was the same spot where I stopped the girl last week: it's in this open area by the staircase. I stopped countless sets and was getting busted out a lot, which I actually found humorous. Between bast escalation and street game, I wonder how I can ever worry about rejection cause you do start to get immune to it.

I stopped this moving girl. She kept telling me she had to find her friend. I kept her there for a little bit but then she wandered off. I remember escalating fast. I had my arm around her and I had my arms around her waist. A bunch of sets later, I saw her walk by again. I pulled her in again. She didn't stay long this time by leaned in and kiss me on my cheek next to my mouth. She began to walk away and then I pulled her in again. She did the same thing and then ran off.

I kept opening sets and this chubby blonde came by. Of course when I'm in his stupid mode, I just do the same fast escalation stack. She stopped and we were holding strong eye contact and I we were really close together. Suddenly, her friend appears and it's the same girl. I remember saying, "Oh, this is your friend?"

I felt like I had fucked up because now she thinks I do this with all the girls. That might be okay but not when it's the friend. I remember saying, "Let all have a fun night" as I had my arms on both girls but they wandered off. I found the blonde again and as I was drunk I said something stupid like, "Hey, I like your friend." She said, "She doesn't like you."

At the very end of the night, I saw Seagull talking to the blonde. There was a 3rd girl there and my target was standing next to this big black guy. I hesitated about going in for about a minute and then I went and opened the girl. She said seomthing like, "I don't like you" or "Go away." At least I didn't have to worry "What if?"

One day, I'm gonna get into a fight:
I was thinking about why I've have more confrontations lately. I think it's because I just won't bail out as easily when competing guys come in. Sure I didn't just give up in the past, but I would often leave if the guy was more aggressive about blocking me out. I was standing in that same spot, and I saw this girl standing by herself. I opened her and was talking to her for a bit. I wasn't really locked in so there was a bit of space between us. Suddenly, some Eastern European dude came in and started talking to her. I kept standing there.

"This is my girlfriend," he said.

I kept standing there. Keep in mind this was all within in like 10 seconds. Then he asked me, "Do you know her?" At that point, I knew he was full of shit. If it was his girlfriend, he wouldn't ask me that in the way that he did. I said, "Yeah." As he's having this short conversation with me, she walks off.

I laughed, "I see what you're trying to do. That wasn't your girlfriend."

The dude got all mad and made this waving motion and said, "Go on, get out of here."

I didn't want to leave that spot as it's a perfect place to open. I just stood there and said in a calm voice, wit ha a smile on my face, "This is my spot."

The dude looked at me and waved again and said, "Get on out of here."

I repeated, "This is my spot."

The dude just walked away. What a fucking chump trying to use me to build confidence. I might have believed him and just given up if he hadn't asked me if I knew her.

I titled this section the way I did as I'm getting way more confrontations that I ever had. It doesn't happen every night, but I've had 3-4 this year. I suppose I also have been going out 5+ times a week so I have a bigger sample size. I seem to handle this shit well as I have yet to get into a fight.

Street Sets:
I had a 5-10 minutes set with this cute brunette in a red dress. She was complaining about the girl and guy friends she was with. She told me she was waiting for them. I was my usual positive self. I was trying to escalate but she kept backing off and it made sense later when she told me she has a boyfriend. I did my best to make something happen but she decided to walk off. I later saw her standing near the entrance to the club waiting for her friend.

Just when that set ended, I saw Seagull working a two set. The two girls were sitting on the sidewalk. Seagull was squatting next to one girl. This random guy was standing by Seagull talking to the set. Seagull later told me that the guy had seen the situation and came in trying to wing. He had pretended to know Seagull. I didn't know any of that. All I saw was some random dude. I went right in. I still amuse myself how I can just lock out guys so easily. I introduced myself to the obstacle and then pointed at Seagull and said, "Hey this my friend (Seagull's name)." I then started talking to my girl and then the dude walked off.

