Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have to do a kiss close speed challenge

I've saw this a few months ago but decided to watch it again. I keep thinking about those two Barleycorn sets. What I did in those sets, I would not have done three months ago. I'm definitely making progress. I remembered a set at Crocodile two years ago. There was this tall Polish girl dancing. I walked over to open here verbally as again, I was too scared to do dance floor openings until about 5-6 weeks ago. I remember us locking eyes and knowing at the time and in the analysis that I should have kissed her. I have to remind myself to not be so critical of myself because compared to that set, I doing things much better now.

I stopped a moving set with my ideal type of girl right now: a cute, tall, thin redhead. I plowed through her resistance and ran dance floor game and slowly escalated. The thing is that the two dance floor sets from last night should been similar to Brad's video above. The way I am now, if I were Brad in that video, I would have stopped her and immediately had a man-to-woman conversation. I'd claw her. I'd grab her hands and pull her in. I'd put my arms around her and put her arms on me. I wouldn't go for the kiss nor would I get a make out.

It's obvious that the quick make out is a massive sticking point for me now. As I said in the last post, it bothers me that I'm still struggling with this. Yes, I was stacking kino and if thee girl had stayed around, I most likely would have went for the kiss within 20 minutes. It probably would have been less. The thing is that I could have kissed both girls way earlier in the interaction. Perhaps immediately like Brad does above but surely in the time I had in the set.

TD/Owen says that the quick kiss close/make out isn't necessarily the best way to run the set but you should learn how to be able to get the fast make out. Clearly, I'm unable to go for the kiss quickly still because I guess I still haven't let myself accept that it can and should be my reality. I wrote about how I didn't kiss that larger black girl on Division on Friday night. I should have went for it for practice and to give myself reference points.

I've mentioned it in the past, but I think I need to take the old challenge I remember hearing from Love drop in some MM vidoe back in 2006. It seemed like an impossible challenge back then. Now, it seems doable, but I also have some trepidation when I think about actually doing it. In order to get myself comfortable with the quick kiss close and so I don't have to keep beating myself up over this issue, I need to try to kiss close every set.

As I wrote this post, I think I need to modify that challenge. I already do try to kiss close very set if it gets there but I take too long doing it. I need to do something similar to what they do on the Pickup Artist 2. In one of the episodes, the guys compete to see who can kiss close the fastest. I have to play a game with myself to try to see how fast I can get kiss closes. Sure, doing this means I won't be running solid game. That means that there will be sets I screw up by going for the kiss to fast that I could have done better had I gamed them normally. I even believe that there's a possibility I might even screw up a set I could have turned into a lay with my current game that I might instead bust out of due to quick escalation.

This is am example of building the skill set instead of getting the girl. I think if I do this for a few weeks or a month, I solve this problem, or at least make huge strides. I'll definitely get better kiss close calibration. I'll probably get laid too as getting more kisses means that more of my pull attempts are gonna be successful. I just have to accept that I'm gonna be uncomfortable by pushing my comfort zone in this manner that seems extreme.

I was just about to hit post when I realized something that makes this even more necessary. The kiss is obviously still a big deal for me even though intellectually, I know it isn't supposed to be. Kissing a girl is just part of the natural kino escalation that happens when you are attracted to a girl. In my mind, I somehow think it's a big escalation when it isn't.

I actually remember how I used to think grabbing a girls hand and holding it was a huge move. It was a big move for me until just 6 or so weeks ago as well. Now, when I grab girls hands and pull them into me, or just hold their hand while talking, I think about how I'm so much more comfortable with that now. It just seems natural to do so and isn't a big deal. I know this challenge will cause me to feel this way about the kiss and it's time to start.

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