Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thurs FR: Number closed my fav redhead

Thursday I went out with Vinny and 2j. The highlight of the night was I finally number closed my favorite redhead. To me, she's so sexy. I can't believe it's taken me this long. I probably should have pushed harder for them to come with us to Spy Bar as they seemed bored of their usual Thursday after hours place. They were thinking about hitting Leg Room but that place sucks on Thursday, especially compared to Spy bar.

I was surprised how much braver I'm getting with dance floor game sober. I remember walking up to this cute brunette and I just started dancing with her. We grinded right away. I was moving her hair so I could try to kiss her neck and she lifted up her hair for me. She shook her head when I kissed her neck though, but whatever.

The other set was this tall girl with a little extra weight on her. I opened her when she was sitting down and it was obvious she was high buying temperature. We tried again later but her friends tried to push me to buy drinks and I busted out cause I didn't want to do it.

At Spy Bar, Trojan- met up with us. It's funny how he admits that the girls at Spy Bar are a little intimidating. 2j's game shuts down there too. I tell them that opening is easy: it's the same shit. Yeah, you get busted out faster but ultimately, it's the same game.

I'm definitely feeling more entitled to hotter girls and I anticipate having success there soon.

One short set that sticks out made me realize how strong of an alpha vibe I can put out. This tall cutie was walking by and I just started yelling at her, "Hey, you come here!" It was an imitation of something TD/Owen sometimes does. I thought she was walking away but she walked around some people and I yelled and motioned for her to come over. She then came over.

Unfortunately, I looked all alpha, but when she came over, I turned chode. I just introduced myself. I think I should have just pulled her in and just looked at her and busted her on something or made her qualify herself to me. In any case, it was a lesson of how being dominant really does work, even with hotties.

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