Thursday, May 19, 2011

Won a free TV from hot pepper eating contest

Today, there wasn't much sarging. I opened at set at O'Malley's while we were eating a burger and busted out right away. Then, Seagull and I went to Lion Head and had a beer tapper and some appetizers. I had seen on the website that the hot pepper eating contest was gonna be at Lion Head. I had thought about entering, but I figured I wouldn't win and I didn't want to be miserable for the rest of the night.

Seagull wanted me to enter. The DJ was having a hard time at first getting people to join. Only 4 people joined initially. Seagull started pointing out that there were a bunch of women who we figured weren't gonna last. It turns out that sexist comment was garbage as it was a girl in second place. The guy I thought would win was this little Asian dude and he ended up quitting in the second round.

Before I signed up, I opened this 2-set by the bathroom. I had come up and they were eating but it was too late to turn back. I opened and got busted out immediately. After that, I approached this mix 3-set with one a guy, a brunette who looked like his girlfriend, and this blonde. I direct opened the blonde and she tried to bust me out right away by saying she had a boyfriend. I plowed with the couple and told them about the hot pepper eating contest. The funny thing is by plowing, I hooked the set but I ended up leaving cause we still had beers and food to finish.

I'm glad I opened that mix set because the dude was one of my loudest supporters at the end. It's too bad I felt like shit at the end as I didn't get to thank him properly. I gave him a high five at one point, but I would have wanted to give him better thanks or bought him a drink.

My initial plan was I was gonna quit if the bhut jalokia peppers were as hot as I expected. They started us up with a some bell peppers which weren't even hot. It was just hard to eat because it was a giant pepper and I was full. I think being full helped in the end as the girl told me she quit because her stomach hurt at the end. They gave us several peppers. The nastiest was this dried Mexican pepper. It didn't even feel hot, but it tasted like shit. The jalapeno wasn't really hot. It wasn't till we got to some pepper before the habanero and then the habanero. At this point, my mouth and throat were burning. My nose was running but it all started to just feel the same after I ate the two jolokia to start the round.

I think there were 4 people left at the jolokia round. One quit after that round and there were three of us. Next we had to eat 5 jolokia peppers. I think this was when this white dude quit. It was just the girl and I. My throat and mouth were burning, but again, it all started to feel the same after the first two. I guess it was starting to add up because my eyes were tearing like crazy and they hadn't really until the 5 jolokias.

I knew the girl was gonna be tough. Seagull told me later that she didn't even look like she was affected by the peppers. I had to have looked like I wasn't gonna make it cause I was panting like a dog and my eyes were tearing profusely.

Seagull and I were just texting about the numbers. I believe it was 2 jolokias to start and 5 jolokias for round 2, for sure. Seagull says I ate 22 total, so round 3 must have been 5 jolokias and then round 4 was 10 jolokias, and that's when my female opponent quit. I had to eat 5 more to get the TV.

I ate the 10 so fast and the girl was struggling. She tried to throw one out and cheat but people caught her. She finished her peppers but then she quit, luckily. The host tried to trick me by pouring a cup of jolokia pepper juice and trying to get me to drink it. I refused as I had seen what it was, and that wasn't part of the contest. To win the TV, I had to eat 5 more jolokias and then not drink or get sick for 2 minutes . That was no problem.

I ended up leaving about a half hour because I drank a ton of whole milk to cool myself off. I knew I was gonna get sick from both the betters and from drinking so much milk as I'm lactose intolerant. I already went to the bathroom once. It's not so bad right now. I ate a ton of fiber too as my buddy from Wisconsin suggested so I'm hoping this won't be that bad.

The runner up girl and I are invited to show up next week at Excalibur to take on the top two people from the other two events at Leg Room and Finn McCool's. The winner of that event gets a 60" TV. I'll probably show up, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna try to win it or not. It depends on how shitty I feel over the next 14 hours.

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