I actually thought we might pull this set. Seagull got his girl to stand up and he gave her a piggy back right down the street. I sat down next to the girl and was talking to her. She seemed comfortable with me touching her leg at times and with me having my arm around her and kinoing the back of her neck. The problem was she started to say she wanted to go home. She also started to worry about the friend and started calling out her same. Some random guy was walking by and she told him to get her friend. The guy first went up to a random 2-set and then she told him it was the girl piggyback on a guy (which of course was Seagull). Seagull and the girl came back. We were both trying to push some sort of pull for food or to my place but then my girl said she had to pee. I tried to sell Elly's but the friend said they were gonna go back into the club to use the bathroom and they left.

We could get a cheap hotel room:
This was a weird set in many ways. I kept telling Seagull the story cause I couldn't quite figure it out. It seemed like it was on, but I felt like I hadn't done much. Part of me started to wonder later if she had been a hooker. There is evidence both ways.

After we lost that two set, I decided to open this tall black girl. She had hair colored similar to Beyonce. She was standing next to the wall talking on the phone. I opened her, probably with the high five opener I often do on the street. I remember I through in my Miami routine and she asked me where I was from. She said she didn't believe I was from Chicago. She kept bugging me to see my ID. I didn't show it to here but a few minutes later she ended up asking me. I only mention this because it's evidence of the hooker theory as I know escorts want to see an ID cause they think it means you're less likely to be a cop, which of course is BS.

BTW, the huge thing pointing against her being a hooker was that she never once mentioned me paying for anything. I guess that should be the most certain evidence there. I guess I kept wondering how this set could have been so on. I felt like I didn't really do anything.

It's almost all there:

I guess I've internalized most of the stuff I do need to do, so I often don't give myself credit for doing those things. It another area of me still continuing to grow into this PUA reality. I guess the big thing for me is that I hadn't kissed this girl or made out with her so I was wondering how it could have been on. Then again, in this same street spot, I opened drunk girls a few weeks ago and had two high buying temperature sets. I gotta remember that the girls get drunk, get high buying temperature and want to hook up. Heck, there was this set Seagull and I had tried to pull before we left. I was working the one girl and the other girl was texting. I read the text it was basically her telling her FB that she wanted to come over and hook up. I gotta remember that girls want sex and want it from me when I do this right. It's just gonna take time for me to fully accept this new identity.

Anyway, he's what I know I was doing right. Our eye contact was strong from the beginning. I think back about how I used to get so nervous holding eye contact. Now, I'm just completely relaxed and I enjoy gazing into their eyes. I smile now cause I know it's creating sexual tension. I was kinoing her and it was dynamic kino. I touched and help her hands for a bit. I remember having my arms on her waist as we were talking and holding eye contact.

At one point, early on, she asked to use my phone to call her friend. I remember that she had been playing with her phone before I opened her, so I said, "What about your phone?" She said the battery was dying. She started to walk off like she was gonna try to use someone's phone. I pulled out my phone but before she called I said, "This person isn't gonna call me this week looking for you? My friend (this guy I knew from this casino) used to make everyone use *67 before calling anyone)."

She reassured me that it wouldn't be like that and I let her use my phone. No one answered and she gave it back to me. Now, this was another weird thing that an escort might do. The more I write this report, the less likely I think it was the case. A girl might call her pimp or use my phone to call her, but later we saw her by Division getting into her own car. More on that later.

After the phone call, we kept talking. I started to push for an after party. Seagull later thought he heard me mention, "The Hang up" which is a venue by Division. I was telling her, "Let's hang out." I said we should have an after party. I said I'm west and only live 10-15 minutes away.

"That's too far," she said,
I replied, "It's not. It's close."
She objected again. I asked, "Where you stay at?" (That's what black people say when they ask where you are living. It might just be "Where you stay?")
She had said earlier she was from Indiana. She replied, "I have a hotel room downtown."
Of course, I said, "'Sko. Let's go hang out there."
She said, "My family is staying there."
I persisted, "Let's go by me. I have cold beers and fish that do back flips."
She answered, "I really need to stay around the downtown area."

