Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Early drunken miscalibration & number closes

I went out with 2j to our Tuesday night spot. I didn't see my favorite redhead. I did see some bachelorette party with a tall redhead that I liked, of course. Vinny met us there with some natural friend. I talked to them for a total of about 2 minutes. We noticed that they did what naturals typically do: they were BSing with some guys early on and didn't do any approaches. I did see them talking to some girl later on. 2j was bothered by Vinny's friend cause Vinny's friend had said something like, "What have you guys been doing? Oh, you shouldn't be running around approaching this early. It's better to chill for awhile." It's the typical natural limiting belief.

Drunken sarging on sober girls:

Early on, I was getting some bad results. I was drunk cause I drank a pitcher in about 10 minutes on an empty stomach. 2j and I went around early and I could tell I was miscalibrated. We busted out of two sets because I was trying to get too close to the girls. I backed off cause I could see it happening but I ended up busting out anyway.

2j noticed and was trying to help me but I told him I knew what was happening. I was drunk and was opening like I should in the middle or end of the night. Since girls were totally sober, it was too much for them.

Number close:

I took two number closes. I don't even consider number closes to be closing. The first was with this cool Polish girl. She was smart and we had a good conversation. She acted weird after I number closed her. I could tell 2j and the fat friend weren't getting along. 2j is a good wing in that he kept trying to plow even though the friend wasn't responding. As I could see what was happening, I number closed the girl since I figured I could lose the set at any minute. The weird thing is that my target walked away right after the number close. I always like to talk for a bit longer after the number close. It's the old community reason that it separates you from all the guys that leave right after getting the number.

Irish girls:

We were in a long set with these Irish girls. 2j had tried to escalate with the friend but she was too committed to a boyfriend. 2j said the girl was fun though. He stayed in the set to help me. My target was like the other girl I number closed as she was smart, well traveled, and had a similar positive view of the world as I do. She was receptive to kino as well.

A few minutes into the set, this guy showed up. I acknowledged him and then ignored him for quite awhile. He was cool in that he just sat there saying a few words every once in awhile, but basically just staying out of the way. I finally started engaging him because my girl said he is a good friend of hers that is only in town for a week. My girl liked that I know the deals for every day of the week. I guess I brought value in that way. I was also brainstorming on places for her to take her friend.

The girl was receptive to my kino and I would have tried to isolate and kiss close if it had only been a 2-set. I guess I could have tried anyway with the guy there. That's my thought now. At the time, I didn't even think about it because the guy friend was there as a 3rd wheel. Thinking back, maybe I could have isolated her for a bit and the guy would have been cool chilling with 2j and the other girl.

Division was dead. There were only two decent sets and we saw both on the street. 2j was out of state and didn't want to do approaches. He admitted that state crashes are a sticking point for him because he has a hard time forcing himself to take action. ?

I realized I have a sticking point where I get afraid to approach solidly when the door man at a place is watching my pickup. That's so stupid. I shouldn't care what he thinks and by approaching even shittier, I look stupid by busting out. I did a weak opener on these two girls by Hang up. Later, we saw a set by proof. Soem guy was trying to sarge them and he creeped them out as they ran across the street to catch a cab rather than stay by him. I opened them when they got by us. They didn't stop and I realized I don't continue after that point. 2j is right that I should walk with them a little and plow.

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