Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Practice at Joe's

2j and I go to Joe's Bar just about every week. I like to say that I haven't got any real success there in all the times that I've been there. I've had fun and met some cool guys. I guess I met that one nurse that I would have banged had I just been a little more confident with kiss closing etc back in April. I ended up meeting Vinny cause of that girl so that's a plus as well.

Joe's is significantly slower since about three weeks ago. It would get so busy on the dance floor that you couldn't even move and it felt like a sauna in that area. 2j and I would usually avoid the area and just concentrate on working sets in other areas. Two weeks ago, things started to slow down. The biggest change was this week. All the Irish students that were here for the summer left as of Labor Day and that was like 25% of the crowd. A lot of college kids went back to school. You'd think this might be offset by DePaul, UIC, etc being in session but it seems to have no effect at Joe's.

There are still plenty of sets but we ran through them all by around 1am and we left.

I saw my favorite redhead again. She seems to have reconciled with her friend that she was going out with when I originally met her. 2j suggested that I try to hang out with the redhead but she's always wandering off. I guess I've exhibited the same behavior as well. She bought me a shot at one point and then she started talking to her friend so I just wandered off. I told her about the event Friday and she said to text her about it so I'm gonna try to get her to come out. I think I could make this happen if I focused on getting a one-on-one thing going with her instead of just running into her Tues and Thurs when she's with her friends.

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