Saturday, August 20, 2011

I need to be more assertive & dominant

I'll write my field report after this. I had a cool night in many ways, but ultimately it lead to frustration. I also received some great feedback from 2j, and this girl he was with. It was a cool situation where I had his girl trying to help me pull this girl for an after party, and then I also got to see a woman's perspective of my game. It also was a legitimate female perspective, not the culturally programed bullshit like I got from my Polish female friend. I mean that it was actual dead-on advice.

The advice isn't anything I already didn't know. It's what's been holding me back from getting several lays over the past month that I should have had. It's also something 2j has been telling me several times this week. Often, I come across as friendly. That's great as it gets me into a ton of sets, but sometimes I stay too much in the friend zone and don't take the conversation man to woman.

I have to admit that I felt like shit the whole train ride to my car as I contemplated my short comings and I thought about the two failures tonight. Criticism is always hard, but ponder my situation made me realize the good in my situation.

I wondered about what 2j said. He was right, especially concerning the late set on Division, but I look at myself and I know that I can be dominant and assertive as well. It finally struck me, as I was about this write this, that I need not be sad.

I need to take the advice to heart and present that assertive and dominant side of my personality that's already there. For years, I had to work on that, but it's definitely there. I think about all the amazing stuff I've done: I've blown out dudes, including that "instructor" guy from last week; Seagull and I pulled that set from dudes that already had them hooked; and I almost had a bathroom pull just a week ago.

I thought about the set that 2j and his girl witnessed. While there was some good there, I hadn't even made out with the girl. I had enough time to do it; but I was doing too much friendly conversation. It wasn't horrible in that I did kino escalate and put my arm around here, but I surely wasn't running my best game.

Again, the lesson is that I have to tone down that friendly side a bit and bring out that dominant side and my results should take off. Too many times in the past week I've been doing that bullshit friend to friend conversation when I should be making it man-to-woman.

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