Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kissed a girl who had a boyfriend & Druknen Sarging

Tuesday night I was all fucked up for the early part of the night. I drank a whole pitcher one an empty stomach and was so drunk I spilled my remaining beer on the table and some spilled on me. I learned that my verbal game can be really bad when I'm drunk. I got busted out several times in a row before I realized that what I need to be doing is dance floor game when I'm drunk. After all, I had that near bathroom pull when I was drunk on Friday. The sets were responding better on the dance floor when I was drunk. As I sobered up, I was able to run sets normally with my verbal game.

I have a boyfriend:
Sometimes, that's line is a shit test. Other times, especially when you are new, it's a polite way that some girls try to use to get rid of you. Then, there are times when the girl likes you but really does have a boyfriend. That happened in this 3-set. This girl and I were getting along really well and I was kino escalating. 2j was working the blonde friend but Vinny was all drunk and the 3rd girl said he was creeping her out.

The 3rd girl ended up wanting to leave. I tried to number close my girl and she said she had a boyfriend. She had mentioned this earlier but I just blew it off. I believed her because I could tell she liked me but that was holding her back. The two friends were already walking towards the entrance when I had my target give me a hug. After the hug, we were still in a semi-embrace and our faces were right next to each other. I leaned in to kiss her and got her cheek. She hadn't really moved her face, but her face was turned and she didn't turn to kiss me.

She didn't really look like she was resisting it so I decided to try again. I looked at her and said, "No one's looking. Who's gonna know?" Then I leaned towards her and we kissed briefly. Then she left. I was thinking I probably could have gotten a make out if I had busted on her for a shitty kiss. I was just happy to kiss her cause I felt there was some chemistry between us. If I had more time to work her, perhaps we could have hooked up but this was good enough considering the circumstances.

My drunken Irish girl:

I was working this 2-set when I saw the Irish girls from last week. My girl was obviously drunk and high buying temperature and she was all up on this guy. I just waved and said hi initially. Then, I decided to go in because I thought that guy was gonna pull. The friend started telling me that my girl was totally trashed and they were leaving soon. I said, "She's gonna hook up with that guy." The friend that said that was her boyfriend (as in the friend's, not my girl's) and he was trying to lead her out of the bar. I then realized it was the friend's boyfriend; last week the girls had said 2j looked like the boyfriend and this guy did look like 2j.

I just wish my girl hadn't been so trashed as if I had time to talk to her, I probably could have escalated and maybe gotten more. I need to try to set up a Day2 with her soon. She has responded to my texts every day but she was busy with a guy friend who was visiting. He left yesterday so she should now have time to meet up.

"You're standing too close."
I told 2j that I get this comment a lot when I'm drunk. It hardly happens when I'm sober. I knew I was miscalibrated, but I finally figured out what the deal was last night. I got it from this girl that was seated at the table. She said that to me several times when I wasn't even close to her. I realized girls tell me that because of the laser eye contact I'm giving. I do it even stronger when I'm drunk. They make that comment because they can feel the sexual tension it creates. Girls that aren't into me for whatever reason feel uncomfortable and tell me I'm standing too close. Sometimes I have been too close, but when I'm not too close, it's solely because of the eye contact.

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