Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sex talk, 2-sets with 2j, & Sarging cures

Tonight, I only learned a few things, but I make this post for completeness. I almost didn't go out, but Seagull said he was going out and 2j said he'd go out too. I was in a shitty mood. In "The Game," Style wrote "Tyler thinks sarging cures all." I definitely was in a better mood after going out, but I can also thank the alcohol. Socializing was part of it as I started to better on the ride to the bar just from talking to 2j.

I opened a bunch of sets including this really tall girl (like she was over 6ft without heels). I got busted out, and 2j coined a nickname for the girl, "Palm Tree." She busted me out on the opener but I still tried to plow.

The main part of the night was when we met this 2-set. 2j got this Indian girl he met last week to come out and she had a chubby blonde who was from out of town. We ate some free pizza and then went to this after hours place. None of my usual stuff clicked with the girl.

She was every open about sex and for once, I was actually comfortable just talking about it. The place showed porno on the TV so it was easy to bring it up in the conversation. She told me that the Indian girl was a virgin when they met a few years ago and supposedly the blonde taught her to become crazy with sex.

The one thing the blonde said that turned me off is how she doesn't like to use condoms. She said she'd rather not have sex than use on. I know a lot of girls are willing to do without and that's why I won't do girls raw unless I really know them. I still would have banged her but I like girls that focus on safe sex.

The set was frustrating because the blonde ended up not being into me. The place was busy but it was mostly guys and there were only like two hot girls in the whole place. I opened some sets later and one fat girl was annoying because she shit test me with, "Buy me a drink." I just laughed, but I got a little annoyed. Hots girls don't even shit test me that anymore and some ugly girl was giving me that BS.

Anyway, I again got a lesson in positivity. I complained to 2j on the way home that lately, I always seem to be the guy that the girl doesn't like in the 2-set. Of course, that was just me being negative. Yeah, that happened here and with an ugly Latina two Sundays ago. Why even focus on that shit? I know the only reason I think about that is that negative part of me wants to focus on it.

It's useless brain energy. Besides that, I should know that it's not even true. Every girl won't like me: that's a fact. Hot blondes like the one on Saturday can be into me right of the bat and some uglier girls can just hate me. In fact, as I've gotten better, more average girls don't respond well to me while the number of hot girls that do has increased.

I just would like the 2-set pull to work sometime with 2j. I'm sure it will. Again, I shouldn't focus on the negative. There have been 2-sets that liked me and whatever wing I was with. There have been girls in 2-sets where the hotter one liked me.

Tonight was fun though. I got out of my shit mood and I learn a few small lessons.

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