Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sat: Obliterated at Euro Club & Self-doubt

I don't really want to write this report. I didn't even write a Friday report and that was a decent night. If I were a QB, tonight could be described as one of those multiple interception nights where you just got sacked and hit nonstop. To top things off, the two good drives that could have been scores were held back by self-doubt.

A bunch of us met up to watch the Rampage-Jones fight and to celebrate my birthday which is next week. 2j and I then went to the club downstairs which is an Eastern European club. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said all the girls in the place were hot. It was an intimidating place to warm up. There was only one set when we walked in and we stalled and stalled. A good lesson here is that it reminds me never to stall like that. I felt better after I finally forced myself to open and I think the stalling, more than anything, created a bad head space.

The crazy responses I got didn't help. I knew I was out of state and still warming up, but I got some really strange responses. I'm used to getting blown out, but these girls weren't ready to be approached this early or something. Two girls jumped backed when I opened them. Thinking back, I should have joked about it and moved back a bit to ease them. 2j explained that since it was early, everyone was still sober and no one looked like they were having fun. We were the only guys approaching so the girls weren't ready for it. I said that if we were to do that club again, I think we'd talk to guys at first and just got out on the dance floor. After establishing ourselves as party guys, we'd bring the party to the sets.

Tall blonde:
The best set was this tall blonde I opened in Lion Head. I actually survived the horrible sets at the euro club and did okay initially at Lion Head. I hooked this blonde and she seemed like a promising lead as she had just moved to Chicago two weeks ago. We were having a good conversation and suddenly this guy she knew came and pulled her to the bar. I'll give him credit for his method: he just came up, grabbed her and said, "Let's get shots."

I actually planned to open her again and I opened some sets while waiting. I think the move was to try to isolate her upstairs to the dance floor. It probably wouldn't have worked, but I was thinking about moving her when the guy did that.

Here is where the night started to go downhill.


I opened several other sets and 1-2 were decent. I just didn't feel confident today for whatever reason. My stomach hurt a bit and I felt tired and thirsty, but I should be able to deal with that. The guy moved my girl and this other blonde upstairs. I saw them dancing, and I actually saw the guy try to kiss her. I think he was a friend that made things awkward because she didn't like the kiss. She turned her cheek and it looked awkward. He had put his arm around her earlier downstairs but when I saw them later in the night, they were sitting next to each other with the group of friends but the chairs were farther apart.

Ordinarily, I'd have confidently opened her again. I ended up stalling and opening sets around her. I opened this blonde who was incoherent and looked like she was about to fall asleep on her table. As I'm talking, the tall blonde comes by. She was calling out to her friend. I asked if it was the drunk girl and she pointed to some girl at the bar.

I give myself some credit for plowing here. I pretending like I hadn't seen her upstairs. I said, "Hey, it's you. You're still down here? You should come upstairs."

It's funny what I do when I'm not in a good state. In the euro club, I forced myself to approach, though I probably didn't do it with a full effort. Here, I had a chance to open her so I plowed. Instead of running it solidly by hooking her again and then trying for the pull, I just tried to ask her to come upstairs and dance.

Her response was interesting, "I was upstairs earlier and already got in trouble."

I could have replied, "Well, you'd only get in good trouble with me" or something like that. Instead, I just let the set end.

Talk louder:

Trojan- always bugs me to talk louder. Usually, I should talk a little louder, but it doesn't make a difference. Today, I just could talk loud enough. I'm sure that hurt me. Almost every set was telling me that they couldn't hear me.

Give me your number:
2j went home early as he had been sick all week and felt like shit. This Asian PUA I met happened to be coming out so at least I had a wing for the rest of the night. I tried to push 2j to stay but I really should be fine doing stuff myself. The Asian PUA and I opened some sets. He opens a lot, so I could have let him do the work. Strangely, I wanted to open more when I saw him hesitate for a second.

I had some decent sets but my game was off. Again, I just wasn't feeling confident. That is key. I should have believed. When I believe, good things happen.

At the end of the night, there was this short black girl and this tall pale girl walking down the sidewalk. It was an interesting combination because both girls were the type I'm into right now. I guess I really want to hook up with a black girl cause I chose her as my target. The pale girl was cuter and I probably should have worked her.

The Asian PUA was talking to his friend. He wasn't coming to wing so I just yelled for him and pointed at the tall girl. She giggled. He did a good job of holding her. We probably could have venue changed the girls if I pushed for it. My wing suggested them coming for food and they seemed like they might be interested. He suggested Domino's. My girl didn't like that. I probably could have oversold the Mexican place or pizza place but I held myself back. I could have tried to push a venue change as they were asking what we were doing.

Wow, I really sucked tonight...

I just realized how I kept passing up opportunities tonight. It's like I decided I was having a shitty night early on and I wanted to keep viewing it from that frame. On a regular night, we would have venue changed the girls. I could see the moves, but I just didn't take them. I remember how I felt as it was unfolding. Part of me was telling myself to oversell food or another venue, and I just sat there not wanting to make it happen. Weird inner game issues tonight...

Anyway, I talked about margaritas. I've been using that as a closing sequence the last two night. She liked margaritas so I tried to number close. She said, "No, give me your number."
Me: Naw, give me yours.
Her: Give me yours.
Me: No, forget it.

The thing is that I know it's 98% likely that she's not gonna contact me so I didn't want to waste my time. As it goes in this game, that I didn't want to give it made her want to take it more. I said something like, "Don't worry, I'll call you." I was trying to frame it like she was afraid I wasn't gonna bother calling her. Then she said that she has a boyfriend so she wanted to do it this way. I said, "I know you're not gonna call."

She pushed for it, so I gave her the number. I know she won't call, but that's an example some old pickup theory.

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