Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tense AMOG situation but guy ends up buying shots

I feel dumb that my highlight of the night is another AMOG confrontation. I must seek this shit out on some level. I'll admit that there are certain circumstances when I could just walk away but decide to call guys out for being dicks. Early in the night, I started dancing by these two girls, and these guys came in and blocked me out in a dick way and ignored me when I tried to say hi to them. I stood there, looked at them and said, "What is this?" as I mocked them. The dudes turned friendly and shook my hand.

At the beginning of the night, I was talking to some Latina chick. She actually told me she was there with some guy. I didn't believe it and didn't care. I actually started to turn the subject sexual. It's funny how I always am able to do that when the boyfriend theme comes in. She was actually digging it and basically admitted the guy was lame in bed. What I say is a variation of something I heard on "Flawless Natural." I said something like, "I bet he's the type of guy that likes to lay you down and just make love to you. I like that too but ideally, I think I woman needs man who knows how to bring out that naughty side. Like you wanna be dominated and spanked." She agreed with that. I was trying to number close her but she wouldn't give it to me. Some buff Latino guy showed up and he wouldn't even say anything. He just kept giving me hard looks when I tried to talk to him. I laughed about what a prick he was.

Free Shots:
We went to work street game and had to go inside a bar cause it started raining. We worked some sets in there to no avail and this cute brunette with a tatoo walked in. She was high buying temperature. She said she just got off work at a video game bar place nearby. I was holding her hand and kino escalation quickly as I could sense her buying temperature. I probably should have tried to kiss her sooner. I realized that I'm back to being slow to kiss close again. The set was on. JW had been keeping the friend occupied.

Suddenly this buffed black dude a few inches taller than me walks into the bar. He gets right up on the other girl and physically blocks out JW. I forgot what he said exactly but he kept telling me to go away. I just stood there. I said to my girl, "What's with your creepy friend?" As I was saying this, the guy physically got between my girl and I. I said something like, "What's up man? I'm PokerPUA." He ignored me. He had me physically blocked out of the set so I just walked away at this point and started telling JW what a cock the guy was.

Tense moment where I actually got scared for a second:
I looked back over at the set and made eye contact with the dude. He started walking towards me. He actually was physically intimidating but I'm always confident in my ability to handle this. Plus, I know that I just have to stand confident and have strong eye contact. I actually thought for a second that he might try to start shit so I had that ready but I just stood there. For a brief second, my mind thought, "Wow this guy might start shit. Maybe I shouldn't have looked over there."

I don't remember the exact conversation but I'm sure I said my usual thing about why he's acting so rude when we're all just trying to have fun. I actually felt myself getting nervous but my body language didn't show it. I remember his first words was he wasn't gonna shake my hand.

Free shots:
The guy ended up being cool. He said he understood that we're just trying to have fun. He said the one girl (not the one I was talking to) lost her keys. The shot girl came by and he started saying we should get shots. I didn't want to drink. JW took a shot. The guy pestered me to get a shot but I didn't really want one. JW tried to pay but the guy paid. We both shook his hand. As he was walking away, I went back up and said "Hey man, I hope you evening gets better. Have fun."

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