Thursday, May 5, 2011

The drought is over

I can't believe I went that long. Guess part of the reason was getting addicted to the WoW and also just hiding out from life twice last year. I vow to try my best never to do that again.

I think this girl told herself she wasn't gonna hook up with me. She told me she was on her period when she wasn't, and she also didn't shave her legs (and was embarassed about that).

I think part of my success was I just threw out that I didn't want sex to change anything between us. It's just something natural that two people do when they are attracted to each other and I still wanted to hang out and stuff like we had already been doing. Sure that's a technique to prevent LMR, but it's also the truth. Karina, as I call her, is pretty cool to hang out with so far. This is in contrast to that girl I pulled from Wicker a few weeks ago.

Some random notes: I need to stop beating off again as it does doing it too much can ruin sex, and I forgot how bad condoms suck.

Field report in Spanish:
Karina got a phone call from a female friend. She started telling her what happpened between us in Spanish. The funny thing is that I can understand some Spanish. I can understand her cause when she speaks it, she's speaks slowly, unlike one of my ex-girlfriends, and she has somewhat of an American accent. My ex girlfriend was born in Mexico so I had a hard time understanding her with her Mexican accent, and cause like all native Spanish speakers, she spoke very fast.

It was amusing hearing a field report about myself. I couldn't understand a few key words, though, so I didn't get the whole picture. Perhaps, it would have been better if I couldn't understand any of it. I heard Karina tell the friend that we were watching a movie and then we basically had sex.

(On a sidenote, we starting escalating on the couch in the living room while we were watching a movie. She showed some resistance early on, but then she started asking if I had a condom. Then she mentioned going to the bedroom. We went there and I figured it would be a state break as it was somewhat of state break for me. I start escalating slowly, and she said something like, "Screw it. You're turning me on too much." She then pulled down her pants and told me to get a condom.)

She said some stuff describing the sex that I couldn't understand. Later, she described how I made her feel and I didn't understand the word she used either. It was either positive or negative, but too but I didn't understand the word, or remember it so I could look it up.

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