Saturday, September 17, 2011

A canada goose took a shit on me

Some of the stuff that happens to me is truly comical. I take it very well too as I know last night most people would have let this stuff ruin their evening. I wanted to take the bus in so I could drink but to leave late, I have to walk 3 miles to take this Pace bus to the Blue line. I have to walk that back but I like it cause it burns extra calories.

I had taken the bus from the blue line but not from that stop the other way. Apparently the bus turns right and left at this intersection I was waiting near. I was about 100 ft at a stop where I thought the bus would turn. I missed the bus cause it turned left. It only cost me 20 minutes but that was annoying. Luckily, with internet on the phone, waiting doesn't really bother me because I can surf forums and stuff which is what I'd do at home anyway.

When I finally was waiting for the train, I looked down and saw I had canada goose poo on my left pant leg. I can't even figure out how that happens. I'm guessing I rubbed up against poo while I was waiting around. I didn't see any geese flying or walking around so I don't see how shit could have landed on me. I also don't remember leaning up against anything so who knows?

I wiped some of it off with the tissue I had in my pocket and some spit. It just looked like green grass stains and luckily this stuff doesn't even smell like anything. I worried I might not get into Sound Bar. I also wanted to stop at Mcdonald's to get a big soft drink since I had gotten thirsty from the walk and I wanted to try to wash out some poo.

I ended up making it on time and finishing my drinks. Oh, and I got in as well. It makes for a funny story I suppose.

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