Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fingered this girl at the club & should have had 1st bathroom pull

Last night was great, though on the train ride home I was kicking myself for not getting laid. I sometime focus on having actual intercourse with girls too much instead of looking at the big picture. It was a night of two firsts, and should have been a giant first as well.

Venue change random girls to our usual spot:
Ever since I discovered my Friday deal, I've been wanting to venue change girls to this club. The deal is great because you don't have to register on some list: you just drop the promoter's name and you get in free and get 4 drink tickets. On the train ride from the art event, I told 2j about how I wanted to do this.

We got off at our stop and as we were walking along the platform to the exit, we passed a 3-set of Korean girls. I'm generally not attracted to Asian girls, but in my eyes, these girls were very attractive. There's also something about Korean girls that I like as the Asian girls that I have found really attractive always seem to be of this ethnicity. 2j and I both started talking to them as we were walking.

This was a small lesson in plowing. The girls didn't respond initially. I remember saying two sentences and 2j saying two of three. Finally, 2j just said, "Okay, fine. Just ignore us." My girl spoke up at that point. It turns out they weren't blowing us out: there was a language barrier. The girls spoke English pretty well, but they did ask us to speak slower so they could understand.

I immediately asked them to come to the club with us. The girls recognized the name so I think they might have been going there anyway. What they didn't know was the promoter hook up: they were excited when we told them they'd get in free and get 4 drinks each. WE hung out with them for a bit and I number closed and e-mail closed the girl I wanted. 2j did the same with his. It sucks that the girls don't have a local number so it's gonna be harder to set up a Day2, but I was happy to finally bring a set to the club.

Free shot from promoter & High value behavior:
I wish the promoter had been early so I could have introduced the three Korean girls. You become high value to promoters if you can bring hot girls. Regardless, when I saw her, I told her that I had brought her 8 people that night: 3 Korean girls, 2j, Raw, Vinny and one of his girls, and I. Also, three of us had went to her spot on Thursday as well.

She wanted to number close me so she could buy me a shot. It's funny in that I ended up behaving like a high value guy would even though I wasn't trying to do it. It's a good reference point for me on how behaving like that feels and looks like. It how I ultimately will act to all girls. It's hard because right now I want sex from hot girls I'm sarging. I feel like when I have 2-3 MLTR's and FB's set up, I'll need the sex less and screen the girls more and end up behaving high value. Of course, that will result in me even getting more girls. I gotta try to be outcome independent even now but it's hard sometimes.

Promoter: Thank you so much. I should take down your number. (Whips out phone.)
Me: I got your number already.
Promoter: I'm gonna get you a shot later. Give me your number.
Me: Here, I'll text you with my name on it.

I met up with her later for the shot. She had text me while I was out with the set below.

It's easy for me to act this way with the promoter because I have no agenda. She's tall and cute and I'd bang her, but I'm just being friendly. She has a lot of guys orbiting her as it's part of getting guys to come to the club you're promoting. You see these guys clinging on her and buying her stuff. I know I'm the customer and that I actually bring her business so I already feel high value. Beyond that, I'm so unreactive to her kino, etc, as I figure most of it is fake anyway.

Crazy black girl who wasn't even 21:
Halfway through the night, I saw this black girl on the dance floor. She had an awesome body. As I've said before, I like thin girls and her legs and ass were perfect for me. She had probably B cups, and that's fine with me. Her face was okay: I wouldn't complain about it but it wasn't her best feature. She was dancing by herself and I just went up to her and started dancing. She was extremely high energy and we were grinding very quickly.

It was obvious she was plastered and she even fell the first time I tried to spin her. She told me that she wasn't even 21. My FB talks about how she gets her underage friends into a bunch of different venues; this past week I've been wondering how many girls I've talked to actually were under 21. Then, tonight I had this set.

Won't kiss, but let me finger her:

It amuses me how that works. I remember TD/Owen saying that sometimes girls won't kiss you but they'll fuck you. This probably could have been the case tonight. I was grinding with this girl for awhile. I tried to isolate her off the dance floor but she was too much into dancing. We were dancing so much that we were both extremely sweaty. I kissed her neck at one point and while fresh sweat isn't bad, I didn't really like it. I went for the kiss but she pulled away. She pulled away later when I tried that.

I utilized this method some ijjjji guy posted on fastseduction a few months ago. It was an illustration of where to touch girls when you're dancing. It also showed where not to as it triggers ASD: that would be putting your hand by her navel and moving downwards, or your hand on top of her ass and moving down. You can usually grab a girls ass with no resistance if you start from holding her hip and move sideways to her ass. I kept playing around with that and then I finally just moved my hand close to her pussy. She didn't resisted so I started rubbing her pussy.

It was dark, but I didn't want to make it too obvious, so I maneuvered her to the wall. I had her facing me and I started to rub my leg into her crotch as I always try to do. She was so enthusiastic about this, and she just started riding my leg. She did this many times. Her pussy must have been dripping wet as my right pant leg really smelled like pussy. It was a pleasant smell but I put the pants in the laundry. I actually get hard thinking about how awesome it would have been for her to ride my cock like she had been riding my leg.

Another move I made was to turn her around and grind her from behind as she was facing the wall. I moved my hands and started working that pussy and it was hidden by the wall and our bodies.

