Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot Polish girl: I defeat the AMOG's but can't beat the fat friends

My emotions for the past hour have been alternating between frustration or anger and moments of bliss when I think about the good lessons from tonight. I was down at this place on the south side called 115 Bourbon Street. I wanted to see the UFC fight and that place charges only $5 admission. I waste more in gas going there, but the great thing is that it's a good place to sarge after the fight. The place is huge: it has a beer garden, two live bands, and a night club area.

I warmed up as usual. It took me awhile to get momentum and I had some rough landings but opening and getting on the dance floor finally got me in the right state. I was walking toward the dance floor when this blonde just caught my eye. I used the direct intent opener and it was just fucking ON right from the start. She's holding my hand enthusiastically. I put the claw on her and she put her arm around me. I decide to isolate her. First, I briefly mentioned the dance floor which turns out might have been a better move. Then, I mention the beer garden. I thought that was better at the time cause you can sit way in back and her friends would really have to look for her to find her.

The venue is huge. I lead head her through the sports bar area and past the bathrooms and past this other bar that's next to the beer garden. I'm about to get outside when her friend swoops in and drags her away. The fat friend probably broke a sweat with how fast she walked away with my girl. At the time, I thought it was bad luck, but now that I think about it, that warpig must have went out to find her as it was two girls mainly around my target the entire night.

Help me, random girl:
I had been working this 4-set several times throughout the night. I couldn't get anywhere with this blonde I wanted. The set knew me cause I had opened them two times. When my Polish girl got dragged away, I turned and saw my 4-set sitting there. I went up to one of the girls and said, "Hey, I need some advice from a girl. We're kind of friends now. This girl was totally into me and we were going outside and her friend just did the drag away. What do I do?"

Obviously, I had an idea of what to do, but I just needed to talk to someone at that moment. I was so frustrated. That set was so on that once I got the girl outside, I would have been kissing her in just a few minutes top. For sure, I wouldn't have hesitated this time. The girl from the 4-set was cool. She said, "Go find her again."

AMOG's, you can't beat me:

I went back to the club area and find my girl there. She's standing against the bar. There's this tall, build dude talking to her. The fat friends are there and there is a dude with his arm around the fat friend that dragged my target away. She immediately smiles and I grab her hand. The dude gives me a hard look and says, "This is my girlfriend, get out of here." What shit game. He thinks he's gonna scare me. At the venues I go to, I don't get scared of dudes. It's not like I'm dealing with gangsters or something. I figure that most guys won't do anything, and if they do, I still remember how to throw a punch. Besides, the guy's not gonna kill me there. There are bouncers everywhere I go and the worst guys I'm dealing with are drunk frat dudes anyway. Plus, knowing the Tyler AMOG tactics, I know how to tool them verbally and make them look stupid if they want to fight me.

I put my arm around this dude as usual. Dude tells me again it's his girlfriend. I suspected he was full of shit cause I knew this girl wanted me. I ask her, "Hey, is this your boyfriend?" She says, "Nope."

Dude looked so stupid. I could see his body language change. I laughed, "I see what you're trying to do." I shook his hand and he shook my hand firmly. He wasn't doing a death grip, but I tooled him, "Hey, easy with the death grip dude. Let me guess, you're gonna wanna do a push up contest next."

"Okay, you win, she's yours," he replied.

I think it's on but the one fat friend in particular just hates me. She drags her away to the dance floor. I got on the dance floor and tried dancing with some girls. I eventually found them. My target wanted to dance, but fatty pulled her away again. I find them back where I opened them. The two dudes are with the girls again. My competitor has his arm around my girl cause she's high buying temperature and of course that transfers. I get her attention and immediately pull her off the dude. I think I said lame shit like Jeffy's "I have a friend that eats lemons like oranges" and "Did you know that two weeks ago, there was a new world's hottest pepper?"

I got her again and she likes me but her fatty friends eventually tell me to leave. I tried talking to them and they just don't like me. I actually shake one of the competing dudes hands. I tell him, "Whatever, that girl likes me more than your friend but you guys win. The friends like you more."

That blonde dude and my competitor were actually cool. I respect how this game works. I actually saw my competitor alone on the dance floor about ten minutes later. I went up to him and said, "WTF are you doing here? Go back there." I shook his hand. The only dude who was a dick was the fourth guy in this AMOG group, but I even got to knock him off his pedestal later on.

Isolation finally, but more distractions:

In some ways, this set just wasn't meant to be. I work other sets and about 40 minutes later, I see the 3 girls outside. One of the fatties is signing up for the Marlboro promotion. I greet them and actually don't get immediately cockblocked. My target and a girl were in some conversation and I just couldn't pull my girls attention. I stood there feeling stupid for about ten seconds.

I saw some random dude sitting and I sit next to him. After some small talk I saw, "Fuck. I don't know what to do. That girl likes me but the friends hate me."

The dude says I should go back. I'm hesitant and he says we'll both go in. He starts talking to the set and gets the other girls attention. I start talking to my girl. I actually hook her again and I'm about to number close her. She literally has my phone when some girl she happened to know sees her and gives her a big hug. I get myself introduced to the friend but my target is all excited to run into her. The wing dude moves the set to a table. My girl follows her friends but just dumps my phone on me.

