Monday, September 5, 2011

No more fast kiss close drills necessary

I was gonna make an RSD post, but I found an Tyler article that answered my question:

The relevant part:
The reason that "not going physical" right away works for veterans of the game is because when you get your eyes right up to the girl, she can feel the full entitlement and lack of fear to go physical. It's extremely obvious to her, in the same way it's obvious that a trained fighter can get in your face and it's obvious he's not afraid to kick your ass.

So it's in that subtlety of the lack of fluctuation in the eyes -- that sexual steadiness that the girl senses from you -- that makes her realize "Wow this guy likes me, but he's in completely control of HIMSELF AND ME."

Thank you Tyler! That's it. I was afraid to go for the kiss close. Then, I finally work through it early in the summer. I had it down and then I had a bad week and again I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger on kiss closes. Saturday and Sunday proved that I'm again past this hurdle. Now, instead of screwing up sets trying to prove to myself that I'm not afraid to go for the kiss close, I can relax a bit and make the interaction more solid. This might pop up again, at which point I'll go back to drilling, but I can stop now.

I'm not afraid to get physical, and when the girls look at me, I can hold the eye contact and be completely chill. Further evidence is how much better results I'm getting now that I'm focusing and doing this right.

Here's Tyler's Video that he discusses in the article:

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