Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tall hot blonde, PR girl with a boyfriend, and a really cute redhead

The last two days are proof that the shitty week was just a fluke. I think I created that shitty week cause my ego was fighting my new reality. During that week, I almost thought that maybe all the great responses I've been getting were just a fluke. No, it's obvious that shitty nights are rare now. Most of the time, multiple girls are really attracted to me. Perhaps, another reason was I kept having the fail attitude that if I didn't pull, it wasn't a success.

Pumped BT too much on tall hot blonde:

2j and I warmed up on a few sets. We got good responses but unfortunately the two sets we chose to warm up with were married sets. Then, we got into a long 2-set that we both number closed. 2j's girl was really into him as she text him when they went upstairs to the dance floor area as we had told them we were going there when we left the set. Mine was a decent looking girl who was super tall.

The first set I opened upstairs was this big 5 set with a tall, hot blonde. When I get shit responses on the dance floor, I have to remember sets like this. I beat myself up about that tall blonde from Monday, but this blonde was way hotter. She liked me immediately and we were dancing. Even though it was early, I pulled her into me. I sometimes complain that I often have a hard time dancing with tall girls. This girl was perfect: when I pulled her in, my leg perfectly put pressure on her pussy as we moved together to the music.

Of course, as she was super hot, I was getting so turned on. She was getting turned on by the leg stimulation. This was a screw up. I pumped her buying temperature way to high and her friends were around and just starting their evening. She was into it, but I could tell that she realized things were getting crazy and she ended up running off. I think I probably should have went for the make out since I pumped her up that much. It all happened so quickly though.

Gunwitch style red head:
We were standing on the street when I spotted this redhead. It's amazing how my RAS/radar tunes into redheads so quickly. She was across the street. Gunwitch talked about using a "silent stalk" for day game. If you're at a mall, for example, and you see a hot girl walking the opposite direction, his advice is to wait to see where she goes and then open as opposed to trying to stop her as she passes by. The reason is why do the poor probability opener (moving set in opposite direction) when you can wait for a better opportunity.

They went across the street into this bar. I often go to that bar cause it's the bathrooms have no line and there's no attendant. I asked 2j to open the set while I took a piss. When I came out, he hadn't opened it. He hadn't been choding around: he had a good point that they were still ordering their drinks and dealing with the credit card. He ended up opening them when they found a table and settled down.

This two set actually consisted of quality girls. The were both smart and well travelled. My redhead turned out to be Polish. My good Polish friend always told me that there are a lot of redheads in Poland, but I've never seen any here. I assumed this girl was Irish so I was shocked when she was Polish.

I'm hoping I can set up a Day 2. I got some light kino in but I didn't really get to pump her state as we just chilling at the table. She was into me. You would think I could make something happen here as she's new to Chicago and she was interested in a bunch of the stuff that I talked about: art festival, jazz music at MCA, restaurants, etc.

Puerto Rican Girl with boyfriend:
2j and I had this 2-set by the dance floor area before the redhead set. There was a Latino guy with them as well who was with this tall blonde. My target was cold to me at first but I kept plowing. I saw 2j's girl was into him and I just felt like I could plow. The Latino guy and the blonde went outside for a smoke and we had isolation with these two girls.

"You're good," she said as I locked eye contact with her and moved closer.

Prior to this, she had opened up a bit. She had been serious looking but I slowly got her to open up and she was smiling and dancing to the music. When the couple left, I had her against a wall. I gave her my sexual look with strong eye contact and she said the line above and seemed to melt. She really wanted the kiss but when I got closer she kept resisting.

Later, when we left the set, it all made sense. 2j's girl had been into him too. When the couple left, he said she had opened up as well. What I didn't know is that our targets had boyfriends, and the couple knew their boyfriends. That's why they dropped buying temperature as soon as the couple returned. It also explained why my girl was so into me but kept pushing me back. It was weird at the time because I knew I was reading the signs correctly, yet she wouldn't let me kiss her.

Average night & Postive/Negative attitude:

Realistically, this seems to be our average night out. I get several sets where the girls are really into me. I sometimes get frustrated when I don't get a kiss close or don't pull, but that's just being results oriented. I should be happy when I pushed things along and did my best. Pulls and kiss closes have a random element to them. If the PR girl had been single, we would have been making out like crazy. If I had met the redhead in a dance floor situation, we probably would have made it. It almost felt like day game when we were talking as the bar music was low and it was very bright where we met that set.

I had a great attitude today and my results were better as a result. There were plenty of negative things I could have focused on and would have focused on had I still been in that mood I had last week. For example, some average looking tall girl made fun of me as we were walking to the car. I had seen this redhead walking and texting. I started talking to her as I walked by her and I put my palm in front of her phone briefly as a joke. I do that all the time and the girls usually giggle. The redhead didn't care, but this tall girl was standing about 10 feet away and she gave me shit when she saw this.

I just shrugged and the miserable girl said, "Are you single? You know what, I know that you are for sure after that."

I just laughed because I knew she was being ridiculous. 2j said part of him wanted to bitch the girl out as she was being obnoxious. My point in telling this story is that having a positive, as opposed to negative, attitude is key. That girl was so out of line compared to the reactions I get that it was comical. Last week, I would have focused on that and felt shitty about myself.

I can't even care about what she says because I know I get good responses most of the time. As I said, tonight, I had that hot blonde totally into me until I pumped her BT too much. I had a cute PR girl wanting me. I then had a really cute redhead into me and on top of that, she had several of the qualities that I really want in a girl. I'm not gonna focus on what some average looking, miserable girl says about it. I laugh about it, but I know it doesn't reflect my reality anymore.

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