Monday, August 15, 2011

Brining Value & Girls getting me free martinis

I talked about beast mode in my last post and how it changed me. I saw it in 2j last night. We were walking to this free drink bar and we spotted these two Latina girls standing by a car. I noticed them and said we should get them to come to the bar. Sometimes, 2j is a little hesitant to approach, especially at the start of the night. Going out every night changes you as you have gained massive momentum. He approached before we could even discuss who was going in. We started talking to the girls. There was a guy in the car and he hopped out. He was actually cool. We mentioned the free drink deal at the bar and eventually left them to go in. 2j tried to pull them immediately with us but they said they'd go in later.

Later, they saw them inside. The text had said free martini and also open bar. We found out it was the usual free vodka drinks for guys, but girls could get martinis. The girls we saw outside and the guy enjoyed free drinks. I commented to 2j, "This is an example right here of the value we bring to people." We had been discussing 2j's notes from The RSD Summit, specifically from Todd. Todd talked about realizing and believing in the value you bring to women. It's something that we often forget, especially when faced with a really beautiful woman. Going into value would be another post, but here was a concrete example right there: that set would not have enjoyed the free drinks and atmosphere had we not talked to them.

You got a free martini?:
When we walked in, I was a bit disappointed that guys couldn't get free martinis. I don't even necessarily like martinis but I do like trying different drinks. I told 2j that I was gonna get myself free drinks. He was surprised when I had a free one within a few minutes of saying that. I joked, "Of course, I was able to get one!" It was simple, I just opened a set and then asked the girls to get me a martini. I was cool and gave them a dollar for the tip.

There was this bitchy Latina that we saw as we were walking into the bar. I saw her inside and she turned out to be cool. When I mentioned the free martinis, she said she would get me one and she even refused the tip money. She tipped for me. I probably should have sarged her more.

All fucked up:
I ended up getting really drunk which was dumb. I had taken the train so I was planning on staying out till the end, but Sunday night turned out to be a bust. 2j was right that it was busy last week because of Lollapalooza. The free martini place was busy but we wore it out of sets by like 1am so we went to Division. That place was a ghost town. There were two sets total in the two bars we tried. Vinny decided to go home early and then 2j said he was ready to go to bed. I was all fucked up so I went to Greektown as I couldn't drive home. That really blew my diet. I probably was 1000-2000 calories over maintenance last night. The important thing is to get back on starting today.

Hot Latina girl:
The highlight of the night was this Latina college girl. She had told me it was her last night in Chicago. I danced with her for a bit and she seemed into me but I eventually lost her. Of course, there was the typical AMOG bullshit early on. Some black dude was talking to the girls sister and he gave me this hard look and basically told me to go away. I just laughed at him and ignored him. That was the end of him. I got about 5 minutes more with the girl but I ended up losing her as she waved me off.

I can't really figure out what I did wrong. Sometimes, as 2j says, you just can win them all. I had tried to escalate on the dance floor and I had tried to move in front. Neither worked. I probably was too drunk to think clearly. I think maybe the move would have been to pull her aside after a dancing and tried to run more verbal on her.

My Friendly vibe attracts the lame AMOG attempts:
2j noted at the end that he thinks maybe it's my friendly vibe that gets these guys to try the lame ass AMOG attempts. I remember commenting how amusing I find it that guys keep trying this hard stare AMOG tactic with me. I thought it was the glasses but this still happens with the contacts. 2j said that I just look and act really friendly so some guys must just assume that they can stare at me and scare me off.

Thinking about it, I like it. The AMOG's underestimate me and they just blow themselves out even more easily because they don't expect me to have a solid frame. Besides that, it amuses me to deal with this shit and I just become even more solid in my frame the more practice I get with it.

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