Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From horrible mood, to almost falling asleep, to It's on!

Jeffy says in Jeffy Show 2 that once you get enough reference experience that if you push through the bad state and bad sets the night will be better, then you learn to trust that will happen in the future. I needed it Tuesday night. Most people would have quit at several points in the night. I almost watched to ditch. I felt tired and tried to get a nap. I slept for about 10 minutes before text notification woke me back up. I drove out to pick Fatty and I was in a bad mood since I had not eaten anything. Then, he was drunk already and kept screwing up the directions to the house where I was to pick him up.

When I finally picked him up, he was really drunk. I was afraid at one point that he wasn't gonna get in. I even dropped him off right in front of the bar while I looked for parking as he had said he needed to piss. I finally found parking 10 minutes later and went in the bar. I called him to find him and he tells me he's still looking for the bar outside!

I finally start to get in a better mood when we get a table and order some beers and two pizzas. The White Sox are winning too, which helps. I'm not really that into baseball anymore, but I was a big Sox fan growing up. I liked watching the Cubs vs Sox since I still enjoy that rivalry. I love cheering at the bar knowing that there are Cub fans there.

We were sitting outside and suddenly the downpour that we had been hearing was gonna come started. Luckily, we were able to grab a spot by the covered bar area since the outside was better than inside. The pizza came and from all the beer and food, I was so sleepy. Fatty kept nodding off and I had to keep nudging him every minute for the 8th and 9th innings of the baseball game. I told him he had to stay up as if he kept falling asleep, he'd get kicked out. I told him I wanted to leave but since I had drank so much, we had to stay till close to I would be sober.

I told Fatty that once the game ended, we were gonna move around and get on the dance floor so we'd stay awake. We walked around and I felt overfull and tired. I didn't open for at least a half hour. I started to get mad at myself cause we came out to sarge and I couldn't believe I was gonna just not open. Not since I started the game have I ever had a night where I just didn't open. Sure, I didn't open a few weeks ago when I was out with Latina Nurse and then I had to leave so I could pick up the FB on the way home, but that's different.

First Set:
I remember that I was getting blown out pretty quickly out of most of the sets. I had that theme in my head, but thinking back, the first set wasn't that bad. I opened this light skinned Mexican girl by the smoking area as Fatty was smoking. I had feared that I was gonna bomb, but the conversation went pretty well. I only ended up losing her because her two friends left and naturally she followed them.

Opening with dancing:

I'm getting more and more reference experience that I can open with dance moves. My problem now is that I don't feel comfortable opening on packed dance floors. I'm talking about when you have to squeeze through people to move around. I remember reading that the move in that case is to just straight up start grinding on girls. I've seen dudes do this. The bust out rate, of course is huge, but I need to start doing that more.

With this set, we were off the dance floor. I was walking and starting moving to the song that was on in this open area. There were three girls nearby. I decided to just work my way towards them. I opened with usual dance floor method. I got close and made her give me a high five. I dance in front of her for about 15-20 seconds, and then I grabbed her hand and made her do a spin. I pulled her in a little bit and we danced some more. She turned away a little bit and I decided to hip bump her. She smiled and then faced me again. I danced by one of the friends and got introduced. A forth friend showed up and my target told me that it was that girl's 21st birthday. My target wanted me to dance with the birthday girl but she didn't want to. I started to dance with my target again and she got really close.

She gave me a huge IOI by starting to rapid fire rapport seeking questions like an AFC/chode. This is huge. Most girls have shitty game, so when they like you and want to game you, they'll start asking the same boring questions that most AFC guys ask girls: "What are you from?" "What are you studying?" "Where did you go to school?" I knew it was on. The girl impressed me too as she said she is into reading and not many people are nowadays. She's premed and doesn't go out much.

Suddenly, she gets pulled away. We had been in our own bubble and I hadn't even noticed the friends walking away. The last friend pulled her away and she had to go. I figured I'd see her again and open her again but I never found her. In retrospect, I should have followed her immediately or made a solid effort to find her again shortly afterward. I couldn't control the drag-away. I thought I had neutralized her friends since I had interacted with them, but I was wrong.

