Sunday, August 14, 2011

Polish set, AMOGing, shy girl, and wing gets quick makeout but doesn't want girl

I started off the night feeling really tired. I think I've been cutting my calories too much and doing to much exercise. I still think I might be getting sick. That's what happens after doing all that plus going out 10 days in row. Before I met with 2j, I stopped in some bars along the way to warm up.

At the bar I met 2j and his roommate, I opened these two high buying temperature Swiss girls. They were drunk and thinking back, maybe I should have tried to kiss close them. There were some guy orbiters or whatever with them. The dudes stayed away and only came in at the very end when we were ejecting. I guess the dudes saw us all over the girls. That they noticed and decided to take action really makes me think maybe I should have went for the kiss close.

Polish Set:
We were in this 2-set of Polish girls that I opened for awhile. I always lose track of time when I'm in sets, but it was at least a half hour. 2j girl was really into him. My target seemed to be having fun: she didn't want to leave and she was dancing with me. She kept smiling at me and seem to like me a bit, but there was also some resistance. She'd get close while dancing and then pull away. I had tried to kiss her twice to no avail and I tried to number close her.

I moved her to a cooler spot on the dance floor and then 2j's girl pulled him over by us. I tried to pull her off to the side so I could run more verbal game. 2j's girl saw this and came over and we ended up losing the set. They went to the bathroom and though we stood nearby, we never saw them leave the bathroom.

Shy girl:

I opened this thin, cute blonde just as I was about to leave the bar to meet up with Trojan-. 2j and I were literally about to walk down the stairs when I decided to open this girl. I remember her saying she was shy and that she hadn't gotten a drink yet. It was crowded at the upstairs bar. I give myself credit for actually leading. I told her to come down to the bar downstairs and she could get a drink more easily. She objected saying she couldn't leave her friends. I replied, "You do have a phone don't you? I remember the days when I didn't have one." As I said, this I started to lead her towards the stairs and she agreed.

We got to the bar area downstairs. I told her to go and order. She asked if I wanted anything and I told her to get me a water, and then I gave her a dollar to tip for my water. She returned my dollar as she was gonna pay the tip. She got a phone call at this time: it was her friends looking for her. She said that her friend had already got her a drink and she needed to go upstairs. She asked me to go with but I had already text Trojan- that I was coming outside to meet him as that place wouldn't let him in for some stupid reason. I had number closed her right after to phone call so I just settled for that.

There was this thread on RSD where a guy complained about night game and how he always encountered the scum of society there (basically). I said that maybe he looks for that as I always have a blast and I meet cool people and have deep conversations. I think maybe I'm too into AMOGing. I won't just tool random guys but this orbiter pulled this cute girl on crutches away and into a cab. After that, I told 2j that I was just gonna AMOG or ignore any guy that came in. I busted out some guy out of this 2-set of two blondes. I was talking to this brunette and two different orbiters gave me shit. I tooled them but ended up losing the girl as she feel out of state from doing this. On top of that, I wasn't tooling some random guy but friends of hers.

I wonder if maybe I'm gonna get in a fight sometime soon. I probably won't but there are times I should just leave but I like to stay to prove a point. The other side of the coin is that by putting myself in certain situations, I just learn to become even more comfortable to put out that vibe where most guys won't mess with me. For example, two different times, the girls wasn't into me and this one tall, built guy, and in the other set, this tall fat dude came in. I tried to be friendly and they were dicks and/or ignored me. Instead of just walking away, I called them out on it. Of course, I did in the right way: I put out the fun vibe and said something like, "Look at you being all serious! What's up with that? I'm just having fun here. What's your name?"

The fat dude even walked towards me. I actually thought for a second he might try something but I didn't flinch. Besides, it was on Division where there are cops everywhere. I think he had been testing me and when I didn't flinch, he all of a sudden turned cool and told me his name and shook my hand.

I'll just close this section by saying I'm gonna work on trying not to enjoy this AMOG confrontations too much. It's good to have the skill but I should only do it when necessary. I'm out to pick up girls and not have AMOG battles.

Wing make out:

I briefly opened this moving set at this one bar. Later, we went outside and opened them again. I went for this cute pale skinned girl. 2j talked to one girl and his roommate talked to another. In just a few minutes, I looked over and 2j was making out with this girl. 2j later told me it was basically a pull as the girl was telling him he could come over but he didn't want to do it. He said I could try; I didn't cause I wasn't sure how I was gonna try to bang her when I had been hitting on the friend. Tyler's old AMOG post does say buying temperature transfers so maybe I should have tried it.

I remember in the set that my girl didn't like me anymore and was bitching about leaving. I told her, "Look, my friend and your friend are having a great time. I'll just back off and we can just talk." I moved several feet off of her and did this for a bit.

Even though 2j didn't want the girl ultimately, I gotta say it's cool to be a part of a set where things go down like that. I told 2j I respect that the girl doesn't meet his standards. I told him that I would have done her and I just want to hook up with girls in general. We agreed that we have to get what we want out of the game. He said he wished I had opened the girl since I would have banged her. I wish I did too but I'm happy I went for the girl I wanted even though I got rejected.

Maybe I should have tried to hook up with the girl he didn't want. His roommate was trying to hook up with the fattie in the group. We encouraged him to stay and maybe I should have stuck around and tried to end up hanging up with the high buying temp girl.


It was dead for a Saturday for whatever reason. I met this cool Asian/Brazilian girl on the street and number closed her. She said she's engaged and loyal to her man. She seemed cool and maybe I will hang out with her anyway. She even said she can bring this female friend if we go out so I'll try it out.

The other set was this cute girl with glasses. We had a great conversation and she was giving me IOI's. I tried to number close but she had a boyfriend and wouldn't give me her number. Maybe I should have just tried to escalate more and gotten busted out or laid. She was comfortable with the kino escalation I had done so maybe I should have gone for broke. Instead, I just left after it was clear we couldn't have a Day 2. The reason I didn't escalate more at the time was she was surrounded by a group of friends and I didn't think she'd be comfortable with more kino around them.

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