Friday, June 24, 2011

Long set with a black girl with a possible future Day 2

Tonight I was out with Vinny. We hit the dollar burgers at O'malley's. I was gonna open some sets there but I wanted to eat my burger first. We ended up leaving there right afterward. I should request my tall waitress there as the one we got was shitty. She took forever and didn't remember to bring us water.

I tried this blonde in this seated seat with 2 guys and 3 girls. The set was going okay but then the friend cockblocked me. I guess I should have worked more on befriending the group. The other option was I should have isolated her to the bar. For some reason, I still don't isolate as often as I should. In some sets, I push for it more than others but that was only the second set I opened during the night. The first was this 2-set. The girl ended up doing the "Nice to meet you" blowout. The funny thing is that she was there with a girl. Some guy showed up to meet the friend and for the 15 mins I spent after the set, the girl who blew me off just sat there looking bored.

The net theory:
Vinny was talking about how he goes for very few girls. I wanted to explain to him that it was the typical MO of a natural. They go for girls that give them massive IOI's or look high buying temperature. I tried to explain that, yeah, some sets are harder, but with the right moves, you can increase your chances of working them.

I'm so glad that I have brought back my approach machine mentality of the old days. If I see a girl I want, I do my best to approach here. Take this tall girl at the same bar. She was in a mixed set with 3 guys and 2 girls. It looked like it would be shitty. The guys didn't cockblock at all. I ended up busting out but she gave me a good 5 minutes to game her.

Dancing with a black girl:
I worked a bunch of sets at The Apartment. I only had a little over an hour since we had spent time eating the burger and hanging out at Kendall's. I tried opening on the dance floor and working some sets but nothing really exciting happened. We tried some street game including this tall blonde but nothing again.

The set of the night ended up being in this mixed 3-set. It was a black guy and two black girls. I was just about to try a new venue when I opened them. The whole set was cool and my target was very high energy. She even went to dance on the stage. On top of being a good dancer, she shared my passion for travel. I ended up hanging with this set for almost the whole time were were at Division. Near the end, she asked if we were gonna get drinks. Vinny and I had actually just talked about this . I won't buy drinks if girls ask at the beginning but if the interaction looks like it's going somewhere, I sometimes do. It remains to be seen if I screwed up here or not.

We danced and the escalation was okay there but I didn't kiss her. We slowly grinding more as the night continued. Of course that turned me on and I started to think about how I really want to hook up with a black girl since I've never done it before. I guess I'll have more prospects Friday as the place we go to usually has a lot of hot black girls.

I thought of what my move was at the end. I had number closed her. I wanted to do more. Part of me wanted to push for a food close. I might have been able to do that if I pushed the guy and girl for it but I also didn't want to pay for food either. At closing time, I tried asking her if she wanted to hang out. She did but asked when. I said she could come by and look at some vacation pics and have some beers as I stay up all night anyway. She said she was tired but we talked about meeting on Sunday. I'll have to run decent text game for her not to flake.

We tried some street game after the bar close and that set left but nothing happened. There was this set form Kentucky that Vinny and I had worked briefly. I was pushing Vinny to help me try to close them but he didn't like them for some reason. I guess I should have pushed for it myself but I didn't.

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