Friday, August 12, 2011

Two girls in a 2-set both liked me & Jealous one cockblocked

As I said in my last post, I really felt like making a whiny post. I think it was because I was exhausted on the car ride home. Also, I pushed two sets really hard and got two brutal bust outs. One drunk girl, who was eating pizza like my cat eats food, called me a creeper. I gotta say that's a first. Some tall girl kept telling me not to touch her. I know I'm just focusing on the negative. It's frustrating to not pull, but there were several cool things that happened today.

I'll also add that whining about my results the last two day is like whining about a bad streak it poker. A lot of it was out of my control. I found several girls that were really into me, but the logistics were just bad. I think if I were better at pulling, I could have maybe pulled the fat redhead from Wednesday, but most of the sets were just bad situations. Rather than whining about it, again, I should be happy that I'm even attracting these girls.

We started at our usual spots in Lincoln Park. My favorite redhead was there again. She looked really cute as she had her hair done differently. She was with a totally new friend this time who had a guy with her. I had a normal conversation with the redhead but she wandered off again. Vinny, 2j and I went to get a stamp next door for the after hours so I got to see that she really did go outside to meet another friend. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting blown off when I really am not.

2-set and both girls like me:

In some ways this was a cool set. The last time I opened a set and had both girls into me was way back in March. I was out alone and opened the only 2-set at this bar in the suburbs. Both girls were into me and the girl I ended up choosing ended up having a boyfriend. She was into me enough that she never even mentioned that but I found out later when texting.

I stopped this moving set at the venue with all the hot girls. I didn't realize it at the time, but thinking back, this was a set Vinny opened early in the night and tried to pull us in. In any case, there was a cute blonde and a decent looking Indian girl. I wanted to blonde and I put my arm around her and she immediately put her arm around me. She was high buying temperature. The Indian girl started bombarding me with rapport questions. Add the intent look she had, it was obvious that she liked me.

I put my arm around her too. I was sitting there and had two decent looking girls both liking me. I had both arms around them and I had stopped them as they were moving by. When I want to feel bad about myself, I should once again reflect on how far I've come from when I started.

I kept hoping a wing would walk by but none did and the ended up leaving. The blonde said they were with a birthday girl. She pointed them out. They walked and joined two other girls. I ended up finding 2j. I tried to stop the set, and my targets couldn't stop as the birthday girl kept walking to the dance floor. I tried to find another moment to open them but they had left.

Street game with same set:

I saw a 2-set and opened them from about twenty feet away. Just as the opener started coming out of my mouth, I realized it was the Indian girl and blonde. I was happy to have my wings. I immediately embraced the blonde. Here I fucked up. We started talking. I was all up on her. At one point, I had my hand behind her neck in a dominant way and I should have gone for the kiss.

The blonde surprised me because she recognized that my cat is a Ragdoll. I've probably shown my cat pictures to thousands of girls by now, and only 2-3 have ever been able to identify the breed. I decided to number close her at that point.

Simulatneously, the Indian girl had gotten bored with my wings. My blonde said, "If you want my number, you have to take it fast." I gave her the phone to punch it in and the Indian girl said, "Do you have a card?" I said, "No." She replied, "You don't have a card and you want her number. No way." She grabbed the phone from her friend, gave it to me and pulled the friend away.

Not a bitch, just jealous:

I remember Vinny saying, "Why are all Indians girls bitches?" It dawned on me at that point what had happened. I knew both girls were into me. The blonde had been very receptive to my man-to-woman kino and the Indian girl had been rapid firing the rapport questions. I guess if I were alone, the move would have been to try to kiss close both. I guess the real way was to go for a 3-some pull even.

I chose the blonde because I generally like blondes, plus she was receptive to the kino. Thinking back, maybe I should have chosen the Indian girl. I have said that I want to hook up with every race I can and I have wanted to be with an Indian girl. That's the only Indian girl recently that has even responded decently to me, let alone show me obvious IOI's. I've been with blondes before so I should have passed on her.

It was frustrated what happened at the end, but again, I should put things in perspective. I could have gotten the number, but it would be like all the numbers I have already. I'd have to put in the effort to text, and my conversion rate sucks cause I often don't bother texting often enough and my text game sucks. On a positive note, it's good to have a problem of two girls liking you.

Totally into me but had a boyfriend and cockblock friend:
Just before we left Lincoln Park, I opened this girl in this mixed 3-set. The funny things was that either Vinny or 2j was going to open this 2-set. I was gonna wing but I stopped and opened this set. The girl was high buying temperature and into me but the stupid friend kept giving me shit from the beginning. The target felt uncomfortable and disappeared to the bathroom. When she came back, I opened her again and it was on. This time the friend just let me be for 5-10 minutes. Then the friend interrupted and told me my girl had a boyfriend. Maybe she did as she started talking about him. I did a little boyfriend destroyer and kept plowing.

Sex talk:

I finally did what I've been planning on doing this week. I just decided to bring in sex into the conversation. I told myself I was allowed to bust out of sets by miscalibrating cause I need to learn to be comfortable talking about sex. I've been field testing asking what she does for fun. I often do that. A few times today, I followed up with, "How is sex not the first thing that comes to mind?" With the girl above, the sex conversation went well. I think it helped that we had transitioned to man-to-woman conversation. Thinking back, I probably should have kissed her as we spent a good deal of time with our faces really close together.

I used the boyfriend thing to talk about more adventurous and kinky sex. It seemed like her boyfriend was boring in bed. I remember saying something like, "You really just want to be with the same guy. I bet he just lays you down and makes love to you gently all the time." I then brought in the Nancy Friday book and talked about how sex should be more adventurous and so on.

Cockblock friend:
2j advised me that I shouldn't have left the set. I finally left cause the friend started giving me shit at the end and was telling me to go away. 2j said that I could have just ignored her cause my girl was into me. I agreed. I should have just ignored what the friend was saying and kept plowing with something.

I thought about that PUA I saw two weeks ago. It was in a 2-set that I had busted out of cause of a cockblock friend. I remember seeing the fat friend trying to bust out the dude and he kept ignoring her and she finally gave up on busting him out.

I was debating whether to go in one last time. 2j suggested trying to number close. We then determined that made no sense. As she had a boyfriend, my chance was tonight. Getting a number was useless. She'd wake up sober and not want to return my texts. I decided not to go back in because I couldn't see how I'd be able to pull her. The friend would not let it happen.

The only thing I could have done better, I think is I should have tried to kiss my girl. I tried to isolate but couldn't get it, so I should have just tried to kiss her in front of the friend. It wasn't ideal, but if I started making out with her, the dynamic might have changed.

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