Saturday, July 23, 2011

High Standing Water & Quick kiss close

Tonight there was some heavy rain in the Chicago area. It took me over an hour to drive home at 4 in the morning as 290 (The Ike) was closed at Harlem. I drove surface streets and many viaducts were closed so I had to double back several times. The rain also meant there was no street game.

Tonight I met up with Raw and this guy I met through one of Seagull's buddy. I'll call this guy "Mitch." Mitch likes to get all fucked up but the dude is cool and occasionally he'll talk to girls. Raw didn't open anyone really. I didn't let it bother me as at least he didn't complain about it. I just went off and did my own thing and hung out with these guys in between sets.

I was opening sets nonstop. I was drunk so I was opening like crazy on the dance floor. Maybe my game was screwed up a bit because I was getting blown out nonstop. The longest set I probably had was a 5 minute set. For a few brief seconds, I thought about how it sucked, but it also reminded me of a night I had at Lion Head/The Apartment probably two months ago. All you can do is just keep taking action and that's what I did. I should note that apparently some girl flicked me off as my friends asked me about that while we were getting McDonald's in my car at the end of the night. I didn't even notice. I would hope that Raw would get inspired to approach from watching me. He has approach anxiety and because he's so nervous, girls will be nicer to him than they are to me when I'm opening aggressively.

I started the silly Jeffy openers early than usual. I got two different girls to stop and it seemed like I could fast escalate but both times a friend appeared and dragged the girl away.

Quick Kiss Close:

I think I might post about this. I don't think I'm doing the fast kiss close properly. I opened this black girl at the end of the night. Her friend was chatting with some bouncer and she was just standing there. I think I opened here by just introducing myself. I was up in here space right off the bat. About two minutes in, we're gazing into each others eyes and I felt like she was ready to be kissed. Now that I'm recognize that look, I just think about how many girls I could have kissed in the past. I realize now how many times I had been in kiss close territory in the past. Yeah, there were times that I recognized it and didn't take action, but I know now that there were times when I didn't even understand how fully it was on.

When I realized she was ready to be kissed, I started caressing the back of her neck with my hand. She moved my arm, so I backed off a little bit. Then I started talking again and moved slightly closer. I dominantly held her arm with my hand for a few seconds and then started stroking her arm. I moved my face closer and kissed her cheek. She hadn't turned but I had screwed up somehow. I kissed her cheek. I pulled my head back and then went to kiss her lips. She let me kiss her. I pulled back and kissed her again.

I think I'm pulling back too soon:
I know I'm supposed to break make outs first but I think I might be doing it too quickly. I pulled back so soon that we didn't even get to transition into make outs. The second time I pulled back, it was like she dropped buying temperature a bit and didn't want to kiss anymore. Her friend had gone into this VIP room and my girl was anxious to join her. She said she had to go but kept telling me to take her number. I tried to be alpha and say, "Let's go meet your friend." She said for me to take her number. I took her number and then I tried to lead her into the VIP room again. She resisted and told me to text her tomorrow. I told her I'd text her if she kissed me again and she did.

Ignore resistance:
I think this was one of those moments where I could have taken her to meet the friends. I want to pull and not get some number that will likely be flaky. When she resisted the move to the VIP section, I think I should have persisted more. I could have said, "Come on, you're being silly, let's go find your friend" and then pulled her into the VIP section. I could then proceed to win over the friend and then try to pull this girl.

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