Now, I'm all of state dealing with all this bullshit. My wing dude starts taking over the set actually. The dude was cool though. He had signed up for the Marlboro thing even though he doesn't smoke. Girls said to use his $1 for a pack coupon, he had to go to the bar himself. He asks one of the fat friends to go with him. I was seated across this giant table. I was out of state and I tried getting my girls attention but she ignored me. I had tried sitting by her but she had turned cold at this moment. I walked away in disgust and tried to open other sets.

About five minutes later, I see my wing guy joking around with a fatty and my target. I figure I lost them to him, but I see the three girls later on alone in the club area.

Girls on the dance floor:
Near the end of the night, I see the three girls on the dance floor. I was already on the dance floor and had been moving around when I saw them. I grabbed my girls hand and started dancing with her. The fatty said, "You again?" My girl actually moved away from me so I figured she probably had lost interest. The fat friends drag her onstage. Fucked again.

Dudes are back:

I should mention that the multiple times that I lost these girls, I walked around trying to work other sets. This venue had too many married women. I got some large, tall girl to be sort of into me earlier, but that was about it. None of the other sets went anywhere. Well, I was about to number close this set cause she loved my favorite restaurant in Evergreen Park, but I had forgotten her name and my "How do you spell your name?" didn't fly and she ran off pissed off.

As I was on the dance floor, I saw the dudes from earlier were back in the set. I figured I had lost at this point. I went to take a piss as the place was closing soon and it's a long drive to my place. The set and the dudes happened to be walking out as I was leaving.

I slowed down so my Polish girl would pass me. I got her attention, "Hey (little mouse in Polish) which is a term of endearment." She said, "You're still here."

This is when a 4th dude who turned out to be a cock came in between us and put his arm around she and I. I tried the little brother line. He said some stupid reply like, "I'm not your little brother, I'm taller than you." I kept walking with him. The fat girls were ahead and stopped. The guy put his arm around my girl. I told him, "Easy with your arms. You're squishing her." He said, "I'm just trying to keep her warm."

I'm damn persistent:
I can't believe how confident and persistent I am now. I guess I really learned a good lesson from losing that Latina girl at Sangria. (Strangely, I'm still texting her. LOL.) Shortly after he said that "keep her warm" comment, he let go cause she was uncomfortable and she walked ahead of the pack. One fatty was walking with one of the dudes who had his arm around her. I just kept walking with the group as my car actually was the same way as their car. The dude tried to give me shit, "Why are you walking with us?" I said, "My car is this way." Girl said, "Yeah, it just happens (sarcastic tone) to be this way."

In my mind I'm wondering what I'm gonna do. I figure I might as well burn the set to the ground. I'll feel better than if I give up. We get to the girl's car. A fatty go in the drivers seat. My blonde was leaning on the trunk with her hot ass sticking out. A fat friend was talking to the asshole guy.

The key is her hands:

I've learned from dealing with dance floor AMOG's and from tonight that hand holding is huge. I can remember grabbing her hand several times when I needed to pull her away from the AMOG's. Since she liked me, this kept working. My girl was talking to one of the dudes because he had a Blackhawks hat on. She was asking him if he was a real fan and told some story about how her brother has been a fan since he was a kid, but unfortunately he was stuck in Colorado last year when the Hawks won the Stanley Cup.

As soon as she finished the story, I grabbed her hand. As I did this, the cock dude stuck his arm in between us and put his arm on her said. I said, "Hey, we're gonna grab cheese blitzes and potato pancakes." We had been talking about Polish food earlier and I figured this would work. She got all excited. It was like we had an inside joke as the dude didn't know what I was talking about. I remember him trying to interrupt by saying, "What's that?" He then dropped his arm as he realized I had her full attention.

Dude understood peer group:

The guy's AMOG game is shit compared to mine, but he had advantages that I didn't. He had wings who could talk to the friends and who could distract me. Despite all their BS throughout the night, the hot girl liked me best. Again, I could not get these fatties to like me. The mistake was I needed to use old Mystery method style with this set. I should have opened the fatties first and ignored my girl. I had gotten introduced to the fat friends early on and usually that's enough. Maybe these fatties just didn't like Filipino guys. What I think is certain is that the one fat friend liked the dude that was showing her attention, so that's why she accepted his friends.

I couldn't really do much to win the friends over. This is why you need wings. I couldn't talk to the friends cause when the AMOG's were around, my target was so high buying temperature that she'd let them kino her. As I'm writing this, I guess I could have let that happen and just talked to the fat friends. I would have just had to trust that I could steal her back, and I'd also have to look for if she was getting close to kiss closing the dude.

I felt good I had gotten rid of the cock guy again briefly. He taps my shoulder and says, "You have to go." I start laughing. The thing is the fatty says it too.

I gotta give up sometime:

It's obvious I lost when I can get the fat friends to like me. It's funny, when I went back to my girl and said I was leaving, she hugged me and moved towards me. I guess I could have tried for a number close again, but I just gave up. The number wasn't gonna be good there as the friends would shit talk me afterward anyway.

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