"Oh, you want to party? We could just get a cheap hotel room."

That's probably what got me thinking about the prostitute situation. Prostitutes will ask you, "Do you wanna party?" Fatty has said prostitutes approach him in Milwaukee when he's by the bus and say that shit. I have to ask him again, but I believe they start mentioning prices, which this girl didn't.

Assuming this was just on because my game is strong now, I screwed up when she mentioned this. I made a weird face. I was thinking two things when she said this. First, I didn't want to spend that money as there is no cheap room around downtown. The places where there are cheap rooms would take as long to get to as my place. The second was I wondered if she was gonna try to charge me cause this shit was so sudden. The later is just me still not believing in myself something, I think.

She actually left me and I saw here walk a bit down the street. She looked like she was getting a taxi. I was gonna give up, but I decided to try again. I grabbed her arm to get her attention. She said something like, "Why are you touching me when you don't want to get a hotel room?"

I didn't have an answer so I wandered off and Seagull and I went to Division.
Edit: Just as I was about to post this, I remembered something Seagull mentioned. The right response would have clarified things. I should have said, "Okay, let's split it."

Should have tried for an instant make out:
We got to Division when the bars had already been closed for about 10 minutes. I worked a 2-set right away. I talked to them for about 5 minutes or so but we wouldn't get them to go anywhere. Vinny found us there. I learned the lesson of plowing. The girls said they were going but Vinny plowed them. Then, I plowed some more and they stayed a bit longer before finally leaving.

After a few more attempts, we started heading to the car. I saw this girl in this flower print dress. I opened her with Jeffy's routine. I told her to give me and hug. As I was hugging her, I thought about the instant make out. I think this girl would have went for it. After the hug, she kept her head near me in a way that was different than the way other girls had reacted to this routine in the past. I couldn't have gotten a pull as she was with a bunch of friends. I still should have made the attempt. I think this instant make out shit will make me more comfortable going for a kiss in general. She started to walk away after the hug. I pulled her back in and I lifted her up and spun her around. The girls always giggle when I do that and I should do that more often.

Had another chance but missed it:
As we were walking to Seagull car, we were talking about that black girl. He then saw a girl across the street and said, "Hey isn't that her?" It was her. She looked like she had come from the Hang Up bar. In a strange coincidence, she was parked right behind Seagull. I should have opened her again. At the time, I was afraid she'd think I was following her, which was a dumb though. I even walked around the front of Seagull car so I wouldn't have the option of opening her.

The move was to catch up to her and say, "Hey, it's you again!" I then could have teased her for following me. After some more high energy stuff, I could have said, "You didn't tell me you had a car here. Let's go for a ride."

At time time, I was also thinking, why was she leaving that bar alone again? It made me think maybe she was looking for more clients there. That theory makes less sense though, the more I think about it, and you can see that from the way I've been writing this. She could have gone to the Hang up to look for friends. She had used my phone to try to call her friend. The fact that she was driving her own car too means she wasn't calling some pimp on my phone, I think.

Besides, as I wrote above, what kind of hooker would never mention any price. It's not like she mentioned the hotel room right away. she mentioned it after I had gamed her and kino escalated. I'm half tempted to edit this hooker theory out of the blog but I'm gonna leave it in.

Fix my reality:

The biggest lesson here is that I really have to believe that I can do these fast pulls at the end of the night. Part of me believes it and that's why I'm making the effort to do so. I finally get a girl to verbalize that she was willing to get pulled and then I start thinking weird thoughts because I didn't want to accept that a girl wanted to hook up with me that quickly.

The street game pull makes sense. Other guys in the community have told me how they had massive success pulling drunk girls out on the street when the bars have closed. The girls are horny and high buying temperature and drunk. I'm also exhibiting a lot of high value behaviors girls look for in guys. I'm being persistent and dominant without being needy. Once I start accepting it into my reality that I'm actually this PUA that I always wanted to be, the sooner I'll have more lays. Accepting myself doesn't mean that I don't have to improve. As TD/Owen says, you can always improve.

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