Sunday, August 28, 2011

Angry buffed orbiter & Indiana Chode

I like to say I'm open minded and nonjudgemental. That's true except for one thing: I really dislike chodes and I can almost say I hate jealous orbiters. I think it reminds me too much of my old AFC days. On top of that, many are just miserable from having no success with women. Of course, I understand their mentality too well from my own experiences, but I look at them as guys who failed to evolve. There are resources that weren't around when I was growing up for pickup, etc. Of course, most of these guys are too socially conditioned and close minded to every be able to learn this stuff.

I had two example today and I didn't even get into any AMOG confrontations which would be why you would think I would write this post.

Buffed Cab Chode:

As I was driving to the expressway, this cab stopped next to me. Some angry, buffed chode was sitting in the front of the cab and three girls were in the back. The two girls were smiling at me and yelling stuff at me. They motioned for me to roll down the window. I decided to have fun and complied. Angry chode said this and said, "Honestly, you are better off keeping the window rolled up."

I just laughed at him and said, "Wow dude, you should try to have fun." The girls were flirting with me. Thinking back, I could have considered getting out of the car and trying to kiss close one while we waited for the light. I bet angry chode would have gotten mad.

I know why angry chode is so miserable. It's obvious, especially cause he's stuck in the front seat. He's a babysitter orbiter that hangs out with those girls. He secretly wants them and doesn't get any action from them. He's jealous that I'm just some random dude in a car and the girls are flirting with me while he hangs out with them and they don't want to do shit with him except be friends.

I wish JW would have been in the car. Angry chode was a decent looking white guy with big arm muscles and the girls are waving and flirting with me. LOL.

Indiana chode:
As we were calling it a night, we ran into two girls sitting on the sidewalk. I opened them and we ended up learning that they had come to Chicago from Indiana with some guy. The guy had gotten jealous and left them there. The cute blonde new the guy since she was 13 but she had a boyfriend (and it's not that guy). The other girl was single. Neither girl gave the guy any play.

I laughed that he threw his chode fit and left them there, and then came in a cab to come scoop them up because he couldn't even stick with his anger and leave them there. He might actually have been better off stranding them so they would never speak to him again and he wouldn't have to be stuck in that situation.

The brunette was on the phone looking for rides when I first opened them. Eventually 2j came in. I told him he should have plowed while she was on the phone but he didn't have the energy at the time. When he started talking, of course, she got into him. I was pushing for them to come have drinks at his place and the brunette finally agreed. Unfortunately, it was when chode arrived with the cab as I had given him the right direction. 2j was right that I could have lied about what streets were on so the dude wouldn't have found them right away.

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