Friday, July 1, 2011

High buying temp girl remembed me & Shedd

Thursday I wasn't even gonna go out. I had gotten only two hours sleep cause I forced myself to get up early to go to the Shedd Aquarium. I only had free access to the main exhibits. My favorite were the clown loaches, the seahorses, and Nickel, the Sea Turtle. I have clown loaches in my tank at home that are about 16 years old. It was cool to compare them to the Shedd's fish. In one tank, they had loaches that were bigger than mine. In the other tank, they were the same size. I actually learned something new. The exhibit said clown loaches sleep by lying motionless on the bottom and sometimes on their side and their colors fade into a grey color. I always wondered why my fish sometimes looked different. I used to worry that it was street. I liked the seahorses because they looked so delicate and moved so much differently than other sea creatures. They wrapped their tails around a plant or twig too which was cute. Finally, sea turtles are cool and the one at the Shedd reef exhibit was a rescue from Florida. It was hit by a boat, I believe. She is named nickel because when they were treating her, they found a 1975 nickle lodged in her esophagus.

I remember you:
I wrote that I keep approaching black women because I've had a thing for them lately. The only other girls I approach over them are redheads and tall girls. As soon as I opened this girl, I could tell she was high buying temperature. She and her friend both commented about having met me in the past. We figured out that it was when I was on the Easter Pub Crawl. It makes me feel good when random girls remember me and I don't remember them initially. Clearly, with these two, I had made a solid impression.

I talked to the girl and she enjoyed hearing about the Shedd aquarium. I ended up giving her my extra pass cause she said she might have time Friday to go there and my extra pass expires on Friday. She number closed me at this point. She took down my number and I believe it's the number I have on my caller ID. We danced and she was grinding on me right away and turning me on.

The only problem with the set was there were too many distraction. She had several friends there, including some guy. He was cool, though, but she was so high buying temperature that she was hugging him in addition to hugging me. The next factor was she was with her mother, which is cool, but I also didn't feel free to escalate as much with her.

I feel like I should have tried to isolate her but I had gone back into that set like 4-5 times and some distraction kept taking her attention away. I always struggling between being persistent versus being needy. I'm not sure when I cross the line into neediness.

I ended up seeing her outside when Vinny and I went to venue change. She gave me a big hug again when I got her attention. I just feel like there had to have been some point when I should have kissed her.

Big group fun:
We went to the after hours place. It was Vinny, Seagull's brother, and two of Seagull's friends. My game actually shut down for awhile. It feels weird to me to be out with too many guys and we end up competing for the same girls. Vinny and one of Seagull's friends were doing well in this massive set of girls. Fortunately, I got myself out of it.

I ended up having a blast at the bar. I was dancing a lot and I even joined this guy and girl on stage to sing part of Madonna's "Like a Virgin." I didn't want to sing karaoke and it was funny how I ended up singing part of that. The two had seen me singing along near the stage and they pulled me up there as they had been having a hard time. I got to watch Vinny work his dance floor game. I think he could have pulled this girl if he had focused on her more and pushed for it at the end.

The girl I wanted was this attractive blonde but she had a big ring on her finger. I was trying to dance with this large girl later and I accidentally bumped into her friend. It was this other blonde with a large arm tatoo. She was high energy and intrigued me as she had traveled a lot in the military and was an artist. She was all over the place getting on the dance floor and going on stage. I had dance with her for a bit and talked to her a little.

I again struggled between being persistent and being needy. In the end, I think I didn't pursue her enough. She ended up disappearing near the end of the night. I thought I had messed up. I ended up finding out that I had, but I got another chance after closing time. There weren't that many street sets. I ended up taking a final walk by the pizza place and saw the large girl and my target blonde. My blonde was sitting on the floor eating pizza. The large girl had two pizza boxes worth of food.

Seagull's brother had joked about asking them for a slice. I have no fear so I asked her and she gave me a stuffed breadstick and a calzone. It's too bad I had the whole cock farm with me as I had to split it with them. I feel like the cockfarm made it hard to have an after party. I started talking to the blonde about having an after party. She said they were having one. I mentioned us having one and she seemed like she might be interested.

The problem was i had 4 dudes surrounding me while I was talking to her. I needed them to be working the friends instead of just standing there eating. Oh how I miss having Seagull as my wing man. Heck, Vinny would have worked here.

The girl wasn't that into me on the street. She was more into me in the bar and I should have persisted and escalated more there. I'm gonna avoid having a large group of guys with me cause it hurts at pull time. I think I could have made an after hour party happen cause both girls were cool with me.

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