Friday, August 19, 2011

Annoying Cockfarm and Tall girl entitlement practice

It's funny that I went from going out alone to knowing too many guys that want to go out. I let all these dudes distract me too much. 2j had a point that we should be hitting sets hard despite having all these dudes. I decided that I gotta try hitting other places when we have a night when too many people are hitting up the same place. At least with college friends, they know to give me some space. Some of these guys that we went out with Thursday are naturals that have annoying habits: like coming in an taking over a set we're in. 2j and I have decided to just ignore these guys like any other interrupts.

My favorite redhead was there again. I had a few moments to talk to her and I had 2j ask her name as I felt stupid not knowing her name. The cock farm was interferring with that. I didn't want to go in when Vinny and his friend were around. I knew they were probably too chicken to approach her themselves, but if they saw me coming in, they'd all of sudden start talking to her. I'd have to AMOG them and I didn't want to deal with it. Still, I should have number closed her, especially when we had a decent conversation going. On a plus side, I found out we have more in common and she complimented me on my hair cut.

Hot girls again:

Our new after hours spot on Thursday is awesome. Once again, it had the highest concentration of hot girls out of all the places we go to regularly. I told 2j that it's the only place where I keep telling him to check out this girl and that girl. Unfortunately, 2j let's himself get intimidated by the hotter sets. I had to bug him to go open. I'm more than willing to open but I feel he should open some 2-sets when I'm getting busted out several times in a row. He finally opened this one set that he ended up number closing.

It's interesting how much more difficult this place is that many of the other places we hit. I'm approaching the same way and early on, I kept getting instantly busted out. I realized that maybe I wasn't plowing enough. A girl would give me a bad reaction and I'd just walk away. In some ways, it's humorous because when I'm sober approaching like I was today, I would never get busted out this many times at our normal spots.

Tall girls:

I'm feeling more and more entitled to tall girls. At the end, I spent a few minutes with two really tall girls: like the tallest girls in the bar. I ultimately got busted out, but it's funny how I busted out instantly or quickly with so many sets at the after hours place, yet with the girls I really want (the tall hotties), I managed to do better.

One day, I will have success with these tall beauties and I know it'll kick my feelings of entitlement to the stratosphere.

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