Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday Report

There wasn't really much to write about Monday. I'm writing this just because I've been making a report for every night. I was out with 2j and his buddy in Wicker. I got several sets to hook but nothing happened beyond that. My favorite was this thin Argentine girl but her short friend cockblocked me massively. 2j was frustrated with his buddy cause he caused him to lose a set. Apparently, this buddy doesn't go out much and doesn't study pickup stuff enough. I remember I was working this lone wolf and his buddy came in and stood by me wanting to be introduced. I told him to come back when her friend showed up. He then went and started talking two 2j when 2j had his girl isolated from this 3-set. He went in and said to 2j and his set, "You guys should go dance." The girl then wanted to go dance and her friends were there and cockblocked.

We went to Division and it was dead. I like this 2-set. There was this blonde in it that seemed high buying temperature. She had said she had a boyfriend, but she was giving me strong eye contact and was receptive. The friend cockblocked me initially and then I talked to her for a bit. We left to find more sets but there weren't any, so we just talked in the street. I suppose I could have gone back and tried to set up a pull with this Southern guy that the friend liked and with the blonde and I.

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