Sunday, July 31, 2011

She just broke up with her boyfriend

I think this is another example of where I screwed up a potentially good situation. I opened this lone wolf who looked bored in the beer garden area of this club. She said she was tired. The conversation was going okay. I was starting to kino escalate and she seemed cool with me holding her hand. Suddenly, her friend showed up. I started talking to her.

As I write this, I realize this is another situation where a wing would have helped. Since I was solo, I talk to the friend. As I'm talking to the friend, this big Italian guy comes up to my target. He is like face to face with her and then kisses her on the forehead and leaves. I talk for another minute or two and try to switch back to talking to my target.

I forgot her exact words, but I think my target said to the friend, "It's like you're leaving me out here." I interpreted it to mean that the friend had allowed the big Italian guy to be all up on her.

The friend tells me, "She just broke up with her boyfriend."
My target said, "Yeah, I got kicked out tonight." She then turned to the friend and said some stuff and I remember her saying, "He had to know that I could easily get a guy at any point in the year and a half."

It seemed legitimate that she had broken up with her boyfriend.
I swear the friend said, "She's looking to hook up with someone."

It sounds crazy to type that but she said that. (I guess I'm still haven't completely accepted my new reality. Some of the things that happened to me tonight seem almost unbelievable. Even worse is how I manage to fuck these situations up.)

I wasn't thinking shit test this time. Everything matched up to what they were talking about. My response was just to put my arm around her when my target agreed that she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

I'm not so dense that I didn't recognize the opportunity here. My mind started telling me to try to isolate my target. I said, "Hey, have you seen the inside? Let's go inside."

Before I could get anything to happen, the big Italian dude showed up and two other dudes. I introduced myself to this Polish looking guy next to me. The guys were cool. They didn't try to mess with me or anything. They were just standing there. The friend says they are gonna go inside and she leads the whole group away.

I think I might have to post this. I don't know what the fuck I was supposed to do. I'm thinking when they said all that shit, I should have gotten right up on my target (the girl who had broken up with her boyfriend). I should have held her hands, given her strong eye contact, started to stroke her face and tried to kiss her.

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