Stupid orbiter friends:

I opened this 3-set pf Irish girls. Joe's was crazy tonight. I have never meet so many Irish girls (as actually from Ireland with the accent) in a bar in Chicago before. There were swarms of them, and on Sunday that was the case too. I opened this tall blonde and this orbiter guy almost imemdiately comes in and tries to bust me out. He says, "I'm with that girl." I said sarcastically, "Yeah, they are all with you, right?" I tried to use the usual "little brother" tool. I should have tooled him more about his shirt.

That shit just pisses me off. I can almost guarantee that he's not even with any of them. He's just some stupid orbiter friend that can't get with any of them and wants to bust out any guys that come in. His BS distracted the girl enough that she back turned me and the set ended up walking away.

I told Fatty that shit like that is why I have no mercy on other dudes. I usually will try to be cool with any guy friends but I should feel free to tool them more and just flat out ignore. That's what I did that on Sunday with that cute blonde. She even claimed to have been with her boyfriend and I still surprise myself with how easily I can pull attention off most guys.

Girl was interested in a pull:

We were at Joe's all the way to the end. I started to do the silly fast game. I stopped this two set. It was a moving set and I was able to stop the first girl. I did some high energy stuff and put my arm around her. She put her arm around me which was a good sign. I told her we were having an after party and she started to ask questions about it. She was ready to go for it but then the friend pulled her away. That was my fault. I needed to involve her. I told Fatty that he also should have been working her as I was working this one.

It was a good set regardless. I see how this can work. I stick by what I wrote this weekend: if I focus on pulling for the after party as much as I used to focus on pulling for food, I'm bound to get some girls to come back and hang out at my place. The trick will be then to be able to escalate it to sex.

AMOGing for my wing:
Fatty opened this Irish girl outside. He was talking about having an Irish background and some loud guy tried to get into the set by using a fake accent. Fatty later told me that he thought the girl knew the guy. I explained that it was just some random AMOG trying to get in on his set. I remember watching Fatty talking to the girl and that fake accent guy was there, and then another AMOG came up too.

Fatty handled the first AMOG really well. He guy tried to introduce himself all high energy trying to get Fatty go qualify himself. Fatty turned and extended his hand saying, "My name is (his name)" and then turned back to the girl and full on ignored the guy. I thought about TD/Owen in "Foundations." He gives the example of some loud AMOGing wanting to look at some pictures you're showing. The loud AMOG would be yelling, "Hey, pictures! Pictures! Let me see those pictures!" You neutralize him if you react very slowly and then in a monotone voice give them to him and say, "Here." This was similar.

I jumped in when the two were standing there trying to get the girl's attention. To Fatty's credit, the girl was focused on him and not even paying attention to the dudes. I came in and said, "Look at you guys. Show me your moves. I was see how cool guys pick up girls."

The funny thing is that immediately after I said that, both guys turned around a left. I know those TD lines work, but it amazed me how it completely blew them out.

Fatty tried to push the after party. The girl gave some BS excuse. I put my arm around her and tried to sell it, but she wasn't comfortable with that and told me not to touch her. Whoops! Fatty talks about how he's hesitant to put his arms around girls. I said that most girls are cool with it, but yes, you occasionally get a blow up, but whatever... it happens.

Momentum works:

As I said in the beginning, most guys would have found many times to quit tonight. They might have just laid in bed and not even have gone out. They might have stayed in the shit mood I was in. When they got tired, they might have just stayed since I couldn't drive home, but they might have just decided not to sarge sicne they weren't in state. After I got a ton of bust outs, I know many guys would have again said, "Well, obviously this isn't happening as I'm feeling shitty" and left or given up. I kept persevering because that is how you improve in this game. Jeffy also would say that I'll get through future shitty moods more easily as I trust that just opening will eventually get me back in state.

Not that it matters, but I eventually did get that good set. That felt good but even without that, I was happy that I approached despite all the reasons I could have given to just end my night.

I should add that Fatty felt like he had the best night so far. He did okay Sunday, but Tuesday night, he was opening sets on his own. He went from almost nodding off during the game to being in a super awesome state. The reason, of course, was momentum.

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