Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some miserable cunt punched me...LOL

Part of what I've always loved about sarging is the crazy stuff that happens. The highlight of the night was some miserable girl punching me in the chest in front of Y Bar. 2j and I were out with Vinny. We started at McGees where we opened three sets. We were gonna go to Kincaid's but it didn't look good so we just got on the train for free drinks at Crescendo. Vinny surprised us there by opening this hot blonde that showed up in this 3-set. Speaking of that set, there was a miserable tall girl in that set too. She gave us shit from the beginning. We plowed and then she told us to go away. We walked away and heard her complaining to the bartender about us and he gave her a weird look because we had already walked away.

Anyone reading this blog for the first time would probably think we were doing something mis-calibrated but I know we were fine. In fact, when we went to Spy Bar, we immediately got in this 2-set. 2j really pushed himself with his target. Some guy kept trying to steal her from him. The guy had some success a few times but 2j kept going back in and stealing her back. We actually were gonna leave when 2j started hesitating: he said that he thinks he should have tried again with the girl. I pushed him to go back him if he felt that way. The guy was all up on the girl grinding with her. We figured his best move was to do the Ozzie move for a couple making out. He went up and put his arms around both the guy and the girl. The girl was drunk so she made out with him. 2j ended up not wanted to try to pull the girl because he realized after he stole her this time that she was totally trashed.

I should have practice persistence:

I winged him for a decent amount of time. The friend was this tall girl who said she had a boyfriend but I number closed her anyway. Some guy that she knew showed up. She started talking to him. I gave one attempt to grab her attention off of him but she quickly went back to him. At this point, I went and tried to work the rest of the club. I came back two other times. The third time, I got her attention by busting on her for still standing in the same spot. I could tell the guy was just in the friend zone, though. In the thirty minutes I had given him, he hadn't escalated at all. She went off to the bathroom and I ended up telling her goodbye when 2j gave up on the set.

Miserable cunt:
I didn't even plan to make this report this long but once I get started... Anyway, we were walking back to Crescendo when we saw this 2-set walking towards us by Y Bar. 2j opened the cute friend. I started talking to this girl. She was probably an HB6. I would have banged her but she was a little overweight and wasn't that cute. They ended up walking by and not stopping. Of course, I kept plowing verbally. I was just being friendly. Here's what I remember of the conversation:

Girl: (She's standing like 10 feet away). Do you want me to hit you with this shoe?
Me: (I can tell she's pissed but I really believe that I can turn anything around. After all, I've had no problems dealing with guys who are pissed at me.) Hey, we're just having fun. Party time!

The girl started walking towards me at this point. When's she next to me, she punched me in the chest. I could feel it as she probably tried to punch me as hard as she could but I've had friends punch me harder just screwing around. I couldn't believe she actually punched me.

I laughed about it, but I actually feel sorry for her. She gotta be miserable in life to punch me considering I give up the most friendly party vibe. I do it to a fault sometimes and get myself into the friend zone.

I think about what I would have done if she had punched me in the face. This type of thing is just a bad situation because if I pushed her back, some moron would probably try to be a white knight and get involved even though this was entirely her fault. 2j said if she had punched me, he would have grabbed her shoe (she had been holding her shoes in one hand) and thrown it in the street.

The thing that amuses me is that after she started to walk away, that's when I started saying mean shit because I was pissed. I said, "Wow you fat bitch! What's wrong with you?"

She got mad at me for being nice and continuing to plow with them, but she ran off when I started to say mean shit. Go figure.

Link to a thread I made on RSD about this:

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