Monday, June 20, 2011

Helping an injured old man in Wrigleyville

Fatty and I helped some old guy last night. We had left the bar and Fatty and I were talking about this 4-set we had been in. My target liked me initially but I could't keep a conversation going after a few mins. I ended up leaving the set to go work on this tall blonde; I write about that set in the next entry. Fatty and his girl were hitting it off. He had made a little effort to ask her to get food. I advised that the girl seemed to like him and he could still ask her to get food or come to an after hours bar. We were two blocks from the bar as we had left at last call but I kept saying that we could walk back and he could ask her when the set left the bar. It would have been weird if we had said goodbye and then come back, but for all they would know, we could have just gotten outside.

As we are standing on the corner discussing this, I see an old man cross the street. As he is about to get onto the sidewalk, he suddenly stopped and just fell backwards. He fell straight back in the way that a tree falls straight when you cut it. At the time, I thought it was some drunk guy. I told Fatty, "Hey, that guy is all fucked up."

Fatty ran over there and he and this girl tried to help him up. This other guy lead the old man to a light pole. The girl kept trying to ask the guy if he was all right and he kept giving incoherent answers like, "I'm going shopping." I was standing there and as people walked by, I would tell them what was going on.

My thoughts were that Fatty and the girl were helping him. He was in serious need to medical attention so I didn't call 911. A girl that walked by later was gonna call but at this point, a bouncer at a nearby bar had come to see what was going on. After observing the guy for about 5 minutes, I started to say that we needed to get him some help. I had seen him fall and Fatty said he saw that the guy had a huge bump on his head.

I don't know much about concussions, but I know that falling and hitting your head on the road is a good way to get one. Add in that he was giving incoherent answers and I suspected he might have a concussion. Fatty and I knew we weren't gonna just leave him there. We were looking for a cop to flag down so at least we could leave this situation in the hands of professionals. We actually saw one turn at stop at a stop sign. The girl was trying to yell for them but she wasn't being load enough. I was waving, but they didn't see me. I joked later that I should have flicked them off as that probably would have gotten their attention.

The bouncer guy had the bar cordless phone. He was debating on what to do and I told him that the guy needed some medical attention for the reasons I stated above. He ended up calling an ambulance. Before this Fatty was standing in the street looking to run into the street to flag down a cop but the ambulance arrived before he could do that.

When they came up, I immediately reported the situation to the paramedics. They asked if anyone had actually seen him fall and I said that I witnessed it. At this point, Fatty and I felt comfortable leaving.

I hope the guy is okay.

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