Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Asshole waitress ruins my state

Sidegames decided to come out Monday night. We went to Debonaire Social Club and by RSVPing, we got two free beers, which was disappointing cause we got 3 free ones last week. The bar ended up being busy but there weren't that many sets. On slow nights, having few sets sucks cause you can't really warm up. I did okay with a few sets, but I let this waitress ruin my state for awhile.

I approached this table and I was talking to this girl for about 20 seconds when this waitress came by. I hadn't hooked the set and her presence actually screwed up the vibe so there was this awkward silence. The waitress asked if the people wanted a drink, then asked the girl and I. We all said no. I'll admit I looked at her a little awkwardly cause she came at a bad time. Suddenly she says, "You can't talk to people that are seated at a table!"

I wish I was in state cause that was bullshit. This waitress was seriously trying to tell me that I can't talk to people at a bar. I was still warming up so I wasn't even standing close to the girl. Besides that, I know when I'm being creepy and this wasn't the case. I hadn't hooked but the girl didn't want me to leave yet. The waitress just took it upon herself to tell me to leave the table. I told Sidegames that I was so pissed because I've talked to over 100 women and I can tell when a girl really doesn't want to talk to me. Besides that, girls have no problem telling you to go away if they don't want to talk to you.

I think my actual response was a giggle and then I said, "Are you for real?" I just stood there.
Bitch waitress: Do you want me to have bouncer tell you this?
Me: You gotta be kidding me.
Bitch: Do you want me to get a bouncer?
Me: Whatever.

What I should have said was, get me your manager. There's no way you're not allowed to talk to people at a bar. I've been at much better venues and sarged with no problems. There was only one other time this happened. Seagull and I were at Leg Room and it was completely dead except for one set and the waitress there tried to tell us to leave the girls alone. This fucking bitch waitress just has no clue. Even if I was somehow being creepy, she can let the girl tell me to leave. As I said, girls have no problem doing that. I was standing about 2-3 feet from the girl cause I wasn't in state yet; I wasn't up in her grille.

The reason I went wrong was I let this bother me for most of the night. I even had Sidegames order another beer even though I didn't really want it. I wanted him to pretend to tip her and then I'd tell him not to tip her. The thing is she brought his beer and I walked up to him and she just ran off. LOL.

I also busted myself out of the set because I got in a bad state from her BS. I said to the girl, "What is wrong with you? Why would you ask the waitress to tell me to go away? Was I that creepy?" It was stupid because she hadn't asked the waitress anything. She hadn't even given her the girl eye code. The waitress literally decided to do that on her on just cause I looked at her awkwardly. I blame it on wearing my glasses too though deep down, I don't see how that could have made a difference. I was wearing my glasses on Thursday when I had a long set with Latina girls and that blonde opened me on the dance floor.

Come with us to Ohm:
We took a break and went to Crocodile for the free pizza cause Sidegames was hungry. On a side note, since Sidegames has been living with me, I've fallen off my diet plan. He has too much junk food around and I'm not used to having to resist it. I think I'm getting used to it and hopefully I'll stop. It doesn't make a difference with girls but I want my clothes to fit.

Crocodile was a cock farm but this 2-set walked in. When the cuter one walked by me, I high fived her and she high fived me enthusiastically. When they sat down, this guy that's always there on Mondays painting started talking to them. I went to the bathroom and came back and opened the uglier girl cause the painter was talking to the cute girl. The cute one went to the bathroom. The uglier girl told me they were going to Ohm and that we should go. I asked about the cover cause I didn't feel like paying cover tonight. She told me the cover was $10 so Sidegames and I didn't go. If I had been in the set longer, maybe I would have gone but it didn't seem worth venue changing when nothing was guaranteed. Maybe this was a mistake.

The friend was taking forever in the bathroom so the uglier girl said she wanted to go check on her. Sidegames and I sat back at our table. The girls went and talked to the bouncer guy. The had put one their coats so it was obvious they were about o leave. They surprised me by coming back to the table. The cute one said something like, "It was nice talking to you guys." Usually, you get that when you are being boring, but this was different cause they made an effort to come back and talk to us. As I told Sidegames, when girls don't like you, they just leave. Perhaps this might have been promising.

Bartender shit test:
We were ready to go home but I wanted to see if there were any sets in Flat Iron. There was a 4-set. I approached this tatooed brunette who was cute but not really my type. I opened her and she was really high energy. I actually thought she was messing with me with how high energy she was. I said, "You guys must be night people like me cause you're full of energy" cause they were smiling and she went all hyper enthusiastic. She said, "We are 4am bartenders and we're off today. I said something like, "Cool, we might get along" and I touched her shoulder briefly.

Don't touch me. I don't know you!

I started laughing. Part of me does wonder if I was being creepy today, but this set happened after that 2-set wanted us to go to Ohm. I've been in beast mode so it's not like I'm not calibrated. I think this girl was just shit testing me. Industry night is harder cause bartenders will give more shit tests since they deal with guys hitting on them constantly. I think I handled her fine with laughing. It didn't drop my state. I also said something like, "Wow, she's fiesty. She like my bratty little sister." What dropped my state is Sidegames. He started talking about me. He was DHVing me for a second until he said I've never worked and was spoiled. That made me look stupid and dropped my state. Gotta talk to him again about that. Usually he doesn't say dumb shit.

I asked her if she travels and she shit test me again. "You ask a lot of questions."

I just turned to Sidegames and said, "This is the shit you gotta deal with on a Monday when it's Industry night."

Maybe I'm making excuses but I didn't even really want that girl. She was giving me tons of bullshit that I didn't even want to deal with. I kind of expect it with bartenders and I probably would have kept plowing if I actually was that attracted to her. I think about that Polish girl from Sat and the hot tall Eastern European chicks at Sound Bar Friday. Those girls are way hotter than this girl who was giving me shit. She had a ton of tatoos on her arms which is a turn off for me too. I guess I should have kept plowing for practice but it's annoying now when I get so much shit from a girl I didn't want that badly.

That's another thing I hate about slow nights. Girls give me shit and it's not like I can blow open a set right next to them. That always makes me feel better though I wonder if I should even bee like that. There were no other quality sets in the bar. I ended up talking to some fat girl right after. On a busy night, I'd open up an even hotter set and not even care about the shit tests.

Overall, I guess this was a shitty night and I didn't even learn that much. Still funny how we basically could have went with those girls to Ohm. I guess we should have gone.

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