Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sticking points: I need to be more sexual and cut down on my routines

2j and I had a good conversation that made me decide to focus on two specific sticking points. He gave me some good feedback. It's stuff I already knew but hearing it from someone else makes me want to work on fixing it.

Sexual talk:

I'm afraid to turn the talk sexual. I feel weird having this sticking point. I actually am open minded sexually and I don't judge women when it comes to sex. I believe that they are free to do what I seek to do and that's hook up with a lot of partners and sometimes very quickly. I realize that there's no way girls sense this about me, and I say especially when I'm wearing glasses. 2j says I say a lot of interesting things, but this is lacking. Sets hook, and I can turn it on by exhibiting masculine polarity, but I should be able to bring sex talk in as well.

2j told me some of the stuff he says. I'm gonna use my creativity to try to create some of my own stuff.

I think that Wednesday, I'm just gonna forget about getting actual girls tonight. I'm gonna focus solely on bring sexual talk into the conversation even if it means me busting out of sets that I might have gotten farther with had I not done this.

One way I've been pondering for the last few days is to bring it up when I ask them what they do for fun. I think I can give one of my usual responses and then I'm gonna field test saying, "I'm wondering how sex doesn't come immediately to mind." I can think of several ways to branch the conversation from there.


I knock MM routines now. I believe in RSD's idea of natural game. I stopped using routines long ago: I mean I stopped using other people's stories and tactics. It does seem to lame that people memorize other people's stories to tell rather than talking about their own life. My issue is I think I sometime (often) get into this mood where I just plow girls with my same stories. 2j noticed that I sometime seem robotic when I'm opening and this is why.

Wednesday, another thing I want to try is not saying most of the standard stuff I've been saying lately. I need to try creating totally new thins to say based on whatever I can get off the girl. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking I just need to look at each girl and see what pops into my head.

Having fun with openers:
I remembered 2j and I were joking around about using some canned routine for the heck of it. I used the tent opener for old times sake. I remember telling 2j that I wasn't even gonna use the less obvious way of doing indirect: that would be by saying "Hey, I have a question." I used the old Style way, and the over the shoulder opener to say, "Hey guys, I need a female opinion on something."

That was fun. I also haven't done my "I no speak English" opener. 2j is probably right that I'm robotic. Thinking back, I can feel how I've gotten bored of opening the same way instead of screwing around with the opener like I have done in the past. I'm bringing that back Wednesday.

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