Thursday, August 4, 2011

Resistance to going out solo

I hate to admit it, but for the past two days, I've been reluctant to go out. It's so much easier to go out when you know good wing men are meeting you. Vinny and 2j have been out of town this whole week so it's been up to me to go out solo. Tuesday, I ended up going to this discount theater and seeing two movies "The Hangover II" and "Thor." The movies were good and each movie was a great Tuesday deal of only $1 a flick. I will go there again to see at least one movie on Tuesdays, or just pay $1.75 to see shows on the other days.

Wednesday, I met up with an old roommate and had $1 burgers. I had gone on a long bike ride that tired me out. I should have gone out. I was legitimately tired and for the past two days, I've had a hard time staying up past 1am.

It's strange that I resist going out solo. I know that's part of my problem this week. Yes, I have been tired and my sleep schedule for night game is off, but had wings been meeting me, I'm sure I would have gone out.

It makes no sense logically. I went out Saturday and had a blast and I'm certain I would have had a good time Tues or Wednesday. I'm wondering if it's part ego protection. While, I didn't pull Sat, I had some big breakthroughs and maybe I'm afraid I might have a shitty night or have a night that won't compare.

I have to go out. I want to get better with girls and going out is the only way to improve the skill set. I'm just gonna think of how I used to go out solo when I just started this and when I started up again earlier in the year. The last time I came so close to a pull was when I was out solo with that black girl two and a half weeks ago.

I'm forcing myself to go out tonight. I even have a venue change set up for after hours as I found out the promoter's name works at this Thursday spot till 2am. I want to go to my usual spot and then try to venue change a girl or girls to the after hours place.

I just have to focus on having fun and cool things will happen.

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