Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two near kiss closes broken up: One by a horrible warpig

I wrote in my last report that the successful AMOG battle with the shitty "instructor" brought out my top game. I remember feeling like a man on a mission as we went to the next few venues. Competition always brings out the best in me.

Tall cutie and her warpig friend:
It was nearly closing time and we were actually walking to the car. The only reason we stopped at this venue was I spotted two girls smoking and I suggested that we open them. It was two Serbian girls. 2j and I kept plowing but we didn't get anywhere. We looked inside and saw it was busy so we decided to go in for a few minutes.

I ended up in the back by the DJ. There was this short, fat, blonde who will now be referred to as "warpig" because she is the textbook definition of that term. It's a community term that guys use to refer to ugly girls in the set, but it specifically refers to girls that also have a horrible personality to go with their ugly body. Anyway who reads this knows I don't hate larger girls and I hook up with them occasionally, but I can't stand girls with horrible personalities. There was a tall girl with curly hair dancing with the warpig. I started dancing by them and tried to open them but the warpig told me to go away.

My friends caught up and we were gonna leave but 2j had to take a piss. As Vinny and I were waiting for him, I saw this 3rd tall girl dancing by the original two on the dance floor. She had strawberry blonde hair if I remember correctly, though it could have just been blonde. Despite the fact that the warpig had already busted me out, I started dancing with this new girl. She started dancing with me enthusiastically. As soon as I got close, she started dancing with me.

She knew her friend well as she pulled Vinny into dance with her friend. He stopped dancing with her. My mistake here was I should have tried to dance with both girls, though I knew the warpig already didn't like me from earlier. The warpig walked away and went to the bar.

Close to going for make out:

I had isolation with this girl and it was going super well. She enjoyed dancing with her back to me and she resumed grinding on me. I started to get hard and when she felt this, she grinded me even more enthusiastically. I spun her so she was facing me. I pulled her into me and she embraced me as I did this. We started to sway to the music and I tried to stimulate her crotch with my leg as we were dancing. I started stroking her hair and caressing the back of her neck. I put my face closer. I blew into her ear and I kissed her neck. I pulled back and pulled her into me and tried to set it up so we were face to face. I was about to grab her face and kiss her and suddenly warpig showed up and pulled her away.

I didn't give up. I went back and grabbed her and started dancing with her. Warpig physically pushed me away. I went back and tried to talk to warpig and she said, "I told you to go away." As I stood back, she kept pushing my legs with her legs. 2j tried to come in and talk to her and she kept talking shit to him too.

Bad wingmanship?:
My first comment to 2j was that I felt Vinny had let me down as he didn't dance with the girl. With no one to occupy the girl, she decided she wasn't gonna let me have the friend. I think I should have tried to win her over sooner, but she had been a bitch ever since I tried dancing with them initially. Vinny apologized for letting me down. He did make a good point that I agreed with: he said that as soon as he went to dance with her originally, he got up on her and then backed off a bit, and she started giving him attitude. This was despite the fact that my girl and pulled Vinny in and told him to dance up on the warpig.

I told Vinny that I couldn't disagree as the girl ended up showing her horrible personality at the end and she had been mean to me from the start. I told both my wings that I appreciated the effort.

Chubby redhead/Close makeout:

I almost had another redhead before this set. It was a few sets after the AMOG battle. I pointed this chubby redhead to 2j. I told him that even though she wasn't hot, I was just so turned on by her cause she was a natural redhead. She was in a mix set, but 2j again pointed out the perfect time to open her. I opened her and immediately she was friendly to me. She was ordering more drinks but she told me to stay. I worked some verbal and she grinding on me right away. She was swaying to the music, and I went behind her and put my hands on her upper arms and she pushed her ass into my crotch.

After the drinks, we were dancing by her friends and I isolated her to the dance floor. I knew I couldn't escalate in front of the friends so I said something like, "Let's go to the dance floor so people stop running into us." We were grinding on the dance floor like crazy and I decided to start escalating. Her face was right in front of me and I was getting ready to kiss her when her friend (this short, thin brunette) suddenly came in between us. I started dancing with her and the redhead ran off.

The friend asked where the redhead went and I said, "Probably back where you were." The friend wanted to find the redhead so I lead her over to where I met them. Redhead exclaimed upon seeing the friend, "Where were you?" I explained she had come on the dance floor. The redhead said, "Oh, that was you?"

I started dancing with both of them. I decided to pull them to the dance floor. I passed 2j and Vinny as I was leading both of them. 2j was talking to this tall, black, natural friend that we run into all the time. I tried to grab him to wing me but he didn't come and neither did Vinny. I danced with both girls but I wanted to leave them and grab a wing. I told the friend I was gonna get her a dance partner but she told me she was fine.

The girls ended up walking off again. I was gonna open my redhead again but she was all over one of the orbiters. I ended up opening this 2-set. There was this cute girl who told me she had a fiance. I grabbed her ring finger and there wasn't an engagement ring. I just plowed and we started to have an cool conversation about travel, etc. 2j came and talked to the friend. The friend saw a third girl and started to walk over there. I tried to number close my girl as the interaction had been going great but she wouldn't give me her number. 2j then told me that the friend had said my girl had a fiance. It makes sense that it was true. I had sensed that we were way past the number close stage so the fact that she wouldn't give me her number had already convinced me that she had a fiance.

When looked for my redhead, I saw that the whole set was gone.

Make out faster and maybe pull:
I thought about the chubby redhead. She was high buying temperature and into me. I was going for the kiss but maybe I shouldn't have gone for it about 30 seconds sooner. I couldn't have predicted the friend was gonna show up like that, though so I can't be hard on myself. I really was about to kiss her when the friend came; what horrible timing. I think if I kissed her, we would have made out, and then the move was to try to just pull her out of there without going back to the friend.

Instead of opening another set, I should have went back to the redhead and just spun her off the orbiter guy.

Reflection on dance floor game:

Ozzie was right all along and I suppose my married friend from college was right a long time ago. I resisted dance floor game for the longest time. Originally, it was because Mystery had said dance floor was a trap. Tyler also didn't like the dance floor. Ozzie in "Transformations" was what made me open to learning dance floor. He said "it's a short cut to kino" and that you don't even really know how to dance. I have learned from my experience that both are true.

I learned to dance from youtube: mainly, a playersupreme video that explained how you listen to the beat. The other was this Asian guy that sells DVD's on how to dance: he explained how you change dance moves for the chorus and for the verses of a song.

It surprises me how I can have success on the dance floor. What contrast to me never being able to dance. Beyond that, I don't really know how to dance. I watch JV and he owns the sets on the dance floor. G had awesome dance floor moves. I just do some basic stuff and I guess I put out a fun vibe and girls respond well.

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