Sunday, August 7, 2011

Owning AMOG's, dance floor game & Entitlement issues holding me back

Tonight I ended up hanging out with JW. Originally, the plan was to meet up with Vinny but he ended up going to Lincoln Park by the time I got to Wrigley. JW is new to pickup but as I told him, he has some things going for already that should mean an easier road for him if he sticks with this. First, he's already social. There was a long line to get into Barleycorn and he chatted up some dudes that were standing in line. More importantly, though his group dance floor game is spectacular. It's funny too cause Thursday and early tonight, he kept asking me how you start dancing with girls on the dance floor.

Of course, I say I'm still learning this stuff. I think in my head, I know the proper way but I have to admit that I'm sometimes hesitant to really do what I'm supposed to do. I did a few demo's for him anyway. I approached verbally and then started dancing. The other way was I approached a girl, held my hand up or did a high five, and then spun them around and started dancing with them.

JW started going up to sets and he started owning some group sets. I remember watching 3 cute girls following his lead. He's very entertaining. That's a start, but he knows he has to fine tune his game. As I told him at the end of a night, owning the set on the dance floor like that is a great skill. All he has to do is then pick a girl and focus the attention on her. The friends won't cockblock if she's single cause they'll already think he's a cool guy from him owning the set at the beginning.

The big lesson in dance floor is that I can learn from what he does and I also have to force myself to do what I need to do. I got into a few sets of my own. I danced with all the girls but it's usually only a half effort with the friends. Ozzie says you should hug and grind with the all the friends so they are comfortable with you.

Entitlement holds me back sometimes:
I'm fortunate that entitlement doesn't hold me back from approaching. I'll usually approach the hottest girls in the club with no fear. Tonight, I realized that it'll sometimes hold me back in these group sets, especially on the dance floor. I can think of two key sets tonight where I focused on a girl that was less attractive in the set and the girl ended up not liking me in the end. Onet set, I liked this chubby pale skin girl better than the Latina girl. The Latina girl was thinner, but I was initially more attracted to the pale girl. Plus, the Latina was with her mother so I figured I wasn't gonna be able to escalate. The Latina girl seemed to like me more though. The pale skin girl seemed reluctant to really dance with me. Maybe it's cause I choded out dancing in a circle with them, but she ended up blowing me off after a few songs. Some guy started dancing with her and she let him escalate a little more than she let me. I tried to pull her off the guy but she blew me off twice so I left.

The other set I'll explain in the next set. I ended up dancing with this chubby blonde. I was attracted to her and opened her initially. Also, she was dancing up on me initially. In the set was this really tall brunette and there was a thin blonde. I think the chubby blonde was cuter than the thin blonde and she had more energy so I chose her. The thin blonde ended up being my fan and cheerleader in the end so I think I fucked up. I blame in on entitlement issues. It was a close call which girl was more attractive if you take out the one girl being slightly overweight and consider the other factors. I just wonder if I chose her because I felt I deserved her more than the thin girl?

Owning AMOG's:

I surprise myself on how well I tool guys sometimes. Early in the night, some guy and pulled a girl off JW. He was frustrated and kept asking me what to do. I told him that it's gonna happen, but you can try to get her back from the guy. It's too bad we got separated cause I did an excellent job at the end of the night.

Right before JW met up with me, I was dancing in this 3-set. As I described above, it was a cute, slightly overweight blonde who had a ton of energy and was dancing all up on me. There was a quiet, thin blonde, with a less attractive face. There was this cute, really tall blonde with a big build. She wasn't fat; she was just big boned. For some reason, I didn't want to go for her even though I like tall girls. Maybe I was just intimated with dancing with her as I had a hard time dancing with a tall girl the last time I tried it.

The set would have been really on had JW showed up just 5 minutes earlier. I was keeping the set occupied but dudes kept coming in. Right before JW got to me (like literally 10 seconds before), some dudes were annoying one of the girls so tall girl lead them away. I planned on finding them again, but got distracted and didn't run into them until almost closing time.

The tall girl had left and it was only the two blondes. There was this tall, built dude and some drunk, thin Irish dude. The built dude was talking to my target and the drunk dude was talking to the thin blonde. I went right in with zero hesitation and started talking to my girl. The dudes weren't ready to give up right away.

