Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sarging after sex

I always wanted to try this. When I was getting sex regularly from my ex, I had stopped sarging. My lays were limited since then and when they'd happen, they would happen at night and I wouldn't be able to go sarge directly afterwards. Tonight, I got the opportunity. Maya had text me sometime in the afternoon telling me that she had to work all night, but she ended up getting off early. She invited me to come over and watch a movie.

Knowing how sexual she is, I knew we were gonna hook up. I could imagine some girls playing hard to get after hooking up one the first night. For example, that girl I took home at Wicker that I fingered and then gave me bullshit the next time about how we're really not gonna have sex and she wanted me to take her out AFC style. I know Maya is different. I told her I had a surprise for her. I also bought some new condoms and lube to bring over. Anyway, we watched a movie and then hooked up. I basically teased her the whole movie. I know we could have had sex during the movie but I actually wanted to watch the movie.

Sarging after sex:

She had to go to bed early and she knows I wouldn't be able to fall asleep if I hung out anyway, so I left her place to meet with Seagull. Seagull had text me so I assumed he was done with his Day 2. When I was on the way to the bars, I found out he was still on the Day 2. I decided to go sarge Wrigleyville by myself.

I felt no approach anxiety when I began. The first five sets, I'd say I was in massive state. It was what Tyler/Owen calls the searing ember state. Usually, I'm in a raging brush fire state where I just have ridiculously high energy. This time I was just completely calm. I had stronger eye contact that usual and I was just spontaneously coming up with random nonsense. The way I was in the first few sets is how my game should always be. I think I make the mistake of sometimes getting into routines. By routines, I mean that I end up saying the same shit to every set sometimes. It's my own stuff, but it's like I sometimes plow them with the material. In the first few sets, I was just saying random bullshit that came to mind and that sounds like I was actually "present" in the way Owen/Tyler describes.

I was getting great reactions early on. I remember this blonde was gazing into my eyes, and she quickly gave me the "but no" as Jeffy says. It type of set where I might have wasted a ton of time cause the girl showed massive IOI's but has a serious boyfriend that she didn't want to cheat on. I could just tell by our eye contact that she was into me and the way she told me about the boyfriend made me realize things would have been totally on if she was single.

Too much bullshit:

I had several good sets that just were forcing me to deal with a lot of stuff. I like dealing with random AMOG's like last Saturday. What I still need to work on is dealing with a bunch of friends when I can't get isolation and they keep interrupting. I also ran into a girl who's brother was there. I feel weird with thsoe sets. I had a mixed set again and I still feel weird dealing with the guy. When a guy AMOG's me, it's easy. I guess I know what I'm supposed to do with a guy friend. I can switch between talking to him and the girl or girls. I can also just tell stories to the whole set. I gotta talk to G about dealing with the brother. I feel hesistant to kino cause the brother is there. I think I just need to talk to him and talk to her and then try to get isolation later on if I can't get it early. I actually would have stayed in this set with the girl's brother at Barleycorn, but I told Seagull (well actually his Day2 girl was on the phone) I'd meet him at Wicker.

Ugly girl liked me:

There was this cool girl that I ended up talking to that really wanted me. I wanted the cute friend but she wasn't interested (I think her boyfriend was actually there with her. There was a guy there that seemed to be her boyfriend but I never was actually told that he was.) She kept pushing me on to her friend. I talked to the friend to be friendly and she was cool, but I just wasn't attracted to her physically. I got a phone call from my mom. I thought it was important so I left the set for a few minutes. I had to walk by them on the way out so I told the set I had to go. The girl told me they were going to this other bar and wanted me to go. She was about a week to late. I might have considered hooking up with her a week or two ago, but not now. Even back then, I might not have. Sure, I've hooked up with some larger girls, but they all had cute faces and nice breasts. This particular girl just didn't have any feature that was attractive to me except her personality.

Closing thoughts:

-Tonight's outing gave me taste of the searing hot coal state. For the first few sets, I really had no outcome dependence. I told myself that if I managed to bring a girl home tonight, I might not even be able to physically fuck her. My sex drive isn't as crazy as it used to be.

-As the night wore on, I felt like things were like they normally are. Sure, I didn't have any hint of neediness. On the other hand, things were a bit harder cause I didn't have that same drive to hook up. I mean I wanted to try to pull, but physically, I didn't feel the same sexual drive to push things. It's like I gave up going the extra distance on some sets where I might have made more of an effort if I hadn't just had sex.

-I'm starting to think clubs are better than bars. When I keep hopping from bar to bar, there is no way to open sets again because I simply don't see them again. I remember this set at the bar that used to be called "Central" or "Grand Central." I was in this large set. My target seemed to like me but she got distracted. I tried talking to the friends but I ended up leaving. If I were at a club, I'd see her again and could probably open when the logistics were good again for another approach. At a bar, once I run out of sets, I have to stand around doing nothing.
At the club, I can hit up sets and work them throughout the night. Then, there are several sets to try to pull as closing time comes.

Another point is that bars have a higher concentration of really hot women than these bars we always hit.

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