Saturday, August 20, 2011

Learn from the pain

Honestly, I keep thinking about last night and I have to admit I feel pain. I know it's because of several different triggers. Also, some of the failures of last night we dude to circumstances outside my control. If things had played out just slightly differently, I could have been banging some girl or at the very least, things could have turned out better than they did.

The proper thing to do is to use this pain to learn.

Yes, I can blame the circumstances, but that's like cursing about bad luck in poker. You have to focus on what you can control.

It's clear in my mind now, even more than the "I need to be more assertive and dominant" post, that this is a MASSIVE sticking point. I felt when I was writing that post (and this was just an hour ago) that 2j and his girl had seen me working a set that wasn't a typical example of my current game. The truth is, yes, I can do better and have done better, but my lack of dominance is a way larger problem that I was able to see then.

It became clear after I wrote the FR from last night. I could have lead the two Irish girls to a place where I could have run some dance floor game after my friends left. All the problems with the missed pull could have been solved by just being a little more aggressive and dominant.

Heck, all the ways I went wrong in the past few weeks can be solved with just a little more dominance. At the very least, I should have banged those two black girls. I should already have number closed that redhead.

I have to get over the self pity. I know it just makes things worse. What I said in the other post is still valid here. I shouldn't be too upset. I should reflect on the positive. Moreover, yes this is a big change that I need to make, but it's not like I'm clueless how to act dominant. As I wrote in the other post, I've shown high level dominance in the past. I just need to learn to access that part of me and I need to understand that I need to do this.

I have to think about how I felt that one day I lost the Indiana girls at Sangria to competing dudes. That forced me to get better at AMOGing and stealing guys from girls. With that same energy I built off that pain, I have to force myself to practice being dominant now.

I complain that I don't get enough pulling practice cause it's hard to get to that stage often enough to practice. I can still make baby steps. I need to just practice moving sets around the bar. It's good game to do that, and to work on being dominant I need to do that, so that's a good game plan.

The other thing I need to focus on is turning the talk sexual. I've been getting better at that. I think about kissing that girl with the boyfriend on Tuesday. She ended up kissing me because I was able to bring sex talk in. I felt more comfortable after she gave me the boyfriend objection. It was similar to this set two Thursdays ago. Logically, if I'm doing well acting that certain way when I get a legitimate boyfriend objection, I need to find a way to act that same way in all my sets.

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