Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking Fatty out and another missed fast kiss close

I had been horny today but fortunately I had plans with my FB. I was worn out after a few hours with her and chances are I was gonna stay in. I text Vinny at one point about going out and he seemed ambivalent at the time. Fatty had text me as I was picking up Karina and said he was in town. I told he I'd go out if he wanted. I was actually hoping he'd decide not to go as I was tired and unmotivated to go out after cumming 3 times with the FB. Part of me did want to go out as I again wanted to see how sarging felt with I didn't need sex. Fatty called me just in time for me to get dressed before leaving to take the FB home.

We had a good warm up in a 4-set that I opened at the first bar we hit. There was this cute brunette that was really friendly and outgoing. There was a large friend that was friendly as well and two boring blondes. Fatty had thought the brunette was my target but I wanted a blonde. I let Fatty have the brunette and he hit it off with them. It was a funny contrast. You the supposed PUA talking to the blondes and stalling out and you got Fatty laughing it up with the set. I could have kept plowing but decided just to talk to the chubby girl. I wanted to help Fatty out and the fat girl was cool. The blondes did get bored but we needed another wing man for them.

Petite blonde:
There was this really cute petite blonde at Barleycorn. I opened her as a 2-set with this brunette. Fatty had come in to wing and kept the brunette occupied. I was hitting it off with the blonde. Some guy shorter than me came up and got her attention. She turned to acknowledge him and I could tell by her reaction that she knew him. I decided to let him talk. He kept talking so eventually I just got her attention and of course it was easy to get her focused on me. He disappeared for a few minutes and then came back. He said, "I'm gonna borrow her for a minute."

I wandered off as I wasn't gonna just stand there. I ended up opening a 2-set from Boston. I hooked them and sat at the table but I was just talking and not really escalating. Fatty and I were discussing whether to venue change or not when I decided that I was gonna go back to talk to the petite blonde. I wasn't just gonna leave it like that.

She was standing next to this tall, slightly chubby guy. The short dude was next to him. The brunette was facing the guys and positioned in between the two guys. I just went up, tapped the blonde on the shoulder and started talking. After about a minute, I heard the short dude start saying that they were leaving. It's funny that I heard this but the girl was focused on me. She only knew they were leaving when the guy got her attention and repeated it. Then she said to me, "We're about to leave." I said, "Is that your boyfriend?" She said the tall dude was and I just ejected. I ended up seeing them again in front of Smart Bar as Fatty and I were walking back to the car after helping the old dude with the concussion.

The guy probably was her boyfriend. I like how I ran this set. I shouldn't have asked the boyfriend question in the leading way that I did. I should have made her step away from the guy a few feet and then went for the number close. If she was with her boyfriend and had no interest in cheating, she would have pointed him out. If she wasn't with the guys, or if one was the boyfriend and she still wanted to hang out with me, she'd give me the number. By asking if that was the boyfriend, I feel now that I lead her. It's like I was afraid of the dudes but the real reason I did so at the time was that I was being considerate.

I also might just be over-analyzing this.

It's fucking on with a tall blonde:
This is one of those sets that's simultaneously positive but mostly frustrating. I should be happy that I'm approaching the girls that really attract me. I have to say that my entitlement is pretty high right now. What that means is that I'm able to approach all girls in the same way. I don't get flustered because the girl is really hot to me. Of course, I'm human and sometimes I'll be intimidated but it's so rare now. The last time it happened was two weeks ago. There was this tall brunette with a really beautiful face and perfect skin. I was attracted to her when I opened her but when she turned to me, I realized how beautiful she was and I actually paused my sentence I was saying. Then I mumbled something else and of course she back turned me because I had changed from this confident guy that approached her into a chode.

I mentioned in the old man report that I was in this 4-set with Fatty. I wanted this brunette in the set but the conversation had stalled. I tried twice to start up the conversation again, but she just listened to what I said and turned to talk to her other friend again. I turned and saw this cute blonde standing near me. She was a few inches taller than me. I tapped her and opened her.

It was on right away. I did the usual escalation that I'm comfortable with. Soon I was standing really close to her. I was facing her and really close. I held eye contact with her. I found out she travels a ton and I IOI'd her about that.

This tall buffed dude tried to mess with me at one point in early in the set. I wasn't as close to her at this point. I had my arm around her but I had removed it at this point. The buffed dude came in and put his arm around the girl and said, "This is my sister." I looked at him and didn't say anything. I was puzzled. He then said, "I'm just kidding" and walked away. Later, I opened a 2-set and he was with one of the girls in the 2-set. My read was right on that as I saw them all walk by me later when I was attending to the old man. Anyway, the one girl appeared to be his girlfriend. I'm guessing that he saw this tall, thin, cute blonde with me and wanted to mess with me. When I didn't even react, he walked away right away.

I start losing her to some guy:
We were really close as we were talking. We had to be initially because it was really crowded. At one point, I turned as saw that there was more space. I hadn't noticed since the set was going well enough for us to be in a bubble. I decided to move her away from the entrance. This sort of broke her state too. Some Irish guy with a flannel design shirt started talking to her. She started to move towards him.

Of course, I didn't give up. I'm so confident know that I can pull girls off guys that I didn't even hesitate. I first just tried to get her attention by tapping her and saying, "Hey." She didn't turn to look at me. I tried putting my hand on the dude and saying, "Hey, this guy's like my little brother." He kept talking so I said, "Nice, shirt, I had one like it in high school."

