Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crap "instructor" tries to steal my girl and I bust him out and take her back

I posted the following in an RSD thread as well about creepy/shitty PUA instructors that people are ran into while out in the field.

I had my "instructor" experience last night. I was out with a wing I met on the forums and a natural buddy of mine. We meet up with my wings buddy that's in the community. He actually was pretty cool at the start. He was with a friend that my buddy said as pickup instructor. The guy would never tell my wing what company it was; we assumed it's one of the local Chicago ones that I've heard of. One of my old wings took paid $500 for a boot camp from one of these local companies and said he didn't learn much. (This old wing eventually became an instructor for ones of these companies too and he's no way near what I could consider instructor level: e.g. Brad or Tyler) Here's an RSD plug that I really believe: if you're gonna take a boot camp, save up the money for the RSD one. The $500 local ones here are crap. You'd be better of spending less money than that on Hot Seat (I think Hot Seat is $300). I've seen the RSD boot camp out twice in Chicago and I've heard Brad and Tyler at the Free Tour in April. They seem like cool guys and the boot camp looked legit. I also personally know two people who have had a positive experience with an RSD boot camp.

Anyway, I chatted with my wing's friend and he told me he was talking to a set that doesn't speak English well, but he was able to use some Spanish. I then asked him which girl was his target so I wouldn't go in and accidentally start sarging his target. I'm fine with stealing girls from guys but I don't want to do that to guys I'm friendly with. He told me, "I don't have a target. I'm cool with just talking to any girls at this point."

I saw this 2-set near me. One was this really tall girl and her friend was this short girl who was cute. I opened them and start dancing with them. I mixed verbal game and dancing. I actually had to occupy both girls as neither of my wings came in for awhile. My wing finally came in and I introduced him and he was occupying the friend and looked like he was doing well.

Suddenly, my wing's buddy that I had been talking to came in with another guy. My wing's buddy got my attention and the other guy started talking to my girl and took her from me (more accurately, he borrowed her from me, as you'll see). I started bitching at my wing that this is BS cause I asked my wing's buddy who his target was and he said no one and then they came double team me to bust me out. My wing said that other guy was/is an instructor for some pickup company.

I went up to my wing's buddy that it was BS what they did. I told him, "That's BS what you guys did. I asked you who your target was..." He interrupts me with AFC type talk, but he's saying it in a condescending voice, "I don't have targets. I treat every girl as a person not a target."

At this point, I just walked off and decide I'm gonna bust this "instructor" out. He knows the community terms and yet he was being condescending like he was "above all this PUA lingo" when they just wanted to be jag offs and steal my girl from me after they saw me doing well.

I approached the tall girl and just started talking in her ear. The instructor guy did a decent job initially of just ignoring me and getting up on her and talking to her ear. I pat him on the back and throw out some AMOG lines. The problem was she was from Spain so the verbal tooling didn't register with her.

Here was the key move. I did what I've seen Ozzie or one of Ozzie's students do to break up a make out on the dance floor. I actually had used this same technique myself to break up a make out that was about to happen with some girl I was working on three months ago. I put one arm on the girl and one arm on the instructor and pulled them into me. I was saying some verbals that I can't remember exactly as well. I think I said, "Aww, I'm adopting both of you." I probably threw some verbal jabs at the guy. The guy backed up a little bit. I then went in front of the girl, grabbed her hands and started dancing with her.

Instructor hadn't given up yet. He started saying in my ear, "You know, I'm good at this. I do this for a living."
Me: Whatever man. I've seen Tyler out in the field.
Instructor: (Says mockingly to his friend) He says he's met Tyler! I'm the best at this.
Me: Nice ego man (and I patted him on the back)

I then went back and danced with the girl a bit. She had left when that fool said that shit in my ear. I talked to my buddy and said, "I don't like your friends. Oh and if that guy is really an instructor, he sucks. I know I wouldn't have been able to pull that girl off Brad or Tyler."

The funny thing is we were around for about 10 minutes more and the "instructor" dude never went back into the tall girl set even though I had left it and had been talking to my wing and my natural friend.

I told my friends, "Let's get out of here. Look, I'm even leaving him that set. I just wanted to fuck with the guy cause they were being jag offs. I'd rather find other girls then have AMOG battles with these guys all night which will result in no one getting any girls."

We ended up going to the after hours place where we knew those guys were going too. I told him that I hope they weren't gonna do AMOG battles as I wanted to get girls. My wing tried to tell me that I shouldn't let it ruin my night. The funny thing was that it actually inspired me to bring out both my top notch AMOG game and my top notch game in general. I had two great sets shortly after we left that first venue.

We saw those dudes at the after hours. I remember turning around and seeing my wing's buddy there so I just said, "What's up" and continued dancing. My wing told me later that those two weren't gonna mess with me anymore. My wing's buddy supposedly said that the "instructor" guy was bitching about me the whole car ride to the after hours place.


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