I kind of felt like when I was out alone at 115 Bourbon Street on the south side like two months ago. There was this hot Polish girl that was totally into me but I had to maneuver three cocks triple teaming me, and the fat friends didn't like me. Despite all that, I kept pulling that hot Polish girl right off the dudes but the fat friends kept cockblocking me so I lost in the end. These two guys started bombarding me as I tried to talk to my girl. Built dude was trying to talk to the girl and Irish dude was saying nonsense to me. They made a good effort but their verbals weren't that good. They weren't even trying to tool me; it wouldn't have worked but that's what they should have done.

I ended up just trying to dance with my girl. I spun her away from built dude and was dancing with her. Irish dude was on my side trying to grind near me. He wasn't confident enough to get on me. I knew what he was trying to do. Doing gay grinding is a way to tool or AMOG a guy. A lot of guys are homophobic and freak out when dudes do this and they run off, or they get all pissy and lower their status. As I was dancing with my girl, I moved close to the guy and started jamming my hip right into his crotch. My girl laughed and the dude backed off.

Built dude wouldn't leave us alone and he kept talking into her ear. I literally got rid of the dudes like 3 times. Ultimately, the blonde didn't like me despite my spectacular efforts. She kept going back to built dude so whatever.

I did so many things correctly though in terms of handling the dudes. As always, I gotta thank TD/Owen's old "AMOG tactics" post from years ago. I remember patting the guy on the back to show dominance early on. I remember dancing with the girls and having the two dudes standing next to us shouting stuff. It was all gibberish to me. I tried telling my girl, "What's with these creepy guys? I just wanna dance and they keep shouting nonsense."

The best thing I did was I owned the friend. At one point, built dude really had her attention and I told the friend, "What's with these creepy guys? I like your friend." She then proceeded to pull the girl off of built dude.

You should kiss my friend:
I find it hilarious that I've heard this the 3 out of the last 4 times I went out. This girl kept telling me to kiss her friend. "She wants to kiss you. She told me." At this point, I was having trouble keeping my girl's attention. I was gonna try to kiss her but she'd dance with me for like 10 seconds and then back off. I remember telling the friend, "She doesn't like me." She replied, "She does. Go kiss her."

Finally, I told the friend, "Hey, I appreciate the effort. There's not much I can do, she doesn't like me now, so I'm gonna go. Thank you."

The friend had been telling me how she thought I was cool. When I said she was leaving, she gave me this look that I was describe as an "Aww" look. It was like she felt bad that her friend didn't like me and that I was leaving.

Maybe I should have gone for the friend:

It's frustrating. I suppose the friend was more attractive. She had a thin body. The other one wasn't huge but she was overweight, but had a cuter face. Besides all that, she liked me. She even took a picture of me after the gave me that "Aww" look. She was my cheerleader and helping. She literally pulled her friend off the other dude.

I wonder why I didn't go for her from the beginning. I wonder if she liked me when I first opened the set. I guess if I had really tried dancing and grinding with all the girls, I would have been able to tell which one was most into me. Maybe it was me owning the AMOG's that really turned her on.

I wonder now if I could have just switched targets at the very end. At the time, I didn't even think about it. In my head, I feel like it would be weird to be trying so hard for the one girl and then switching. I even had this girl getting rid of the guys and telling me to kiss her friend. I wonder if I could have just pulled her in and tried to escalate on her.


-I'm surprised how good my AMOG game is: I don't always get the girl but most of the time, I really lower the other guy's status. There were several other instances where I just got rid of a guy or even put some guy that knew a girl I was sarging into spectator mode. It's like a completely neutralize them, but I end up having to leave cause the girl didn't like me anyway.

-I'm so much better on the dance floor. I thought about how Seagull and I were upstairs at Barleycorn in Wrigley (the same place I was at tonight) a few months ago, and we didn't open for like 40 minutes because we felt so out of place. Tonight, I didn't feel any discomfort. I felt like comfortable opening just like I would in the bar area.

-I need to really dance and grind with all the girls like Ozzie says. That AMOG blonde set made me realize this. I showed the chubby blonde attention as she seemed the most interested at the time, but I never really tried out the friends. If I had spun and grinding with all three girls, perhaps the thin girl might have stood out earlier and I would have went for her instead.

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