Friday, September 30, 2011

Slow updates & 9/23 FR: Persitence can feel creepy & work too

I've been less enthusiastic about writing daily reports. I suppose part of that was my building frustration last week. Saturday and Tuesday were basically nights where I felt at the time that I didn't really learn anything. It felt like a waste of time, but I do believe that we grow from each night out so I know that was just negative feelings at the time. Another part of my problem is that I have been too focused on pickup this summer. I finally got to put in some serious effort into this, but my mind has been wanting to balance my life and I can finally say that I began that process this week.

Last Week's FR:

I mentioned in my Saturday report that I was gonna make a report about Friday. I wasn't going to bother to do so after I had neglected to write it last weekend, but it's relevant to the Day 2 I had Thursday night.

I had said that I was gonna focus more on taking numbers. I explained that the whole summer I wanted to work on pulling so I took few numbers. 2j showed me through his experiences that Day 2's are a good resource.

Escalated too quickly:
There was this set that 2j pointed out to me. I opened this black girl on the dance floor and immediately she was grinding me enthusiastically. I felt like I ended up escalating too fast as she ended up going to the bathroom. Later, I saw her with her friend and I stopped her again. She was into me, so maybe she really did have to go to the bathroom.

This time I escalated even faster and further even though my mind was telling me I was probably screwing it up and should work on isolating her and building verbal rapport instead. I was stimulating her pussy with my leg and I kissed her. I could tell I was overescalating and sure enough, just as I was pondering trying to move her for some verbal game, she went over to her friend.

2j had the friend hooked, so I was able to open my girl again. My girl was drunk. I realized it even more when I came up this time. I tried for the number close. She gave it to me but it ended up not being a valid number. She either screwed up entering it, which is possible, as she was drunk, or I had overescalated and/or she just didn't feel rapport with me since we never got to talk.

Number close 2:

This is the one that counted. We ran into Vinny and his friend who was visiting from out of town at Vinny's favorite place. Vinny was having a good time with this set. Trojan- and I opened the other girls. I hooked this brunette and was grinding with her. In retrospect, I should have stayed with her. I lost her briefly as she moved away with her other friend (not the one with Vinny). The other girl had blown out Trojan- and mine left with her. It had been on, and I should have gone back.

After that set, I saw this black girl, and of course, I decided to open her as I'm into them right now. This girl ended up being cool. I had opened her right around closing so the lights came on as we were still talking. I took the number close and as I went on a Day 2 with her. That report is coming up next.

Persistence can feel creepy but it can work too:

When we were working street sets, 2j and I would sometimes fail to stop the girls as they were walking by us. He'd tell me that the move is to walk with them and keep plowing. I never liked it because it has always felt creepy to me even thought I know it's the right way to do it.

Trojan- and I were walking by Crescendo when this 2-set walked by me. I tried to stop them by they walked by. Trojan- decided he wanted the set and kept walking by them. I stopped for the reasons I wrote in the last paragraph. I actually thought he was busting out but then I saw his target was still talking to him by her driver side door.

The friend was sitting in the passenger seat with the door open. I could tell she was getting bored. I came in and started talking to her. She had yelled something to her friend like, "Let's go." Trojan- had his target really hooked and was all up on her. I said, "Let them be. They look good together."

I just kept talking and did a little plowing. I was just trying to wing and not necessarily trying to pick her up. Sometimes, that's when your game can be best. Just with my eye contact and conversation skills, she started to get attracted to me. I remember her complimenting me and telling me that she can tell I'm smart.

A few minutes later, Trojan's girl got in the car. I knew I had to do something so I brought in the margarita bit. I had mentioned margaritas earlier. This time, I said, "We should get margaritas." She said, "It's too late, we're going home." I said, "It's closed now anyway. I mean some other time." She said, "I can give you my number."

Passing shit tests easily:

I gave her my phone. When you type in a number and then save it as a new contact, the number still stays on the screen unless you hit the end button. She opened my phone and saw the number. She said, "Is that a girl who's phone number you just got tonight? I want to know if you a poker 'player' (she said it to mean she was asking if I'm a player)."

I replied, "Yeah, a girl gave me her number. Just be confident in yourself and you'll do fine."

That was a frame control statement. She was trying to frame this as, "I'm not sure if I want to give you my number because you might be some player." I framed it as her saying, "I'm not sure if I want to give you my number because you might not call me since you got this other girl's number and I'm not sure if I'm better than her."

She put her number in and then she wanted to make sure I'd contact her. It was from an area code that's not in Chicago land area. As she was typing it in, she said, "I'm from X. It's my real number, I swear."

I text with her a bit this week. She works a lot and I got short responses like, "I just got off work." or "I'm at work."

I'll try to text her more and make something happen, but the 2nd number close was way better.

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