Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joined a gym with free pizza once a month & My diet/exercise plan

I found this good deal at a Planet Fitness near me. It was $99 for a year while the park district was $150. It doesn't have a big free weight section which turns off hard core lifters, but it's awesome for my needs. It's open from 12 midnight Mondays-Friday 9pm and Sat & Sun 7am-7PM. That's awesome hours for my lifestyle. It's better hours than the park district place which means I'll get good use of it. Also, it has more equipment than park district. It fits my needs. I'm just lifting to maintain lean body mass as best I can (coupled with adequate protein intake).

I'm at about 177lbs now. I lost 13 pounds since my roommate moved out, and like 8 lbs in the last month. When I get to about 150, I'll consider if I wanna work on building muscle mass. Right now, I'm enjoying doing a lot of cardio. I started riding my bicycle three weeks ago and I'm up to doing 4 hours rides. Adding biking kick started my running program too. It was so much easier when I started biking and also watching my diet.

My plan is to diet for a month. Around my birthday, I should be at about 170 and I should fit into a bunch of my old clothes that my ex girlfriend bought me. I'll take a 14 day diet break eating at maintenance and then try to lose 10 lbs by Christmas. I think I should be at 150 early next year and then I'll reevaluate my goals.

Free Pizza:

I found this thread on ripping on my gym:

Planet Fitness gives free pizzas the first Monday of each month (well 2nd Monday cause of Labor Day in Sept) and free bagels the second Tuesday of every month (apparently in the morning). I'm gonna get my money's worth with that. My $10 a month is worth if for just the free pizza I'll eat once a month. I'll fit it into my diet program too: I won't eat anything that day and then ingest 3000 calories on Mondays. Mondays are usually my long run days anyway so I'll more than cover it. Also, since I don't get ESPN at home, I'm considering going to the gym to watch Monday Night Football and just doing cardio for 3 hours.

I'm not that excited about the bagels, especially cause I heard they do it in the morning. The pizzas are in the evening. Still, when I start doing refeeds (a high carb load promoted by Lyle McDonald in his books and his site that's backed by a bunch of studies), I can set it up for free bagel day.

I figure even with going just twice a week to the gym (as that's all I'm gonna do for weights right now), I'm gonna get great value of out this membership. In the winter, I'll do some runs on the treadmill and some at the park district track so I'll be in there more.

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