Sunday, June 12, 2011

Persist or defuse

I just talked to Seagull about last night's situation. He said that I didn't seem needy. The girl wasn't that into me, but I'm convinced if I got to the apartment I could have made something happen. M would have been making out with his girl and 2-sets work so well because that would make my girl want to hook up too. Besides, I do believe that given enough time, most girls will get attracted to me if I get to spew my game.

I think I could have done two things differently. First, I could have cleared up any resistance she might have had concerning me. I should have said something like, "You know, we are just going to hang out. Nothing is gonna happen between us." That way she wouldn't wonder if I was gonna escalate or if she wanted to have sex. That would also take the responsibility off of her if sex did happen. The other move was given the situation I had, I should have caught up to them. I would have known then for sure if the girls wanted to get rid of me or not. Seagull brought up that Jeffy analogy from Jeffy Show 2. If the girls told me to go away, then that would have been a red light. Instead, I just gave up and that was possibly because of imaginary shit cause this wasn't completely in my reality.

As I wrote in my report, I had made up that I knew M, so it would have been natural to walk to his place. I think about how if M had been any of my casual wings like Vinny, or even those dudes I know from Joe's, I would have been comfortable walking to their place.

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