Friday, August 12, 2011

So many hot girls for once...

One of our venues tonight was ridiculous. I haven't seen so many hot girls concentrated at one place is so long. We'd be lucky to see two of these girls at most of the venues we go to nowadays. The lower quality girls at our usual spots doesn't matter as there are enough cute ones. Anyways, I believe in the binary scale: either you would, or wouldn't do her.

Part of me wants to make a whiny post and maybe I'll indulge a bit of that in the next entry. I should be happy that even though I kept saying to 2j, "OMG, look at that girl" I was not intimidated. I opened all the hot girls that I saw. I must have entitlement issues as I got busted out a ton of times. I guess I just didn't have the vibe tonight with these girls as I did two Saturday's ago at Drink with that hot blonde. I still need to work at entitlement as I probably do act slightly different with the hotties.

As I'm writing this, I think my eye contact has been different lately. Tomorrow, I have to force myself to work on steady eye contact on the opener.

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