Sunday, July 31, 2011

TD's shit works... Girl tells me I'm beautiful

I followed through and went out solo. Once I was actually dressed and walking out the door, the resistance was gone. I was ready to sarge. Solo is interesting. I had fun, but I did have a few moments where I was just standing around doing nothing. I had to tell myself not to start analyzing and just to chill and be present. I had a few seconds of near state crashes after some bad responses but I laughed it off and continued.

Hottest girl in the club told me I'm beautiful:
Early in the night, I was standing by the dance floor. The club had some hired gun twirling a florescent hula hoop. I spotted a tall hot blonde near the bar. She was watching the show. In my opinion, she was the hottest girl in the club. I had read this report in the RSD "Success Stories" forum that made me realize my eye contact has been bad the last few days. I kept that in mind when I approached. I also made sure to approach with intent as RSD Tim explained in his videos.

TD/Owen has several videos on RSD nation that explain being present when you approach a hot girl and "not trying." He explains that if you are there and don't try to convey any value, you create massive attraction. In one of the videos, he even says that girls will tell you stuff like, "You're amazing. You're beautiful. You're gorgeous." To someone that doesn't understand pickup or have field experience, this sounds like fantasy. Some idiots on were ripping on TD/Owen's story where he described a hot model doing this to him at a restaurant.

Well, this shit is gold. It works!

I know that going up and opening direct with intent works. I've opened many sets like that. I never experienced what TD was describing before with any set, and especially not with a really hot girl. I did believe it can happen but it's another thing to experience it yourself.

I marched across the dance floor like I was on a mission. I went right up to her. I was holding eye contact as soon as she noticed me. I said the Tim opener I use a lot, "You are adorable. I wanted to meet you." I was really up close to her.

Just as that Hot Seat review says, the girl was gauging me the entire time by holding eye contact with me. It still surprises me how I completely calm I am when girls lock eye contact with me. I remember how, for the longest time, I couldn't even look a girl in the eye for more than a second or two before looking away.

I didn't even say anything after the opener. There was a few seconds of her just looking into my eyes. Then she started kinoing me. She said, "You are amazing." "You're so beautiful."

It was a barrage of compliments that you'd never believe a girl would give me if you saw what I looked like. I always say, I'm not horrible looking. Realistically, though, I'm 5'7" and this girl was significantly taller than me. I'm overweight and I've been wearing my glasses ever since I ran out of contacts. This girl has been with and hit on by way hotter guys than me.

Spread in the compliments was her telling me that she had a serious boyfriend and nothing can happen. Sometimes, that's just the way it is. She kept touching me after she said that. I remember plowing a little bit, but I believe she was totally into me but she was serious about her boyfriend. Just as I was getting ready to leave, she even leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

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