Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LIfted her up, grabbed her ass, but didn't kiss her, WTF

Tonight I had another massive state crash. I realize it's normal to have state crashes, but I don't get them that often. This past week, I've had two bad episodes on Thursday and Monday night. I started the night off having an awesome time amusing myself. I kept using the "I'm sad, I need a kiss opener." I realize that I can get it to open if I just plow through the general bad reaction I was getting with it. Later, this cute black girl that I opened actually kissed me on the cheek. I had tried to isolate her several times throughout the night but the friend kept cockblocking me. Seagull even tried to wing one time and the friend walked away mid sentence.

The state crashed happened when I went to wing Seagull in this 2-set. I was happy I was left to wing this girl with reddish hair. The problem was she said off the bat that she had met me two weeks ago and rejected me. Of course, I didn't even remember her but it makes sense as I'll open all the red haired girls in the venue. I plowed through that early resistance. I was trying to do man to woman conversation and I ended up making her uncomfortable as she didn't want me close to her. She walked off.

I'll give her credit for being a cool friend. I couldn't find Seagull and I figured he was still with his target. Later, he told me he made out with her on the dance floor. I remember seeing the friend standing by the dance floor playing with her phone. The funny thing is that I didn't realize it was her. I saw some bored girl by the dance floor and I approached and it turned out to be her. As soon as I came up she said something like, "Ugh! You again? Get out of here!"

I shouldn't let it bother me, but I felt like shit. I stood by myself playing with my phone. I could see she stood in that same spot for another 10 minutes. Eventually Seagull lost his target because she went to look for the friend. Again, I give that red haired girl props for not cockblocking.

I tried to open a few sets and I busted out left and right. I decided to have another beer which meant paying for my 4th beer. I had three free ones as Seagull gave me one of his beers.

Hi, I'm having a state crash:

I knew that action is always the answer as Jeffy says in Jeffy Show 2. I ran into Seagull as he had lost the girl and then I started opening again. I amused myself by saying my name and then saying, "I'm having a state crash." I remember girls giving me a weird look cause they didn't know what I was talking about, but I gotta say it worked. I felt better after a few sets. It was right after this that I got that "I'm sad, I need to kiss" to work with that black girl I had opened twice before.

I finished my evening at Debonaire having two decent sets that I lost to guy orbiters. One guy was obviously a chode friend. He was quiet the entire time after I shook his hand, but then he said they were going home. Girl told me she had to go as she lived in Wrigley and needed a ride. I should have said she could hang with me and I'd get her home. I didn't, but thinking back, that was the ideal situation Jeffy was talking about when he says sometimes you just go for the close even if you don't think it will happen. She's unlikely to stay with me but I had nothing to lose by trying and there was a small chance she'd stay.

Feisty Redhead:
We were gonna check out Evil Olive but we didn't make the midnight free cover. As we drove by it, we saw a long line so it's obviously a good place to go next Monday. We ended up at Division. You can tell school has let out. Division looked dead when we first got there but Mother's was very busy for a Monday night compared to a few weeks ago. I remember going in and seeing only a few people in there a few Mondays ago.

Seagull suggested starting at Mother's. We saw this two set standing there. One was a short redhead and the other was this blonde about my height who was thin. Of course I wanted the redhead even though the blonde would usually be my type. Seagull later said that there was just something sexier about my target that the blonde, who by the way, was her sister. I opened the redhead and I ended up going inside with her.

We hung out with the set for most of the night. Seagull tried winging the blonde but he couldn't get anywhere. Some random dude started talking to the blonde which gave me some mini isolation with the redhead. Eventually this gay friend showed up.

At one point, the set went outside. Seagull was tired and didn't want to open. He sat by where the girls had been. I didn't want to be standing there when they came back so I opened some sets. I opened this blonde girl and this dude was interfering but I could have kept plowing. Instead, I went back to Seagull. Then, I went on the dance floor.

I actually had an opportunity with this blonde, who Seagull commented had nice tits. She was in a mixed set of another girl and like three chodes. I went right up to her and opened and was right up in her face. She was really high buying temperature. It was on but then the friends decided to leave, probably partially because they could see I was hitting it off with her. I remember the girl and one dude left right away. This one chode grabbed my girls arm. I started talking to her and she just stopped. She was into me. I hugged her and our faces were really close. I tried to get her to stay but she said they were going to McFadden's. She said I could meet them there.

When I went back to Seagull, he said the set had left. I was like, "Why didn't you tell me?"

We went out and the 2-set was outside. I opened my redhead again. I mentioned a venue change to McFaddens as I wanted to be able to work either this set of the blonde. The sister ended up wanting to go back into Mother's. In retrospect, I should have pushed for McFadden's.


I kept analyzing where I screwed up cause I kept getting cockblocked by the sister, but it all came down to one moment that I almost had correctly, but still fucked up. On the ride home, Seagull said I should have cavemanned for the kiss cause I was pissed I never got it. I realized when I told him the story that I actually had done caveman, which is unusual for me. Hershey had a good point that I have more confidence now than I ever did. I doing things much better and I should take that away from this set. Hopefully, this will be a good reference experience that will lead me to do this more often and better in the future.

The blonde grabbed the gay guy and said they should all dance. My redhead stayed behind though. I finally had some isolation. She and the gay guy had used this Armomatherapy lotion just a few minutes before. She said, I have something for you. She pulled out the lotion and pumped some in my hands.

BTW, as I'm writing this, I realized even more than this was my moment. She wanted the kiss... She put some lotion on her hands and she rubber her hands together. She then put her hands on my face. Her left palm was on my right cheek and her right palm on my left cheek. I'm smart enough to know that this was on. I touched her face too similarly.

For some reason, I decided to lift her off the ground. I know that it really pumps a girls state. She enjoyed it and she put her arms and legs around me. She was smiling and she said, "I'm heavy." I replied that she wasn't. She said, "I have lead in ass or something." I immediately took my left hand and grabbed her left ass cheek and said, "No, this is nice."

All I had to do was lean my face forward and kiss her. I also could have said "Close your eyes" and kissed her if I was shy. Instead, I put her down. WTF!?

I put my arm around her and I was caressing her neck. Before I could try again, the sister appeared and physically dragged her to the dance floor. The rest of the night would consist of the sister constantly making it difficult for me to interact with her. The sister brought her on stage where she got distracted talking to the DJ. When I started dancing with her, the sister pulled her to the bar.

I suppose I should have tried to win the sister over a little more. Seagull and I did talk to her but I should have gamed her more when the redhead was in the bathroom. The problem is that is when the random guy had been sarging her and I had been content with letting him game her.

I have to be positive:

This set has been eating me up cause I know I chickened out of the kiss close. I love how I cave manned her and lifted her off the ground. I guess I wasn't ready to kiss because I had never had a girl in that position before. Obviously, it was on and I doubt she would have dodged the kiss in that position. As I wrote above, at least I learned that I can do stuff like this and get a good response. I'm expanding my comfort levels even more and I'll do this move better next time. I suppose I have to stop going for large girls so I can actually pick them up like I could pick up this girl.

Trying for a quick close:
At closing time, there was this cute brunette walking to the exit that we had somehow missed seeing. I stopped her and said Jeffy's, "You are amazing. I love you." Again, I chickened out of the instant make out. I started talking about pancakes and she seemed excited about it. I tried to lead her out by she resisted. She kept asking me what streets it was on. Part of thinks I should have just tried for the home extraction. I should try to really go for broke a few times. To my credit, I tried to physically lead her out the door but she resisted. I dropped her hand and let her go. I guess I could have lead her for about 2-3 seconds more and see if she followed and then I could have given up.

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