I remember that the guy actually looked at me for a second. I remember there was a bit more space between them. I then saw that she was starting to like the guy as she touched his shoulder. I paused for about 3 seconds. I then told myself, "No way. This guy is doing well but I know I can pull her off him." I then said loudly, "Hey man, show me your moves." I touched both their shoulders and said "I'm listening. Show me your moves. I wanna learn from you cool guys."

He was still trying to talk to her but I then got closer to her, tapped her shoulder and then used Jeffy's, "I know a guy who eats lemons like oranges." (I normally use the hot pepper line but I burned it on her already and didn't pull her off him.)

The funny thing is when she finally turned to me, I saw one of this Irish guys friends trying to pull him away from us. I started to talk but then she turned away. The guy had grouped with his two buddies and was no longer engaging her. She was trying to reach across the corner of the bar to get this brunette girl's attention. At this point I gave up and went to open other sets.

I opened a 2-set that turned out to be a mixed 3-set with that buffed dude. I then went to look around back and saw this drunk blonde dancing. I spun her around. She was really wasted and almost fell over. I tried to pull her to the back area but she wasn't following as I tugged on her hand. She kept trying to touch this tall white guy. I came back around later and saw her standing by the corner of the bar. I tried to open her again but she kept trying to touch the tall dude. I decided to give up I just didn't seem to be her type.

I suspect that I screwed up by not kissing her:

You'd think that with that mission I set forth Sunday morning, I would have been more conscious about trying for the kiss. I never really had the chance to kiss close in the other sets and the only one that went well was that petite blonde set. When I was talking to the tall blonde, I knew it was on. I was working to try to make it man to woman. I was locking eye contact and getting up in her face. I don't know why I hadn't started to stroke her hair, stroke her face, or caress the back of her neck.

I want to blame it on not having enough time. If she hadn't ran off when she did, I want to say that I would have done those things. I don't know. It bothers me that I wasn't thinking about stroking or caressing. Besides, I again feel that even though the set was short, it was on enough that I should have found a way to kiss her.

I read some field reports and the guys talk about how they sometimes kiss close really quickly. Of course, there's the Brad video I posted that shows how it can be done in seconds. I knew afterward that when I had my arms on her waist and our faces were so close to each other, she was most likely ready to kiss me.

Kissing isn't gonna guarantee a lay, but it's sure gonna help seal the attraction. I have to say that if I just told her to close her eyes when I had my hands on her waist and I moved the 3 inches forward to kiss her, there was a good chance she would have accepted.

I'm frustrated because I again failed to do something. I hope this pain will lead me to action soon.

Dance floor opening:
We went to Division. I opened this tall girl in Shennigan's. She seemed hesitant to dance but I spun her and we started dancing together. After the song, she started to ask me questions. I found out she was from Milwaukee and here with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She was cool and I told her and the husband about that lunch at the Signature Room in the Hancock building. I felt good about that set because I saw a girl that was my type and took action.

I did it again with this really tall Irish chick. She was a brunette but had really pale skin which I love and these amazing long slender legs. I had opened her on the dance floor and danced with her briefly. I never got the chance to try to escalate with her on the dance floor. I tried several times to open her verbally off the dance floor but never got anywhere.

Girls recognize me again:

This is humorous because there are so many places to go and people out in Chicago that it's rare to run into sets again. It happens a bit more often when I'm go to certain venues every week. I see several sets at Joe's every week and at the Apartment. Today, there was this Asian girl who was from Ireland. I was trying to talk to the tall Irish girl and she called out some blonde's name. The Asian girl and the blonde then touched my arm. They both said they remembered me. The Asian girl said she remember that I had been talking about space when I met them.

I open so many sets that I didn't remember this set. There was a set on Division on Friday that recognized me from Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville. This girl rememberd my cat and was excited to see me. I fucked it up because at one point, I remember catching myself qualifying myself verbally and she lost interest.

With this Asian girl, I think I screwed it up because it was obvious I wanted the tall girl. The Asian girl must have liked me as after they explained how they knew me, the Asian girl wanted to take a picture with me. (On a sidenote, I often get girls wanting to take pictures with me. I say often as it happens at least once or twice a week and I'd expect it to never open. I'm not that good looking. I'm guessing that I come across so high status that the girls what a picture with the "cool" guy that just came up to them. I put that in quotes as I feel weird talking about myself in this way but it also seems to be true). I talked to her for about a minute and then I pointed at the tall girl and said, "How do you know her?"

Some AMOG came in and started talking to the Asian girl. He had her attention. I stood looking at them. I hate when a guy comes in and the girls turns her attention off me and into the guy. It reminds me of the early days when I'd always lose girls to other guys. Now, I also wants to bust them out even if I don't like the girl. I tapped her shoulder and kept saying stuff to her and with the second or third try, she finally back turned him. I tried talking to her but she turned to talk to another friend.

For whatever reason, I didn't feel confident to try again to talk to the Asian. Perhaps, I should have. I felt weird, I think, because I tried again with the tall brunette and it was awkward and I felt stupid. I ended up leaving and meeting Fatty outside rather than go back to the group again to talk to the Asian girl.

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