Buying drinks & the bisexual girl:

I'll interrupt this story to go on a slight tangent. With the black girl, I ended up having her isolated to take a break. She asked for water and I didn't want to buy it. Then I thought that I don't have to be that cheap. You don't by random girls drinks, but I have been rubbing this girls pussy so it was okay to buy her a drink. I ended up drinking half of the bottled water anyway.

Earlier in the night, I had seen that fat bisexual girl I ran into in early July on Division. I had bought her two shots cause I was wasted and turned on by her bisexuality and I felt like a chump afterward. I didn't recognized it was her until I opened her and she remembered me. She was still fat but her face was beautiful. She had her hair down, she was made up, and she was dressed nicely. She had looked more butch on Division which kind of turned me off.

We were talking and I was kino escalating. Then, she asked me to buy her a shot. I didn't want to do it and she ended up leaving. I think I busted out more because I just got this disgusted look on my face when she asked me to buy her shots. If I had just said "No" and plowed, she probably wouldn't have left so quickly.

You gotta bathroom pull if you're are gonna spike their buying temp:

I told 2j that I always seem to have pull opportunities when I don't have my car. I realize it's gotta be a psychological thing and I have to fix that. If I had my car, I would have tried to drag the black girl out. My problem was it was like 1:30am when we were getting all crazy on the dance floor. The place closes at 4am on Fridays. I saw she was a with a friend and some guy was grinding up on her the whole time. I couldn't leave as I had no where to go except maybe the alley. My car was parked off the Harlem blue line stop so I'd have to commute an hour on the train to get there. I guess another option is to take a cap to my car but I don't want to waste $30 to do that, but maybe I should be willing to do that if I take the train.

I remember thinking my plan was to try to dance with her until close and then pull her, possibly with her friend and the guy. That ended up being the wrong plan and I suspected it would be when I conceived it. It seemed like 2 hours was too long to keep this set warm. Ultimately, she ended up leaving. First, she asked to dance with another guy. I didn't say anything and she grinded up on this black dude. I followed and sandwiched her between me and the guy and then I spun her off him. Two songs later, she asked, "Do you want to dance with me all night?" I said I did and she said she wanted to dance with other guys but said she would dance with me later.

My mind knew what a possible move was. Seagull and I had formulated this plan several weeks ago. He had been fingering a Polish girl and he tried to pull her to his car but she dropped buying temperature once she was outside. I think he came back in and it was on again but he couldn't get her out the door. I mentioned the VIP bathroom as in that section there's an individual bathroom. He agreed it would be a place to pull a girl.

I needed to finger her and really get her hot and then drag her upstairs, into the VIP section (which is no problem, I've never been stopped going in there), and then into the bathroom. In my head, I figured if someone said something when we were walking in, I'd say she felt sick and I was gonna hold her hair up.

In my head, the plan was set but I didn't want to follow through. It's like I somehow thought the plan of staying till the end was the better one. I think I knew the bathroom pull was better, but again maybe my reality again was being held back by ego protection.

The whole train ride, I kept thinking about how fucking cool and awesome it would have felt to pull her to the bathroom. I could see myself just fingering her like crazy, having her suck my sick, and then bending her over and railing her there. I actually give it an over 70% chance of working given how the set was going at the time.

Other option:
I avoid going back downstairs after I left the set. I knew I'd see some other guy grinding with her. That was dumb though. I should have went back down and tried to pull her off any guy. The bathroom option was still there but I had lost my confidence with this girl at this time.

No cover:
I told 2j that I love enjoy it when we don't have to pay cover. I wrote how I avoided cover in the suburbs with a slick move, and avoided cover at this Lincoln Park place by pretending to have a stamp that I didn't even have. Last night, one of 2j's buddy's had a hook up at this club next door. I didn't have faith it was gonna happen as we had 5 guys total that we were trying to get into a hot club. 2j's buddy's friend somehow got us in. The doorman was trying to make us pay $10 cover and I kept telling 2j we could just go to Division. Then the guy relented; I commented that 2j's friend's buddy must bring them a lot of business to pull off bringing in a cock farm. The bar did make money as three of the guys bought drinks.

Before we got in, 2j's friend was trying to sarge girls outside to bring to the door so it wouldn't look as bad. I opened this hot Latina girl that had stepped out of this SUV. I hooked her and I found out she had a hook up for free cover. I felt like I could have gotten myself and possibly 2j in but I didn't want to push it. I felt it would be rude to gets myself and 2j in and ditch the 3 dudes. I felt weird and it felt like asking too much for the girl to bring our cock farm in. It did teach me that if I open some sets in front of that bar, I can probably get some girl to get me in.

Columbian girls:
I found this 2-set of girls downstairs at the second club. I needed a wing and texted 2j but I busted out before he arrived. The funny thing is he ended up sarging the same set. At the end of the night, I saw him number closing the girl I was working. Some random dude was sarging the other girl really well. I knew my move was to bust him out and then try to double pull this set with 2j. I just didn't feel confident enough to pull it off, but I should have forced myself to try it for the learning experience. The random guy was good but he wasn't good enough to kiss close. Watching him, it was on and if I had been him, I think I would have gotten the kiss giving how her body language was.

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